October 2018, Volume 65, Issue 10

Special Issue on the 2018 ISICAS: A CAS Journal Track Symposium
J. M. de la Rosa, E. Bonizzoni, and F. Maloberti

A 0.6-V Minimum-Supply, 23.5 ppm/◦C Subthreshold CMOS Voltage Reference With 0.45% Variation Coefficient
C. Huang, C. Zhan, L. He, L. Wang, and Y. Nan

A 2.44-pJ/b 1.62–10-Gb/s Receiver for Next Generation Video Interface Equalizing 23-dB Loss With Adaptive 2-Tap Data DFE and 1-Tap Edge DFE
J. Lee, K. Park, K. Lee, and D.-K. Jeong

A V-Band Transceiver With Integrated Resonator and Receiver/Transmitter Antenna for Near-Field IoT
A. Mustapha, D. Cracan, R. Gadhafi, and M. Sanduleanu

Design and Characterization of a 9.2-Gb/s Transceiver for Automotive Microcontroller Applications With 8-Taps FFE and 1-Tap Unrolled/4-Taps DFE
A. Bandiziol, W. Grollitsch, G. Steffan, R. Nonis, and P. Palestri

A 0.6-V, 74.2-dB DR Continuous-Time Sigma–Delta Modulator With Inverter-Based Amplifiers
P. C. C. de Aguirre and A. A. Susin

A 1.2-V 108.9-dB A-Weighted DR 101.4-dB SNDR Audio ADC Using a Multi-Rate Noise-Shaping Quantizer
J. S. Cho, C. Rhee, S. Kim, Y. Yang, J. Jun, S. Kim, and H. Lee

A Demonstration of a HT-Detection Method Based on Impedance Measurements of the Wiring Around ICs
D. Fujimoto, S. Nin, Y.-I. Hayashi, N. Miura, M. Nagata, and T. Matsumoto

Area and Power Efficient Ultra-Wideband Transmitter Based on Active Inductor
K. Ture, A. Devos, F. Maloberti, and C. Dehollain

Relaxation Oscillator With Dynamic Comparator and Slope-Boosting Technique
J. Zheng, L. Cheng, J. Jiang, and W.-H. Ki

A 0.9-V Programmable Second-Order Bandpass Switched-Capacitor Filter for IoT Applications
Hugo Serra, J. P. Oliveira, and N. Paulino

A Non-Linear Feedback Current Driver With Automatic Phase Compensation for Bioimpedance Applications
N. Neshatvar, P. Langlois, and A. Demosthenous

Libra: An Automatic Design Methodology for CMOS Complex Gates
M. S. Cardoso, G. H. Smaniotto, A. A. O. Bubolz, M. T. Moreira, L. S. da Rosa, Jr., and F. de S. Marques

A Low-Power Compression-Based CMOS Image Sensor With Microshift-Guided SAR ADC
X. Zhong, B. Zhang, A. Bermak, C.-Y. Tsui, and M.-K. Law

Wafer-Level Contactless Testing Based on UHF RFID Tags With Post-Process On-Chip Antennas
A. Finocchiaro, G. Girlando, A. Motta, A. Pagani, E. Ragonese, and G. Palmisano

A 6.1-nA Fully Integrated CMOS Supply Modulated OOK Transmitter in 55-nm DDC CMOS for Glasses-Free, Self-Powered, and Fuel-Cell-Embedded Continuous Glucose Monitoring Contact Lens
K. Hayashi, S. Arata, S. Murakami, Y. Nishio, A. Kobayashi, and K. Niitsu

A 1-V 2.6-mW Environmental Compensated Fully Integrated Nose-on-a-Chip
T.-I. Chou, K.-H. Chang, J.-Y. Jhang, S.-W. Chiu, G. Wang, C.-H. Yang, H. Chiueh, H. Chen, C.-C. Hsieh, M.-F. Chang, and K.-T. Tang

A 678-μW Frequency-Modulation-Based ADC With 104-dB Dynamic Range in 44-kHz Bandwidth
J. Warchall, S. Kaleru, N. Jayapalan, B. Nayak, H. Garudadri, and P. P. Mercier

Efficient Low-Latency Implementation of CORDIC-Based Sorted QR Decomposition for Multi-Gbps MIMO Systems
H. Lee, K. Oh, M. Cho, Y. Jang, and J. Kim

A 14-Bit Split-Pipeline ADC With Self-Adjusted Opamp-Sharing Duty-Cycle and Bias Current
J. Mao, M. Guo, S.-W. Sin, and R. P. Martins

A 2.3 μW ECG-On-Chip for Wireless Wearable Sensors
C. J. Deepu, X. Y. Xu, D. L. T. Wong, C. H. Heng, and Y. Lian

A 1-to-1-kHz, 4.2-to-544-nW, Multi-Level Comparator Based Level-Crossing ADC for IoT Applications
Y. Hou, K. Yousef, M. Atef, G. Wang, and Y. Lian

25-Gb/s Clocked Pluggable Optics for High-Density Data Center Interconnections
G.-S. Jeong, J. Hwang, H.-S. Choi, H. Do, D. Koh, D. Yun, J. Lee, K. Park, H.-G. Ko, K. Lee, J. Joo, G. Kim, and D.-K. Jeong

A Sub-μW/Channel, 16-Channel Seizure Detection and Signal Acquisition SoC Based on Multichannel Compressive Sensing
R. Ranjandish and A. Schmid

CMOS Image Sensor for Lateral Flow Immunoassay Readers
E. Pilavaki, V. Valente, and A. Demosthenous

A 10-MHz Bandwidth Two-Path Third-Order Modulator With Cross-Coupling Branches
D. Feng, E. Bonizzoni, F. Maloberti, S.-W. Sin, and R. P. Martins

A CNN Accelerator on FPGA Using Depthwise Separable Convolution
L. Bai, Y. Zhao, and X. Huang

A 1.5-pJ/bit, 9.04-Mbit/s Carrier-Width Demodulator for Data Transmission Over an Inductive Link Supporting Power and Data Transfer
A. Trigui, M. Ali, A. C. Ammari, Y. Savaria, and M. Sawan

Nano-Power CMOS Voltage Reference for RF-Powered Systems
A. Parisi, A. Finocchiaro, G. Papotto, and G. Palmisano

A 0.35 V 376 Mb/s Configurable Long Integer Multiplier for Subthreshold Encryption
W. Shi, H.-P. Wang, C.-S. Choy, J. Yang, M. Jiang, R. K. F. Teng, and M. Zhu

A Novel Terahertz Ballistic Deflection Transistor Travelling Wave Amplifier System
H. Wang, R. Knepper, J.-F. Millithaler, and M. Margala

Assisting High-Level Synthesis Improve SpMV Benchmark Through Dynamic Dependence Analysis
R. Garibotti, B. Reagen, Y. S. Shao, G.-Y. Wei, and D. Brooks

A 130 nm CMOS Power Management Unit With a Multi-Ratio Core SC DC–DC Converter for a Supercapacitor Power Supply
R. Madeira, J. P. Oliveira, and N. Paulino

Exploiting a Micro Pirani Gauge for Beyond Atmospheric Pressure Measurement
M. Zhang and N. Llaser

Switched-Capacitor Power Management Integrated Circuit for Autonomous Internet of Things Node
A. D. Grasso, G. Palumbo, and S. Pennisi

A 33-GHz LNA for 5G Wireless Systems in 28-nm Bulk CMOS
M. Keshavarz Hedayati, A. Abdipour, R. S. Shirazi, C. Cetintepe, and R. B. Staszewski

Pulse Phase Shift Based Low-Frequency Oscillation Suppression for PT Controlled CCM Buck Converter
D. Yu, Y. Geng, H. H. C. Iu, T. Fernando, and R. Xu

Respiration and Heartbeat Rates Measurement Based on Autocorrelation Using IR-UWB Radar
H. Shen, C. Xu, Y. Yang, L. Sun, Z. Cai, L. Bai, E. Clancy, and X. Huang

Low-Loss I/O Pad With ESD Protection for K/Ka-Bands Applications in the Nanoscale CMOS Process
B.-W. Peng and C.-Y. Lin

A Reconfigurable and Extendable Digital Architecture for Mixed Signal Power Electronics Controller
Y.-J. Wu, C.-S. Lam, M.-C. Wong, S.-W. Sin, and R. P. Martins

The Design of an Energy-Efficient IR-UWB Transmitter With Wide-Output Swing and Sub-Microwatt Leakage Current
Z. Zhang, Y. Li, G. Wang, and Y. Lian