Emerging Terahertz Integrated Systems in Silicon

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Sub-ppm/°C Bandgap References With Natural Basis Expansion for Curvature Cancellation

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Gain-Boosted Super Class AB OTAs Based on Nested Local Feedback

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Generalized Analog-to-Information Converter With Analysis Sparse Prior

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A CMOS Energy Harvesting Interface Circuit With Cycle-to-Cycle Frequency-to-Amplitude Conversion MPPT for Centimeter-Scale Wind Turbine

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Design of a Quadband Doherty Power Amplifier With Large Power Back-Off Range

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A Bias-Current-Free Fractional-N Hybrid PLL for Low-Voltage Clock Generation

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Broadband Mismatch Calibration for Time-Interleaved ADC Based on Linear Frequency Modulated Signal

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A Compact Memristor Model for Neuromorphic ReRAM Devices in Flux-Charge Space

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A Transimpedance-to-Noise Optimized Analog Front-End With High PSRR for Pulsed ToF Lidar Receivers

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Synthesis of an Equivalent Circuit for Spike-Timing-Dependent Axon Growth: What Fires Together Now Really Wires Together

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Analysis and Design of a Charge Sampler With 70-GHz 1-dB Bandwidth in 130-nm SiGe BiCMOS

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Interconnection, Reciprocity and a Hierarchical Classification of Generalized Multiports

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Design of Digital OTAs With Operation Down to 0.3 V and nW Power for Direct Harvesting

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An Energy Efficient Accelerator for Bidirectional Recurrent Neural Networks (BiRNNs) Using Hybrid-Iterative Compression With Error Sensitivity

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High-Speed FPGA Implementation of SIKE Based on an Ultra-Low-Latency Modular Multiplier

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Hardware Topologies for Decentralized Large-Scale MIMO Detection Using Newton Method

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Low Delay Short Word Length Sigma Delta Active Noise Control

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Stability Assessment for Multi-Infeed Grid-Connected VSCs Modeled in the Admittance Matrix Form

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Opinion Diffusion in Two-Layer Interconnected Networks

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Continuation-Based Method to Find Periodic Windows in Bifurcation Diagrams With Applications to the Chua’s Circuit With a Cubic Nonlinearity

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Constructing Higher-Dimensional Digital Chaotic Systems via Loop-State Contraction Algorithm

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Event-Triggered Optimized Control for Nonlinear Delayed Stochastic Systems

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Distributed Adaptive Resilient Formation Control of Uncertain Nonholonomic Mobile Robots Under Deception Attacks

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Uncertain Disturbance Rejection and Attenuation for Semi-Markov Jump Systems With Application to 2-Degree-Freedom Robot Arm

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State Bumpless Transfer Control for a Class of Switched Descriptor Systems

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Intrusion-Detector-Dependent Distributed Economic Model Predictive Control for Load Frequency Regulation With PEVs Under Cyber Attacks

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Joint State and Fault Estimation for Networked Interconnected PDE Systems With Semi-Markov Fault Coefficient via Conjunct Measurement

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Containment Control for Networked Fractional-Order Systems With Sampled Position Data

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Observer-Based Adaptive Neural Output Feedback Constraint Controller Design for Switched Systems Under Average Dwell Time

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Double-Conversion, Noise-Cancelling Receivers Using Modulated LNTAs and Double-Layer Passive Mixers for Concurrent Signal Reception With Tuned RF Interface

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A Compact 26.5–29.5-GHz LNA-Phase-Shifter Combo With 360° Continuous Phase Tuning Based on All-Pass Networks for Millimeter-Wave 5G

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Self-Synchronized DS/SS With High Spread Factors for Robust Millimeter-Wave Datalinks

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A Real-Time Hardware Emulator for 3D Non-Stationary U2V Channels

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Adaptive Fast Fault Location for Open-Switch Faults of Voltage Source Inverter

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