An 8-bit Low-Cost String DAC With Gradient Errors Suppression to Achieve 16-bit Linearity

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A 1.22 mW 2.4 GHz PLL Using a Single-Ring-Oscillator-Based Integrator With Background Frequency Calibration

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Power-Scaling Output-Compensated Three-Stage OTAs for Wide Load Range Applications

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Unloaded Quality Factor of Transmission Line Resonators With Capacitors

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A Reconfigurable 0.1–10 MHz DT Passive Dynamic Zoom ADC for Cellular Receivers

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An Efficient Spur-Aliasing-Free Spectral Calibration Technique in Time-Interleaved ADCs

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Wideband Class-F−1 Power Amplifier With Dual-/Quad-Mode Bandpass Response

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Analysis and Design of N-Path Band-Pass Filters With Negative Base Band Resistance

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A 33-ppm/°C 240-nW 40-nm CMOS Wakeup Timer Based on a Bang-Bang Digital-Intensive Frequency-Locked-Loop for IoT Applications

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An Ultra-Low-Power Low-Voltage WuTx With Built-In Analog Sensing for Self-Powered WSN

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A 17 Gbps 156 fJ/bit Two-Channel Optical Receiver With Optical-Input Split and Delay in 65 nm CMOS

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Compact Code-Based Signature for Reconfigurable Devices With Side Channel Resilience

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SC-DDPL: A Novel Standard-Cell Based Approach for Counteracting Power Analysis Attacks in the Presence of Unbalanced Routing

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Lattice-Based Cryptoprocessor for CCA-Secure Identity-Based Encryption

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Energy-Efficient Precharge-Free Ternary Content Addressable Memory (TCAM) for High Search Rate Applications

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Feature Adaptive Filtering: Exploiting Hidden Sparsity

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Dual Pulse Shaping Transmission and Equalization for High-Speed Wideband Wireless Communication Systems

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Bias-Compensated Sparsity-Aware NLMM Algorithms for Robust Adaptive Echo Cancellation

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Synchronization Analysis on Two-Layer Networks of Fractional-Order Systems: IntraIayer and InterIayer Synchronization

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An Adaptive SOSM Controller Design by Using a Sliding-Mode-Based Filter and its Application to Buck Converter

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A New Class of Digital Circuits for the Design of Entropy Sources in Programmable Logic

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Energy-Constraint Formation for Multiagent Systems With Switching Interaction Topologies

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Temperature Compensation of Crystal References in NB-IoT Modems

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Interpreting Frame Transformations in AC Systems as Diagonalization of Harmonic Transfer Functions

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A 100-V Battery Charger Voltage Extender IC With 97% Efficiency at 4-A and ±0.5% Voltage Accuracy

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Active Interface for Piezoelectric Harvesters Based on Multi-Variable Maximum Power Point Tracking

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Corrections to “Two Reciprocal Power Theorems for Passive Linear Time-Invariant Multiports”

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