Editorial: A Year Ahead Full of New Initiatives

José M. de la Rosa

Twenty Years of Near/Sub-Threshold Design Trends and Enablement

Kamlesh Singh; José Pineda de Gyvez

STT-MRAM Sensing: A Review

Taehui Na; Seung H. Kang; Seong-Ook Jung

Energy-Efficient High-Voltage Pulsers for Ultrasound Transducers

Jaesuk Choi; Sangyeon Youn; Jae Youn Hwang; Sohmyung Ha; Chul Kim; Minkyu Je

Review of Analog-Assisted-Digital and Digital-Assisted-Analog Low Dropout Regulators

Mo Huang; Yan Lu; Rui P. Martins

Startup Time and Energy-Reduction Techniques for Crystal Oscillators in the IoT Era

Ka-Meng Lei; Pui-In Mak; Rui P. Martins

Analog/RF IP Protection: Attack Models, Defense Techniques, and Challenges

A. Sanabria-Borbón; N. G. Jayasankaran; J. Hu; J. Rajendran; E. Sánchez-Sinencio

Printed Organic Electronics on Flexible Foil: Circuit Design and Emerging Applications

Egidio Ragonese; Marco Fattori; Eugenio Cantatore

A Tutorial on Modeling and Analysis of Cascading Failure in Future Power Grids

Dong Liu; Xi Zhang; Chi K. Tse

Multi-Gigabit Transceivers for Optical Data Communications From the Standardization Perspective

A. Rodríguez-Pérez; Luis M. Torres; E. Prefasi; R. Pérez de Aranda

A Novel General-Purpose Theorem for the Analysis of Linear Circuits

Ferran Reverter; Manel Gasulla

A 65nm 0.6–1.2V Low-Dropout Regulator Using Voltage-Difference-to-Time Converter With Direct Output Feedback

Kwanghyun Shin; Dong-Woo Jee; Dongsuk Jeon

A New Extremely Low Power Temperature Insensitive Electronically Tunable VCII-Based Grounded Capacitance Multiplier

V. Stornelli; L. Safari; G. Barile; G. Ferri

Jitter Optimisation in a Generalised All-Digital Phase-Locked Loop Model

Eugene Koskin; Pierre Bisiaux; Dimitri Galayko; Elena Blokhina

Input Referred Noise of VCO-Based Comparators

Yanquan Luo; Maurits Ortmanns

A Quadrature Sub-Sampling Phase Detector for Fast-Relocked Sub-Sampling PLL Under External Interference

Xinlin Geng; Qian Xie; Zheng Wang

A Low Phase Noise Class-C Oscillator With Improved Resonator and Robust Start-Up

Saman Sheikhahmadi; Mohsen Moezzi; Hassan Ghafoorifard

Parasitic Compensation and Hence Isolation Improvement of PIN Diode-Based Switches

Abinash Singh; Mrinal Kanti Mandal

Compensation of Signal-Dependent Readout Noise in Photon Transfer Curve Characterisation of CMOS Image Sensors

Deyan Levski; Martin Wäny; Bhaskar Choubey

Neural-Network Based Self-Initializing Algorithm for Multi-Parameter Optimization of High-Speed ADCs

Shrestha Bansal; Erfan Ghaderi; Chase Puglisi; Subhanshu Gupta

Comparison Study of DAC Realizations in Current Input CTΣΔ Modulators

Mahdi Rajabzadeh; Matthias Häberle; Joachim Becker; Maurits Ortmanns

A 4.5 GΩ-Input Impedance Chopper Amplifier With Embedded DC-Servo and Ripple Reduction Loops for Impedance Boosting to Sub-Hz

Xuan Thanh Pham; Duc Nha Duong; Ngoc Tan Nguyen; Nguyen Van Truong; Jong-Wook Lee

A Sub-200nW All-in-One Bandgap Voltage and Current Reference Without Amplifiers

Wenbin Huang; Lianxi Liu; Zhangming Zhu

X-Band 6-Bit SiGe BiCMOS Multifunctional Chip With +12 dBm IP1dB and Flat-Gain Response

Abdurrahman Burak; Can Çalışkan; Melik Yazici; Yasar Gurbuz

Balanced Dual-Band Superconducting Filter Using Stepped-Impedance Resonators With High Band-to-Band Isolation and Wide Stopband

Jiaming Tang; Haiwen Liu; Yang Yang

0.76-mW/pF/GHz, 7-GHz Quadrature Resonant Clock With Frequency Tuning Capacitor and Amplitude Control Feedback Loop

Chang-Soo Yoon; Han-Gon Ko; Byung-Jun Kang; Jung-Woo Sull; Deog-Kyoon Jeong

Reconfigurable-Bandwidth DWB BPF With Fixed Operation Frequency and Controllable Stopband

Xiao-Kun Bi; Xiao Zhang; Sai-Wai Wong; Shao-Hua Guo; Tao Yuan

An Ultra-Low Quiescent Current Resistor-Less Power on Reset Circuit

Jiashu Guo; Houpeng Chen; Yu Lei; Xi Li; Qian Wang; Chenchen Xie; Jie Miao; Yi Lv; Weili Liu; Zhitang Song

An Analysis of CMRR Degradation in Multi-Channel Biosignal Recording Systems

Omid Malekzadeh-Arasteh; Ahmad Reza Danesh; An H. Do; Zoran Nenadic; Payam Heydari

A 0.5GHz 0.35mW LDO-Powered Constant-Slope Phase Interpolator With 0.22% INL

Ahmed Elnaqib; Hayate Okuhara; Taekwang Jang; Davide Rossi; Luca Benini

A 5-Gb/s Adaptive Digital CDR Circuit With SSC Capability and Enhanced High-Frequency Jitter Tolerance

Shun-Chi Chang; Shen-Iuan Liu

Switchable Diplexer Based on Coupling Control

Jin-Xu Xu; Wan-Li Zhan; Hui-Yang Li; Xiu Yin Zhang

Controllable Orthogonal Mode Rejection for Smart Polarization Diversity at Millimeter-Wave Frequency

Moein Noferesti; Tarek Djerafi

Synthesis of Multi-Port Filtering Power Divider for Mixed Topology Using Matrix Optimization

Wang Chen; Gang Zhang; Shicheng Liu; Jiquan Yang

Ultra-Broadband Bandpass Filter Using Linearly Tapered Coupled-Microstrip Line and Open Loop Defected Ground Structure

Ramanand Sagar Sangam; Sumit Dash; Rakhesh Singh Kshetrimayum

All-Pass Network and Transformer Based SiGe BiCMOS Phase Shifter for Multi-Band Arrays

Can Çalşkan; Melik Yazici; Yasar Gurbuz

Miniaturized, Ultra-Wideband and High Isolation Single Pole Double Throw Switch by Using π-Type Topology in GaAs pHEMT Technology

Hao-Ran Zhu; Xin-Yu Ning; Zhi-Xiang Huang; Yong-Xin Guo; Xian-Liang Wu

Monolithic CMOS Microwave Heater With Programmable Thermostat Function for Thermotherapy

Tzu-Yu Tseng; Hsiao-Chin Chen; Hung-Wei Chiu

Millimeter-Wave CMOS 30/80 GHz Sharp-Rejection Dual-Band Bandstop Filters Using TFMS Open-Stepped-Impedance Resonators

Venkata Narayana Rao Vanukuru; Vamsi Krishna Velidi

An Ultra-Low Power 2.4 GHz Transmitter for Energy Harvested Wireless Sensor Nodes and Biomedical Devices

Hansraj Bhamra; Yu-Wen Huang; Quan Yuan; Pedro Irazoqui

Low-Cost and Programmable CRC Implementation Based on FPGA

Huan Liu; Zhiliang Qiu; Weitao Pan; Jun Li; Ling Zheng; Ya Gao

Minimal-Set Trellis Min-Max Decoder Architecture for Nonbinary LDPC Codes

Thang Xuan Pham; Tuy Nguyen Tan; Hanho Lee

Design Method for Tunable Planar Bandpass Filters With Single-Bias Control and Wide Tunable Frequency Range

Taejun Lim; Akash Anand; James Chen; Xiaoguang Liu; Yongshik Lee

An Edge-Coupled Marchand Balun With Partial Ground for Excellent Balance in 0.13 μm SiGe Technology

Sudipta Chakraborty; Leigh E. Milner; Xi Zhu; Oya Sevimli; Anthony E. Parker; Michael C. Heimlich

New Charge-Steering DFEs in 55-nm CMOS

Jacob Pike; Mahdi Parvizi; David Berton; Naim Ben-Hamida; Sadok Aouini; Calvin Plett

Single-Layer Dual-Band Bandwidth-Enhanced Filtering Phase Shifter With Two Different Predetermined Phase-Shifting Values

Qingxiang Dong; Yongle Wu; Weijuan Chen; Yuhao Yang; Weimin Wang

A Fast Soft Decision Algorithm for Cooperative Spectrum Sensing

Mehran Golvaei; Mohammad Fakharzadeh

A Fully Integrated GaN Dual-Channel Power Amplifier With Crosstalk Suppression for 5G Massive MIMO Transmitters

G. Reza Nikandish; Robert Bogdan Staszewski; Anding Zhu

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