RRAM for Compute-in-Memory: From Inference to Training

Shimeng Yu; Wonbo Shim; Xiaochen Peng; Yandong Luo

An 8-Bit 800 MS/s Loop-Unrolled SAR ADC With Common-Mode Adaptive Background Offset Calibration in 28 nm FDSOI

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A Comprehensive Phase Noise Analysis of Bang-Bang Digital PLLs

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Highly Sensitive Phase-Variation Dielectric Constant Sensor Based on a Capacitively-Loaded Slow-Wave Transmission Line

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A Generalization of the Groszkowski’s Result in Differential Oscillator Topologies

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Asynchronous Event-Driven Clocking and Control in Pipelined ADCs

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The Analog Behavior of Pseudo Digital Ring Oscillators Used in VCO ADCs

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Soft Fault Diagnosis of Analog Circuits Based on a ResNet With Circuit Spectrum Map

Lipeng Ji; Chenqi Fu; Weiqing Sun

Spatial-Temporal Hybrid Neural Network With Computing-in-Memory Architecture

Kangjun Bai; Lingjia Liu; Yang Yi

Implementation of an On-Chip Learning Neural Network IC Using Highly Linear Charge Trap Device

Jong-Moon Choi; Do-Wan Kwon; Je-Joong Woo; Eun-Je Park; Kee-Won Kwon

A Time-Based Pipelined ADC Using Integrate-and-Fire Multiplying-DAC

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A Multi-Step Incremental Analog-to-Digital Converter With a Single Opamp and Two- Capacitor SAR Extended Counting

Shih-Che Kuo; Jia-Sheng Huang; Yu-Cheng Huang; Chia-Wei Kao; Che-Wei Hsu; Chia-Hung Chen

Investigation of ReRAM Variability on Flow-Based Edge Detection Computing Using HfO2-Based ReRAM Arrays

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Low-Latency Hardware Accelerator for Improved Engle-Granger Cointegration in Pairs Trading

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A Low-Area and Low-Power Comma Detection and Word Alignment Circuits for JESD204B/C Controller

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An Efficient and Flexible Accelerator Design for Sparse Convolutional Neural Networks

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Design and Analysis of Approximate Compressors for Balanced Error Accumulation in MAC Operator

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Radiation Hardened 12T SRAM With Crossbar-Based Peripheral Circuit in 28nm CMOS Technology

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Efficient Hardware Architecture of Convolutional Neural Network for ECG Classification in Wearable Healthcare Device

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Coding Efficiency Enhancement Using Time-Interleaved Level Splitting and Optimized Multi-Level Delta Sigma Modulation in Digital Transmitter

Nishant Kumar; Karun Rawat

Multi-Stream Spatial Digital Predistortion for Fully-Connected Hybrid Beamforming Massive MIMO Transmitters

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Chaos Generation With Impulse Control: Application to Non-Chaotic Systems and Circuit Design

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Demonstrating Filtered Feedback Control Near a Boundary Crisis

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Plesiochronous Spread Spectrum Clocking With Guaranteed QoS for In-Band Switching Noise Reduction

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General Efficient TMR for Combinational Circuit Hardening Against Soft Errors and Improved Multi-Objective Optimization Framework

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Event-Triggered Adaptive Fuzzy Fixed-Time Tracking Control for a Class of Nonstrict-Feedback Nonlinear Systems

Huanqing Wang; Ke Xu; Jianbin Qiu

Output Feedback Predefined-Time Bipartite Consensus Control for High-Order Nonlinear Multiagent Systems

Kuo Li; Changchun Hua; Xiu You; Choon Ki Ahn

Modeling and Simulation of Variable Limits on Conditional Anti-Windup PI Controllers for VSC-Based Devices

Mohammed Ahsan Adib Murad; Muyang Liu; Federico Milano

A New Adaptive Sparse Pseudospectral Approximation Method and its Application for Stochastic Power Flow

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Analysis and Design of EIT-Like Magnetic Coupling Wireless Power Transfer Systems

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