Analysis and Comparison of Readout Architectures and Analog-to-Digital Converters for 3D-Stacked CMOS Image Sensors

Nicolas Callens; Georges G. E. Gielen

Guest Editorial Special Issue on the IEEE International NEWCAS Conference 2020

Jean-Pierre David; Manuel J. Barragan

Power Bound Analysis of a Two-Step MASH Incremental ADC Based on Noise-Shaping SAR ADCs

Masoume Akbari; Mohammad Honarparvar; Yvon Savaria; Mohamad Sawan

Towards Safe and Robust Closed-Loop Artificial Pancreas Using Improved PID-Based Control Strategies

Abdel-Latif Alshalalfah; Ghaith Bany Hamad; Otmane Ait Mohamed

77.3-GHz Standing-Wave Oscillator Based on an Asymmetrical Tunable Slow-Wave Coplanar Stripline Resonator

Leonardo Gomes; Ekta Sharma; Antonio A. L. Souza; Ariana L. C. Serrano; Gustavo P. Rheder; Emmanuel Pistono; Philippe Ferrari; Sylvain Bourdel

mm-Wave Through-Load Element for On-Wafer Measurement Applications

Marc Margalef-Rovira; Olivier Occello; Abdelhalim A. Saadi; Vanessa Avramovic; Sylvie Lepilliet; Loic Vincent; Manuel J. Barragan; Emmanuel Pistono; Sylvain Bourdel; Christophe Gaquière; Philippe Ferrari

CARLA: A Convolution Accelerator With a Reconfigurable and Low-Energy Architecture

Mehdi Ahmadi; Shervin Vakili; J. M. Pierre Langlois

Digital Non-Linearity Calibration for ADCs With Redundancy Using a New LUT Approach

Antonio Gines; Gildas Leger; Eduardo Peralias

Balanced and Unbalanced Duplexers Using Common Oval Dielectric Resonators

Di-Si Wu; Yuanchun Li; Quan Xue; Wei Qin; Bin-Jie Hu

Continuous-Time Incremental Delta-Sigma Modulators With FIR Feedback

Shanthi Pavan; Tanmay Halder; Anand Kannan

Low-Voltage Low-Noise High-CMRR Biopotential Integrated Preamplifier

Carolina Cabrera; Renzo Caballero; María Cecilia Costa-Rauschert; Conrado Rossi-Aicardi; Julián Oreggioni

A Capacitively Coupled CT Δ ΣM With Chopping Artifacts Rejection for Sensor Readout ICs

Chaegang Lim; Yohan Choi; Yunsoo Park; Jaegeun Song; Soon-Sung Ahn; Sooho Park; Chulwoo Kim

Modeling and Analysis of High-Performance Triple Hole Block Layer Organic LED Based Light Sensor for Detection of Ovarian Cancer

Shubham Negi; Poornima Mittal; Brijesh Kumar

Body Biased Sense Amplifier With Auto-Offset Mitigation for Low-Voltage SRAMs

Dhruv Patel; Adam Neale; Derek Wright; Manoj Sachdev

Dynamic Dataflow Scheduling and Computation Mapping Techniques for Efficient Depthwise Separable Convolution Acceleration

Baoting Li; Hang Wang; Xuchong Zhang; Jie Ren; Longjun Liu; Hongbin Sun; Nanning Zheng

Low-Complexity High-Precision Method and Architecture for Computing the Logarithm of Complex Numbers

Hui Chen; Zongguang Yu; Yonggang Zhang; Zhonghai Lu; Yuxiang Fu; Li Li

A Charge-Domain Scalable-Weight In-Memory Computing Macro With Dual-SRAM Architecture for Precision-Scalable DNN Accelerators

Eunyoung Lee; Taeyoung Han; Donguk Seo; Gicheol Shin; Jaerok Kim; Seonho Kim; Soyoun Jeong; Johnny Rhe; Jaehyun Park; Jong Hwan Ko; Yoonmyung Lee

Soft-Error-Immune Read-Stability-Improved SRAM for Multi-Node Upset Tolerance in Space Applications

Soumitra Pal; Sayonee Mohapatra; Wing-Hung Ki; Aminul Islam

Accuracy-Configurable Radix-4 Adder With a Dynamic Output Modification Scheme

Kun-Lin Tsai; Yen-Jen Chang; Chien-Ho Wang; Cheng-Tse Chiang

Zero Aware Configurable Data Encoding by Skipping Transfer for Error Resilient Applications

Chandan Kumar Jha; Shreyas Singh; Riddhi Thakker; Manu Awasthi; Joycee Mekie

Towards Low Latency and Resource-Efficient FPGA Implementations of the MUSIC Algorithm for Direction of Arrival Estimation

Uzma M. Butt; Shoab A. Khan; Anees Ullah; Abdul Khaliq; Pedro Reviriego; Ali Zahir

A Fast and Fully Parallel Analog CMOS Solver for Nonlinear PDEs

Hasantha Malavipathirana; S. I. Hariharan; Nilan Udayanga; Soumyajit Mandal; Arjuna Madanayake

TD-SRAM: Time-Domain-Based In-Memory Computing Macro for Binary Neural Networks

Jiahao Song; Yuan Wang; Minguang Guo; Xiang Ji; Kaili Cheng; Yixuan Hu; Xiyuan Tang; Runsheng Wang; Ru Huang

Failure in Ring Oscillators With Capacitive Load

Luca Ravezzi

Neural Bursting and Synchronization Emulated by Neural Networks and Circuits

Hairong Lin; Chunhua Wang; Chengjie Chen; Yichuang Sun; Chao Zhou; Cong Xu; Qinghui Hong

Loading-Aware Reliability Improvement of Ultra-Low Power Memristive Neural Networks

Shaghayegh Vahdat; Mehdi Kamal; Ali Afzali-Kusha; Massoud Pedram

Distributed Fault Detection and Control for Markov Jump Systems Over Sensor Networks With Round-Robin Protocol

Cheng Gong; Guopu Zhu; Peng Shi; Ramesh K. Agarwal

Predefined Finite-Time Output Containment of Nonlinear Multi-Agent Systems With Leaders of Unknown Inputs

Qing Wang; Xiwang Dong; Jianglong Yu; Jinhu Lü; Zhang Ren

A New Approach of Formation Control for Multi-Agent Systems With Environmental Changes

Yutong Liu; Peng Shi; Cheng-Chew Lim; Hongjun Yu

Almost Sure Synchronization of Multilayer Networks via Intermittent Pinning Noises: A White-Noise-Based Time-Varying Coupling

Sen Li; Yuhang Zheng; Huan Su

Privacy-Preserving Consensus for Multi-Agent Systems via Node Decomposition Strategy

Yaqi Wang; Jianquan Lu; Wei Xing Zheng; Kaibo Shi

Control of Power Converters With Hybrid Affine Models and Pulse-Width Modulated Inputs

Carolina Albea; Antonino Sferlazza; Francisco Gordillo; Fabio Gómez-Estern

Efficient Row-Layered Decoder for Sparse Code Multiple Access

Xu Pang; Wenqing Song; Yifei Shen; Xiaohu You; Chuan Zhang

Baseband Fusion Technique for Filter-Less Wideband Transmitters

Girish Chandra Tripathi; Meenakshi Rawat

Centralized System Identification of Multi-Rail Power Converter Systems Using an Iterative Decimation Approach

Jin Xu; Matthew Armstrong; Maher Al-Greer