A P&O MPPT With a Novel Analog Power-Detector for WSNs Applications

Lianxi Liu; Chaojin Huang; Junchao Mu; Jiangwei Cheng; Zhangming Zhu

A Four-Step Incremental ADC Based on Double Extended Binary Counting With Capacitive DAC

Byungjoo Oh; Jae Joon Kim

Adjustable Output CMOS Voltage Reference Design

Fabián Olivera; Antonio Petraglia

A Wideband Subharmonic Mixer With Low Conversion Loss and High Port-to-Port Isolations

Sadhana Kumari; Rijubrata Pal; Priyanka Mondal

1.2-V Energy-Efficient Wireless CMOS Potentiostat for Amperometric Measurements

Virgilio Valente; Nazanin Neshatvar; Evdokia Pilavaki; Matthew Schormans; Andreas Demosthenous

Compact Analog Predistorter With Shape Tuning Capability Using Power-Dependent Impedance Matching Network

Hailin Deng; Dalong Lv; Yi Zhang; Dewei Zhang; Dongfang Zhou

Low-Power, Low-Phase-Noise Gm-Boosted 10-GHz VCO With Center-Tap Transformer and Stacked Transistor

Hee Sung Lee; Dong Min Kang; Seong Jun Cho; Chul Woo Byeon; Chul Soon Park

Energy Efficient Temporal Spatial Information Processing Circuits Based on STDP and Spike Iteration

Chenyuan Zhao; Qiyuan An; Kangjun Bai; Bryant Wysocki; Clare Thiem; Lingjia Liu; Yang Yi

A Tunable Transmission Line With Controllable Phase Shifting and Characteristic Impedance

Han Ren; Mi Zhou; Yixin Gu; Bayaner Arigong

A Driving and Compensation Method for AMLED Displays Using Adaptive Reference Generator for High Luminance Uniformity

Hyun-A. Ahn; Oh-Kyong Kwon

Co-Design of Matching Sub-Networks to Realize Broadband Symmetrical Doherty With Configurable Back-Off Region

Chuan Li; Fei You; Jun Peng; Jinchen Wang; Muhammad Furqan Haider; Songbai He

A 0.83-pJ/Bit 6.4-Gb/s HBM Base Die Receiver Using a 45° Strobe Phase for Energy-Efficient Skew Compensation

Sangyoon Lee; Han-Gon Ko; Joo-Hyung Chae; Soyeong Shin; Jaekwang Yun; Deog-Kyoon Jeong; Suhwan Kim

Power and Area Efficient Transimpedance Amplifier Driving Large Capacitive Loads Based on Modified RGC Structure

Akbar Kari Dolatabadi; Mohsen Jalali

A 3-MHz 17.3- μ W 0.015% Period Jitter Relaxation Oscillator With Energy Efficient Swing Boosting

Wei Zhou; Wang Ling Goh; Yuan Gao

A 0.6-V 9-bit 1-MS/s Charging Sharing SAR ADC With Judging-Window Switching Logic and Independent Reset Comparator for Power-Effective Applications

Jingyu Wang; Zhangming Zhu

Analysis of a Fractional-Order Wireless Power Transfer System

Chao Rong; Bo Zhang; Yanwei Jiang

Design of Tri-Band Balanced Filter With Wideband Common-Mode Suppression and Upper Stopband Using Square Ring Loaded Resonator

Haiwen Liu; Zhengbiao Wang; Shuangxi Hu; He-Xiu Xu; Baoping Ren

0.6–1.2 V, 0.22 pJ/bit True Random Number Generator Based on SAR ADC

Akshay Jayaraj; Nimish Nitin Gujarathi; Illakiya Venkatesh; Arindam Sanyal

A Low Power High Precision Trim-Less Envelope Detector for Fail-Safe Circuit in LVDS Receiver

Seng Siong Lee; Lini Lee; Fabian Wai Lee Kung; Ahmed Saad; Harikrishnan Ramiah; Gim Heng Tan

An Area-Efficient and Wide-Range Inter-Signal Skew Compensation Scheme With the Embedded Bypass Control Register Operating as a Binary Search Algorithm for DRAM Applications

Youngbog Yoon; Chulwoo Kim

Design of Equal-Ripple Dual-Wideband Bandpass Filter With Minimum Design Parameters Based on Cross-Shaped Resonator

Xiao-Kun Bi; Xiao Zhang; Sai-Wai Wong; Tao Yuan; Shao-Hua Guo

A 0.5-V Capless LDO With 30-dB PSRR at 10-kHz Using a Lightweight Local Generated Supply

Chao Yang; Kaixuan Ye; Min Tan

Displaying-Synchronous Open-Loop External Compensation for Active-Matrix Light Emitting Diode Displays

Botian Huang; Jiali Fan; Xinghua Xu; Xiaojun Guo

O=O Shape Low-Loss Negative Group Delay Microstrip Circuit

Fayu Wan; Ningdong Li; Blaise Ravelo; Junxiang Ge

Generalization of the Normal Tree Method for Networks Without Graphic Structures

András Recski

Auto-Resonant Tuning for Capacitive Power and Data Telemetry Using Flexible Patches

Sudip Nag; Asish Koruprolu; Sameer M. Saikh; Reza Erfani; Pedram Mohseni

Time-Skew Estimation for Random Sampling Sequence Time-Interleaved ADCs

Armia Salib; Mark F. Flanagan; Barry Cardiff

A 0.45 pJ/b, 6.4 Gb/s Forwarded-Clock Receiver With DLL-Based Self-Tracking Loop for Unmatched Memory Interfaces

Soyeong Shin; Han-Gon Ko; Chan-Ho Kye; Sang-Yoon Lee; Jaekwang Yun; Doobock Lee; Hae-Kang Jung; Suhwan Kim; Deog-Kyoon Jeong

A 2nd-Order Noise-Shaping SAR ADC With Lossless Dynamic Amplifier Assisted Integrator

Yanbo Zhang; Shubin Liu; Binbin Tian; Yan Zhu; Chi-Hang Chan; Zhangming Zhu

A Frequency-Reconfigurable CMOS Active Phase Shifter for 5G mm-Wave Applications

Yitong Xiong; Xiaoping Zeng; Junbing Li

Untrimmed BGR of 1.1% 3σ Based on Dynamic-Biased Op Amp With Reduced Voff

Jayol Lee; Cheon-Soo Kim; Jang Hong Choi; Ki Su Kim; Bon Tae Koo

A Programmable On-Chip Reference Oscillator With Slow-Wave Coplanar Waveguide in 14-nm FinFET CMOS

Jeongho Hwang; Sang-Hyeok Chu; Gyu-Seob Jeong; Yeojoon Youn; Wooseok Kim; Taeik Kim; Deog-Kyoon Jeong

A W-Band 6-Bit Phase Shifter With 7 dB Gain and 1.35° RMS Phase Error in 130 nm SiGe BiCMOS

Huanbo Li; Jixin Chen; Debin Hou; Wei Hong

A Switchless SiGe BiCMOS Bidirectional Amplifier for Wideband Radar Applications

Can Çalışkan; Melik Yazıcı; Mehmet Kaynak; Yasar Gurbuz

Quasi-Reflectionless Microstrip Bandpass Filters Using Bandstop Filter for Out-of-Band Improvement

Cong Luo; Sai-Wai Wong; Jing-Yu Lin; Yang Yang; Yin Li; Xu-Zhou Yu; Lin-Ping Feng; Zhi-Hong Tu; Lei Zhu

The Unpredictability Analysis of Boolean Chaos

Lishuang Gong; Jianguo Zhang; Luxiao Sang; Haifang Liu; Yuncai Wang

A Framework for the Lower Bound on the BER of DCSK Systems Over Multi-Path Nakagami-m Fading Channels

Mohamed Dawa; Georges Kaddoum; Marijan Herceg

A 12.5 Gb/s 1.93 pJ/Bit Optical Receiver Exploiting Silicon Photonic Delay Lines for Clock Phases Generation Replacement

Bahaa Radi; Mohammadreza Sanadgol Nezami; Michaël Ménard; Frederic Nabki; Odile Liboiron-Ladouceur

Efficient VLSI Architectures for Coupled-Layered Regenerating Codes

Xinmiao Zhang; Zhenshan Xie

Hairpin Resonators in Varactor-Tuned Microstrip Bandpass Filters

Alexander Zakharov; Sergii Rozenko; Sergii Litvintsev; Mykhailo Ilchenko

Toward Understanding the Return Path Capacitance in Capacitive Human Body Communication

Mayukh Nath; Shovan Maity; Shreyas Sen

Wideband Bandpass Filtering Balun With Perfect In-Band Matching and Isolation

Weijuan Chen; Yongle Wu; Weimin Wang

Analysis of the Effect of Switch Parasitic Resistance and Capacitance on N-Path Filters Using State Space Representation

Erez Zolkov; Emanuel Cohen

A Pulse-Modulated Polar Transmitter Using Direct Digital Synthesis for 5G NR Mobile Applications

You-Huei Chen; Tzu-Han Wang; Shu-Chen Lin; Jau-Horng Chen; Yi-Jan Emery Chen

An Ultra Low Power Integrated Radio TX Link Supplied From a Switched Capacitor DC–DC Converter in 65-nm CMOS Achieving 2 Mbps

Ramy Rady; Hakan Dogan; Mustafa Aktan; Shady Ashraf Mohammed; Mehmet Tamer Ozgun

Analysis of Switched Capacitor Losses in Polar and Quadrature Switched Capacitor PAs

Joep Zanen; Eric Klumperink; Bram Nauta

Wideband Planar Phased Array Antenna Based on Artificial Magnetic Conductor Surface

Suyang Shi; Peigang Yang; Wenjie Feng; Lei Zhou; Qing Lu; Wenjun Chen; Wenquan Che

Planar Wideband High-Selectivity Impedance-Transforming Differential Bandpass Filter With Deep Common-Mode Suppression

Weijuan Chen; Yongle Wu; Weimin Wang

FPGA-Accelerated Hash Join Operation for Relational Databases

Mei-Ting Xue; Qian-Jian Xing; Chen Feng; Feng Yu; Zhen-Guo Ma

Efficient Expectation Propagation Massive MIMO Detector With Neumann-Series Approximation

Xiaosi Tan; Weihong Xu; Yaping Zhang; Zaichen Zhang; Xiaohu You; Chuan Zhang

Miniaturized Single-Ended-to-Balanced Arbitrary Four-Section Coupled-Line Coupler With Inherent Impedance Matching

Weimin Wang; Yana Zheng; Yongle Wu

Semi-Supervised Learning Based on Hybrid Neural Network for the Signal Integrity Analysis

Siyu Chen; Jienan Chen; Tingrui Zhang; Shuwu Wei

Design of QCA-Serial Parallel Multiplier (QSPM) With Energy Dissipation Analysis

Ali Newaz Bahar; Khan A. Wahid

Quad-Mode LTCC Surface Mounted Packaging Common-Mode Filter Based on the Asymmetric Short-Stub Loaded Resonator

Yongrong Shi; Peng Zhou; Wenjie Feng; Yifan Guo; Wanchun Tang

On the Workload Dependence of Self-Heating in FinFET Circuits

Victor M. Van Santen; Hussam Amrouch; Pooja Kumari; Jörg Henkel

Global Fixed-Time Output Feedback Stabilization for a Class of Double Integrator Systems

Yuxin Su; Chunhong Zheng

Observer Design for Discrete-Time Nonlinear Systems Using the Stability Radii Theory

Jesús D. Avilés; Jaime A. Moreno

Multi-Agent Bipartite Tracking Control Over General Cooperative-Hostile Networks

Lei Shi

Event-Based Robust Synchronization of Boolean Control Networks

Chen Ouyang; Lulu Li

Adaptive Control for Nonlinear Systems With Uncertain Output Function and Unknown Homogenous Growth Rate

Junyong Zhai

Suppressing Epidemic Spreading by Imitating Hub Nodes’ Strategy

Hai-Feng Zhang; Zhen Wang

Collision-Free Formation Control for Multi-Agent Systems With Dynamic Mapping

Yutong Liu; Peng Shi; Cheng-Chew Lim

Observability of Boolean Networks With Redundant Channels

Fangfei Li; Daniel W. C. Ho

Multiple Line-Outage Detection in Power System With Load Stochastic Perturbations

Shihao Nie; Li Ding; Wenqu Li

Low Noise ZVS Switch Sharing Multichannel Switching Amplifier for Magnetic Bearing Applications

Hsin-Che Hsieh; Anh Dung Nguyen; Jih-Sheng Lai

Robust Hybrid Control Design for Stochastic Markovian Jump System via Fault Alarm Approach

Rathinasamy Sakthivel; H. Divya; Ramalingam Sakthivel; Yurong Liu

A Negative Embedded Differential Mode Γ-Source Inverter With Reduced Switching Spikes

Reddiprasad Reddivari; Debashisha Jena

A Modified Fixed Current-Mode Controller for Improved Performance in Quadratic Boost Converters

Chok-You Chan; Satyajit Chincholkar; Wentao Jiang

The Bipartite Consensus for Multi-Agent Systems With Matrix-Weight-Based Signed Network

Housheng Su; Jinhe Chen; Yucheng Yang; Zhihai Rong

A Robust Decentralized PID Controller Based on Complementary Sensitivity Function for a Multivariable System

Soumya Ranjan Mahapatro; Bidyadhar Subudhi

Finite-Time Consensus for Linear Multi-Agent Systems Using Data-Driven Terminal ILC

Xuhui Bu; Panpan Zhu; Zhongsheng Hou; Jiaqi Liang

A Novel Double-Quadrant SoC Consistent Adaptive Droop Control in DC Microgrids

Dezhi Xu; Anjie Xu; Chengshun Yang; Peng Shi

Asynchronous Observer-Based Control for Exponential Stabilization of Markov Jump Systems

Meng Zhang; Chao Shen; Zheng-Guang Wu

Hybrid 7-Level Boost Active-Neutral-Point- Clamped (H-7L-BANPC) Inverter

Sze Sing Lee; Chee Shen Lim; Yam P. Siwakoti; Kyo-Beum Lee

A Switched Capacitor Voltage Converter With Exponentially Sized Capacitor Banks for Wide Load Range

Syed Asmat Ali Shah; Saad Arslan; Jae-Jin Lee; Bo-Seok Seo; Hyungwon Kim

Fixed-Time Bipartite Consensus Tracking of Fractional-Order Multi-Agent Systems With a Dynamic Leader

Ping Gong; Qing-Long Han

Reinforcement Learning-Based Control of Nonlinear Systems Using Lyapunov Stability Concept and Fuzzy Reward Scheme

Ming Chen; Hak Keung Lam; Qian Shi; Bo Xiao

Effects of Measurement Noise on Flocking Dynamics of Cucker–Smale Systems

Duxin Chen; Wang Li; Xiaolu Liu; Wenwu Yu;

A 93.4% Efficiency 8-mV Offset Voltage Constant On-Time Buck Converter With an Offset Cancellation Technique

Robert Chen-Hao Chang; Wei-Chih Chen; Jerry Kuei-Shou Huang

Double-Line Frequency Ripple Suppression of a Quasi-Single Stage AC–DC Converter

Ping Yang; Jin Cao; Zerong Shang; Yaping Cai; Jianping Xu

Finite-Time Time-Variant Feedback Stabilization of Logical Control Networks With Markov Jump Disturbances

Xueying Ding; Haitao Li

Continuous Finite-Time Integral Sliding Mode Control for Attitude Stabilization

Lei Wang; Zhuoyue Song; Xiangdong Liu; Zhen Li; Tyrone Fernando; Herbert H. C. Iu

Digital Valley V2 Control for Boost Converter With Fast Load-Transient Performance

Guohua Zhou; Guihua Mao; Shuhan Zhou; Zhilei Li; Minrui Leng

Stochastic Distributed Pinning Control for Co-Multi-Inverter Networks With a Virtual Leader

Jingang Lai; Xiaoqing Lu; Antonello Monti; Guo-Ping Liu

An Improved Stability Criterion for Digital Filters With Generalized Overflow Arithmetic and Time-Varying Delay

Chuan-Ke Zhang; Ke-You Xie; Yong He; Qing-Guo Wang; Min Wu

Event-Triggered Control of a Class of Nonlinear Systems on the Basis of Indefinite Lyapunov Theory

Hamid Reza Ghazisaeedi; Mohammad Saleh Tavazoei

Hot-Swappable Grid-Connected Multilevel Converter for Battery Energy Storage System

Chin-Chan Cheng; Jun-Ting Gao; Kuo-Yuan Lo

Highly Parallel Vector Radix FFT for High Throughput Video Applications

Supriya Unnikrishnan; G. Sreelekha

Low-Area and Low-Power Latch-Based Thermometer-Code Shift-Register

Ki-Chan Woo; Hyeong-Ju Kang; Byung-Do Yang

A Reinforcement Learning-Based Markov-Decision Process (MDP) Implementation for SRAM FPGAs

Aiwu Ruan; Aokai Shi; Liang Qin; Shiyang Xu; Yifan Zhao

A Low-Error, Memory-Based Fast Binary Logarithmic Converter

Biswabandhu Jana; Avishek Sinha Roy; Goutam Saha; Swapna Banerjee

A Fully Synthesizable Ultra- ${N}$ Audio Frequency Multiplier for HDMI Applications

Pao-Lung Chen

A Circuit-Level Amoeba-Inspired SAT Solver

Naoki Takeuchi; Masashi Aono; Yuko Hara-Azumi; Christopher L. Ayala

Stochastic Mixed-PR: A Stochastically-Tunable Low-Error Adder

Ardalan Najafi; Alberto Garcia-Ortiz

A Real-Time Flexible Telecommunication Decoding Architecture Using FPGA Partial Reconfiguration

Longyu Ma; Chiu-Wing Sham; Jing Sun; Raul Valencia Tenorio

Energy-Efficient Data-Aware SRAM Design Utilizing Column-Based Data Encoding

Anh Tuan Do; Seyed Mohammad Ali Zeinolabedin; Tony Tae-Hyoung Kim

Adaptive Body Bias Aware Implementation for Ultra-Low-Voltage Designs in 22FDX Technology

Sebastian Höppner; Holger Eisenreich; Dennis Walter; Andre Scharfe; Alexander Oefelein; Florian Schraut; Jörg Schreiter; Thorsten Riedel; Heiner Bauer; Robert Niebsch; Stephan Scherzer; Thomas Hocker; Stefan Scholze; Stephan Henker; Matthias Nossmann; Ulrich Hensel; Helmut Prengel

Improving Resistive RAM Hard and Soft Decision Correctable BERs by Using Improved-LLR and Reset-Check-Reverse-Flag Concatenating LDPC Code

Sheyang Ning

An Ultimate-Shannon-Limit-Approaching Gbps Throughput Encoder/Decoder System

S. Jiang; P. W. Zhang; F. C. M. Lau; C.-W. Sham

A Highly Synthesizable 0.5-to-1.0-V Digital Low-Dropout Regulator With Adaptive Clocking and Incremental Regulation Scheme

Jonghyun Oh; Jun-Eun Park; Deog-Kyoon Jeong

Multiresolution Multiplex Network for Analyzing Multichannel Fluid Flow Signals

Zhongke Gao; Xiaolin Hong; Weidong Dang; Linhua Hou; Mingxu Liu

Comparative Study of Riemann–Liouville and Caputo Derivative Definitions in Time-Domain Analysis of Fractional-Order Capacitor

Yanwei Jiang; Bo Zhang

A Symbolic Dynamics Approach to Trellis-Coded Chaotic Modulation

Carlos E. C. Souza; Cecilio Pimentel; Daniel P. B. Chaves

Synchronization of Chaotic-Oscillation Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generators Networks via Adaptive Impulsive Control

Darui Zhu; Rui Wang; Chongxin Liu; Jiandong Duan

Cooperative Output Regulation of Heterogeneous Multi-Agent Systems With Adaptive Edge-Event-Triggered Strategies

Bin Cheng; Zhongkui Li; Xiangke Wang

Security of Public-Key Cryptosystems Based on Chebyshev Polynomials Over Z/pkZ

Daisaburo Yoshioka

Vulnerability Assessment of Power Grids Against Link-Based Attacks

Cunlai Pu; Pang Wu; Yongxiang Xia

Traffic Dynamics Evaluation for the Future NFV Deployment

Zhongyuan Jiang; Xi Chen; Jianfeng Ma; Yasheng Zhang; Jujuan Gu

Innovative DOA Estimation Algorithm Based on Lyapunov Theory

Giovanni Piccinni; Franco Torelli; Gianfranco Avitabile

Noise-Free Maximum Correntropy Criterion Algorithm in Non-Gaussian Environment

Wanlu Shi; Yingsong Li; Yanyan Wang

Recursive Constrained Maximum Correntropy Criterion Algorithm for Adaptive Filtering

Guobing Qian; Xiaohan Ning; Shiyuan Wang

Ultrasonic Time Delay Difference Estimation With Analytic Signals and a Model System

Sebastian Maaß; Matthias Laukner

Generalized Correntropy Induced Metric Memory-Improved Proportionate Affine Projection Sign Algorithm and Its Combination

Guoliang Li; Hongbin Zhang; Ji Zhao

Steady-State Mean-Square Performance Analysis of the Affine Projection Sign Algorithm

Zongsheng Zheng; Zhigang Liu

A Kernel Affine Projection-Like Algorithm in Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Space

Qishuai Wu; Yingsong Li; Yuriy V. Zakharov; Wei Xue; Wanlu Shi

A Hybrid Reducing Error Correcting Output Code for Lithology Identification

Xi Chen; Weihua Cao; Chao Gan; Wenkai Hu; Min Wu

An Improved Kalman Filter With Adaptive Estimate of Latency Probability

Zhao Wang; Yulong Huang; Yonggang Zhang; Guangle Jia; Jonathon Chambers

An Incremental Variable Step-Size LMS Algorithm for Adaptive Networks

Muhammad Omer Bin Saeed; Azzedine Zerguine

Regularized Deep Transfer Learning: When CNN Meets kNN

Shanshan Wang; Lei Zhang

An Adaptive Upper Threshold Based Gain Function for the ZA-PNLMS Algorithm

Rajib Lochan Das; Vishwas Trivedi

A Variable Step-Size Robust Saturation Algorithm Against Impulsive Noises

Junwoong Hur; Minho Lee; Dongwoo Kim; Poogyeon Park

Complex-Valued Adaptive Filtering Based on the Random Fourier Features Method

Kui Xiong; Yu Zhang; Shiyuan Wang

Tracking Analysis of Gaussian Kernel Signed Error Algorithm for Time-Variant Nonlinear Systems

Wei Gao; Meiru Song; Jie Chen

Minimum Correlation Estimation of Leakage and Echo Signals for FMCW Radar

Xinyu Dao; Min Gao; Kaibai Chen

A Novel Compact Isolation Circuit Suitable for Ultracompact and Wideband Marchand Baluns

Hee-Ran Ahn; Manos M. Tentzeris