Magnetoresistive Circuits and Systems: Embedded Non-Volatile Memory to Crossbar Arrays

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Spur Immunity in MASH-Based Fractional-N CP-PLLs With Polynomial Nonlinearities

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A 0.003-mm2 440fsRMS-Jitter and −64dBc-Reference-Spur Ring-VCO-Based Type-I PLL Using a Current-Reuse Sampling Phase Detector in 28-nm CMOS

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A 0.7-V Sub-mW Type-II Phase-Tracking Bluetooth Low Energy Receiver in 28-nm CMOS

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Machine Learning for Automating the Design of Millimeter-Wave Baluns

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A Cascaded Mode-Switching Sub-Sampling PLL With Quadrature Dual-Mode Voltage Waveform-Shaping Oscillator

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A Fast-Transient Low-Dropout Regulator With Current-Efficient Super Transconductance Cell and Dynamic Reference Control

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Nonlinear Analysis of Cross-Coupled Super-Regenerative Oscillators

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Frequency Selective Impedance Transformer With High-Impedance Transforming Ratio and Extremely High/Low Termination Impedances

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Analysis and Design of a Broadband Receiver Front End for 0.1-to-40-GHz Application

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A 2.4–6 GHz Broadband GaN Power Amplifier for 802.11ax Application

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Applications of Artificial Intelligence on the Modeling and Optimization for Analog and Mixed-Signal Circuits: A Review

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A Wide Dynamic Range Multi-Sensor ROIC for Portable Environmental Monitoring Systems With Two-Step Self-Optimization Schemes

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A 197.1-μW Wireless Sensor SoC With an Energy-Efficient Analog Front-End and a Harmonic Injection-Locked OOK TX

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High-Resolution Wideband Vector-Sum Digital Phase Shifter With On-Chip Phase Linearity Enhancement Technology

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Design of Soft-Error-Aware SRAM With Multi-Node Upset Recovery for Aerospace Applications

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Self-Referenced Single-Ended Resistance Monitoring Write Termination Scheme for STT-RAM Write Energy Reduction

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FPGA-Based Relaxation D/A Converters With Parasitics-Induced Error Suppression and Digital Self-Calibration

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NoPUF: A Novel PUF Design Framework Toward Modeling Attack Resistant PUFs

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Efficient Design of Spiking Neural Network With STDP Learning Based on Fast CORDIC

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A Two-Stage Operand Trimming Approximate Logarithmic Multiplier

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Imbalance-Tolerant Bit-Line Sense Amplifier for Dummy-Less Open Bit-Line Scheme in DRAM

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CRADLE: Combined RF/Acoustic Detection and Localization of Passive Tags

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Machine Learning for On-the-Fly Reliability-Aware Cell Library Characterization

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SymBIST: Symmetry-Based Analog and Mixed-Signal Built-In Self-Test for Functional Safety

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Polytopic Event-Triggered Robust Model Predictive Control for Constrained Linear Systems

Zhongrui Hu; Peng Shi; Ligang Wu

Event-Triggered H∞ Filtering for Discrete-Time Switched Systems Under Denial-of-Service

Hanqing Qu; Jun Zhao

Robust Formation Control for Multi-Agent Systems: A Reference Correction Based Approach

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Adaptive Fuzzy Output-Feedback Control Design for a Class of p-Norm Stochastic Nonlinear Systems With Output Constraints

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Intermittent Dynamic Event-Triggered Control for Synchronization of Stochastic Complex Networks

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Robust PCL Discovery of Data-Driven Mean-Field Game Systems and Control Problems

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Finite-Time Event-Triggered Control for Semi-Markovian Switching Cyber-Physical Systems With FDI Attacks and Applications

Wenhai Qi; Yakun Hou; Guangdeng Zong; Choon Ki Ahn

Configurable Quasi-Optimal Sphere Decoding for Scalable MIMO Communications

Yun Wu; John McAllister

Reverse Calculation-Based Low Memory Turbo Decoder for Power Constrained Applications

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3–12-V Wide Input Range Adaptive Delay Compensated Active Rectifier for 6.78-MHz Loosely Coupled Wireless Power Transfer System

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A 3-Phase Resonant Switched-Capacitor Converter for Data Center 48-V Rack Power Distribution

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Damping Power System Electromechanical Oscillations Using Time Delays

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A 6.78 MHz Single-Stage Wireless Power Transmitter Using a 3-Mode Zero-Voltage Switching Class-D PA

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