September 2019, Volume 66, Issue 9

Guest Editorial Special Issue on the 2019 International Symposium on Integrated Circuits and Systems
Elena Blokhina
Short-Range Quality-Factor Modulation (SQuirM) for Low Power High Speed Inductive Data Transfer
Matthew Schormans; Dai Jiang; Virgilio Valente; Andreas Demosthenous
Analysis and Design of Ultra-Large Dynamic Range CMOS Transimpedance Amplifier With Automatically-Controlled Multi-Current-Bleeding Paths
Xiaojun Bi; Zhen Gu; Qinfen Xu
A Wideband dB-Linear VGA With Temperature Compensation and Active Load
Xiong Song; Zhenghao Lu; Liying Cai; Xiao-Peng Yu; Kiat-Seng Yeo; Jer-Ming Chen
An Optically-Powered 432 MHz Wireless Tag for Batteryless Internet-of-Things Applications
Hao-Chung Cheng; Yen-Ting Chen; Po-Hung Chen; Yu-Te Liao
An Integrated Discrete-Time Delay-Compensating Technique for Large-Array Beamformers
Erfan Ghaderi; Ajith Sivadhasan Ramani; Arya A. Rahimi; Deukhyoun Heo; Sudip Shekhar; Subhanshu Gupta
A 0.12-mm2 1.2-to-2.4-mW 1.3-to-2.65-GHz Fractional-N Bang-Bang Digital PLL With 8- μ s Settling Time for Multi-ISM-Band ULP Radios
Ka-Fai Un; Gengzhen Qi; Jun Yin; Shiheng Yang; Shupeng Yu; Chio-In Ieong; Pui-In Mak; Rui P. Martins
A 2.2-GHz 3.2-mW DTC-Free Sampling ΔΣ Fractional- N PLL With −110-dBc/Hz In-Band Phase Noise and −246-dB FoM and −83-dBc Reference Spur
Jingcheng Tao; Chun-Huat Heng
A 0.0018-mm2 153% Locking-Range CML-Based Divider-by-2 With Tunable Self-Resonant Frequency Using an Auxiliary Negative- gm Cell
Xiaoteng Zhao; Yong Chen; Pui-In Mak; Rui P. Martins
A Spectrum-Sensing DPD Feedback Receiver With 30× Reduction in ADC Acquisition Bandwidth and Sample Rate
Nikolaus Hammler; Andreia Cathelin; Philippe Cathelin; Boris Murmann
A 27.7 fJ/conv-step 500 MS/s 12-Bit Pipelined ADC Employing a Sub-ADC Forecasting Technique and Low-Power Class AB Slew Boosted Amplifiers
Mohammad H. Naderi; Chulhyun Park; Suraj Prakash; Martin Kinyua; Eric G. Soenen; Jose Silva-Martinez
A 4-b 7- μ W Phase Domain ADC With Time Domain Reference Generation for Low-Power FSK/PSK Demodulation
Xuewei Lei; Chi-Hang Chan; Yan Zhu; Rui Paulo Martins
A 13-Bit 260MS/s Power-Efficient Pipeline ADC Using a Current-Reuse Technique and Interstage Gain and Nonlinearity Errors Calibration
Dadian Zhou; Carlos Briseno-Vidrios; Junning Jiang; Chulhyun Park; Qiyuan Liu; Eric G. Soenen; Martin Kinyua; Jose Silva-Martinez
A 10-MHz BW 77.9 dB SNDR DT MASH  ΔΣ  ADC With NC-VCO-Based Quantizer and OPAMP Sharing
Mahmoud Sadollahi; Gabor C. Temes
Design Considerations for Low-Distortion Filter and Oscillator ICs for Testing High-Resolution ADCs
Sangeeta Kumar; Rajashekar Goroju; Dileep Kumar Bhat; K. S. Rakshitdatta; Nagendra Krishnapura
An Integrated Micromachined Thermopile Sensor With a Chopper Interface Circuit for Contact-Less Temperature Measurements
Elisabetta Moisello; Michele Vaiana; Maria Eloisa Castagna; Giuseppe Bruno; Piero Malcovati; Edoardo Bonizzoni
A Supply-Noise-Insensitive Digitally-Controlled Oscillator
Chen Yuan; Sudip Shekhar
A Low-Noise, Positive-Input, Negative-Output Voltage Generator for Low-to-Moderate Driving Capacity Applications
Devrishi Khanna; Chirn Chye Boon; Pilsoon Choi; Liter Siek; Bei Liu; Chenyang Li
An Efficient, Wide-Output, High-Voltage Charge Pump With a Stage Selection Circuit Realized in a Low-Voltage CMOS Process
Zhicong Luo; Li-Chin Yu; Ming-Dou Ker
Low-Voltage Current and Voltage Reference Design Based on the MOSFET ZTC Effect
Yannick Wenger; Bernd Meinerzhagen
A 0.7-V 28-nW CMOS Subthreshold Voltage and Current Reference in One Simple Circuit
Lidan Wang; Chenchang Zhan
Accurate and Fast On-Wafer Test Circuitry for Device Array Characterization in Wafer Acceptance Test
Hao-Chiao Hong; Long-Yi Lin
WRA: A 2.2-to-6.3 TOPS Highly Unified Dynamically Reconfigurable Accelerator Using a Novel Winograd Decomposition Algorithm for Convolutional Neural Networks
Chen Yang; Yizhou Wang; Xiaoli Wang; Li Geng
A 124 fJ/Bit Cascode Current Mirror Array Based PUF With 1.50% Native Unstable Bit Ratio
Xiaojin Zhao; Peizhou Gan; Qiang Zhao; Dejian Liang; Yuan Cao; Xiaofang Pan; Amine Bermak
An Ultra-Low-Power Dual-Mode Automatic Sleep Staging Processor Using Neural-Network-Based Decision Tree
Shang-Yuan Chang; Bing-Chen Wu; Yi-Long Liou; Rui-Xuan Zheng; Pei-Lin Lee; Tzi-Dar Chiueh; Tsung-Te Liu
Ultra-Low Complex Blind I/Q-Imbalance Compensation
Thomas Paireder; Christian Motz; Ram S. Kanumalli; Silvester Sadjina; Mario Huemer
Maximizing the Data Rate of an Inductively Coupled Chip-to-Chip Link by Resetting the Channel State Variables
Nagendra Krishnapura; Anoop Narayan Bhat; Subhashish Mukherjee; Kumar Anurag Shrivastava; Madhulatha Bonu
A Systematic Design Methodology for Optimization of Sigma-Delta Modulators Based on an Evolutionary Algorithm
João L. A. de Melo; Nuno Pereira; Pedro V. Leitão; Nuno Paulino; Joao Goes
Analytical Equivalent Circuit Extraction Procedure for Broadband Scalable Modeling of Three-Port Center-Tapped Symmetric On-Chip Inductors
Vadim Issakov; Sebastian Kehl-Waas; Sascha Breun
An LDPC-Coded SCMA Receiver With Multi-User Iterative Detection and Decoding
Wei-Cheng Sun; Yu-Chieh Su; Yeong-Luh Ueng; Chia-Hsiang Yang
A 4×64 MIMO Detector for Generalized Spatial Modulation Systems
Cheng-Han Li; Yen-Lin Chen; Wan-Nong Hu; Chiao-En Chen; Yuan-Hao Huang
An 86% Efficiency, Wide-V  in  SIMO DC–DC Converter Embedded in a Car-Radio IC
Arunkumar Salimath; Edoardo Botti; Giovanni Gonano; Paolo Cacciagrano; Davide Luigi Brambilla; Tommaso Barbieri; Franco Maloberti; Edoardo Bonizzoni
A Fast-Transient-Response Fully-Integrated Digital LDO With Adaptive Current Step Size Control
Guigang Cai; Chenchang Zhan; Yan Lu
A Single-Stage Dual-Output Tri-Mode AC-DC Regulator for Inductively Powered Application
Qiong Wei Low; Liter Siek
A Ripple Reduction Method for Switched-Capacitor DC–DC Voltage Converter Using Fully Digital Resistance Modulation
Fu-Yan Xie; Bing-Chen Wu; Tsung-Te Liu