An 8-Bit 2.1-mW 350-MS/s SAR ADC With 1.5 b/cycle Redundancy in 65-nm CMOS

Dengquan Li; Maliang Liu; Lei Zhao; Henghui Mao; Ruixue Ding; Zhangming Zhu

A Highly Linear 10-Bit DAC of Data Driver IC Using Source Degeneration Load for Active Matrix Flat-Panel Displays

Jun-Seok Na; Seong-Kwan Hong; Oh-Kyong Kwon

Reshuffled Diagonal Rotated Walk Switching Scheme for DAC INL Reduction

Mikhail S. Yenuchenko; Mikhail M. Pilipko

A Resistive Degeneration Technique for Linearizing Open-Loop Amplifiers

Md Shakil Akter; Rohan Sehgal; Klaas Bult

A Compact Calibration Model for Linearizing CMOS Sample-and-Hold Circuits

Yanqing Li; Yuan Zhou; Yun Chiu

360 nW Gate-Driven Ultra-Low Voltage CMOS Linear Transconductor With 1 MHz Bandwidth and Wide Input Range

Hector D. Rico-Aniles; Jaime Ramirez-Angulo; Antonio J. Lopez-Martin; Ramon G. Carvajal

A Dividerless Ring Oscillator PLL With 250fs Integrated Jitter Using Sampled Lowpass Filter

Kevin Grout; Jennifer Kitchen

A DLL-Based Quadrature Clock Generator With a 3-Stage Quad Delay Unit Using the Sub-Range Phase Interpolator for Low-Jitter and High-Phase Accuracy DRAM Applications

Youngbog Yoon; Hyunsu Park; Chulwoo Kim

A Low-Voltage Robust Class-C VCO With Dual Digital Feedback Loops

Xufeng Liao; Lianxi Liu

Design and Realization of High-Speed Low-Noise Multi-Loop Skew-Based ROs Optimized for Even/Odd Multi-Phase Signals

Neeraj Mishra; Lalit M. Dani; Kunal Sanvaniya; S. Dasgupta; S. Chakraborty; Anand Bulusu

Compact Wide-Stopband Dual-Band Balanced Filter Using an Electromagnetically Coupled SIR Pair With Controllable Transmission Zeros and Bandwidths

Jiaming Tang; Haiwen Liu; Yang Yang

A Compact Substrate Integrated Waveguide Cavity-Backed Self-Triplexing Antenna

Amjad Iqbal; Marwa Ammar Selmi; Lway Faisal Abdulrazak; Omar A. Saraereh; Nazih Khaddaj Mallat; Amor Smida

A Novel Envelope Detector Based on Unipolar Metal-Oxide TFTs

Yuming Xu; Bin Li; Sunbin Deng; Yuning Qin; Houbo Fan; Wei Zhong; Yuan Liu; Zhaohui Wu; Fion Sze Yan Yeung; Man Wong; Hoi Sing Kwok; Rongsheng Chen

Design and Implementation of a Wideband, Highly-Efficient, High-Power Amplifier Using Load-Pull and X-Parameters Models

Hamid Taleb-Alhagh Nia; Sayyed-Hossein Javid-Hosseini; Vahid Nayyeri

Compact and Wideband Octuple-Mode Filter Based on Hybrid Substrate Integrated Waveguide and Spoof Localized Surface Plasmon Structure

Zhang-Biao Yang; Dong-Fang Guan; Xianjun Huang; Hao Chi Zhang; Peng You; Shen-Da Xu; Li Liu; Shao-Wei Yong

An 18-nA Ultra-Low-Current Resistor-Less Bandgap Reference for 2.8 V–4.5 V High Voltage Supply Li-Ion-Battery-Based LSIs

Shimeng Wang; Philip K. T. Mok

Fast Digital Clock Calibration of a Differential 6.4 Gb/s/pin Bidirectional Asymmetric Memory Interface

Nico Angeli; Klaus Hofmann

Low-Power Small-Area Inverter-Based DSM for MEMS Microphone

Seong-Eun Cho; Byungsub Kim; Jae-Yoon Sim; Hong-June Park

A 7.1-GHz 0.7-mW Programmable Counter With Fast EOC Generation in 65-nm CMOS

Indranil Som; Santunu Sarangi; T. K. Bhattacharyya

Wideband and Miniaturized Forward-Wave Directional Coupler Using Periodical Parallel Plates and Vertical Meander Lines

Xin Yi; Yongrong Shi; Zhengyong Yu; Xingcheng Qian

Continuous Class-F Power Amplifier Using Quasi-Elliptic Low-Pass Filtering Matching Network

Sepehr Zarghami; Mohsen Hayati; Marian K. Kazimierczuk; Hiroo Sekiya

A Tunable Concurrent Dual-Band Phase Shifter MMIC for Beam Steering Applications

Yitong Xiong; Xiaoping Zeng; Junging Li

Front-End Blocks of a W-Band Dicke Radiometer in SiGe BiCMOS Technology

Berktug Ustundag; Esref Turkmen; Abdurrahman Burak; Berke Gungor; Hamza Kandis; Barbaros Cetindogan; Melik Yazici; Mehmet Kaynak; Yasar Gurbuz

An RF Choke-Less Class E Power Amplifier

Gagan Deep Singh; Nagarjuna Nallam

Chopper-Stabilized Low-Noise Multipath Operational Amplifier With Dual Ripple Rejection Loops

Hyungseup Kim; Kwonsang Han; Jaesung Kim; Donggeun You; Hyunwoo Heo; Yongsu Kwon; Choul-Young Kim; Hi-Deok Lee; Hyoungho Ko

An Indoor Photovoltaic Energy Harvester Using Time-Based MPPT and On-Chip Photovoltaic Cell

Ming-Chia Chang; Shen-Iuan Liu

A Self-Packaged Power Divider With Compact Size and Low Loss

Ting Feng; Kaixue Ma; Yongqiang Wang

A Mixed-Signal RF Pulse Width Modulator With High Time Resolution Utilizing Passive Delay Lines

Yannis Papananos; Kostas Galanopoulos; Nikolaos Alexiou; Franz Dielacher

High Selectivity Dual-Wideband Balun Filter Utilizing a Multimode T-line Loaded Middle-Shorted CSRR

Xing Zeng; Xiaojun Bi; Zilan Cao; Ruichen Wan; Qinfen Xu

A 28–30 GHz CMOS Reflection-Type Phase Shifter With Full 360° Phase Shift Range

Ali Basaligheh; Parvaneh Saffari; Soroush Rasti Boroujeni; Igor Filanovsky; Kambiz Moez

Scaled Nested Key Equation Solver for Generalized Integrated Interleaved Decoder

Zhenshan Xie; Xinmiao Zhang

A Multilevel Code-Shifted Differential Chaos Shift Keying System With Reference Diversity

Yazhen Lu; Meiyuan Miao; Lin Wang; Weikai Xu

Balanced-to-Balanced Diplexer and Quadruplexer With High Selectivity and Wide CM Suppression

Feng Wei; Xing Yu Cheng; Ya Xin Liu; Xiao Wei Shi

An Unfolded Pipelined Polar Decoder With Hybrid Number Representations for Multi-User MIMO Systems

Shan Cao; Hu Zheng; Ting Lin; Shunqing Zhang; Shugong Xu

NGD Analysis of Turtle-Shape Microstrip Circuit

Fayu Wan; Ningdong Li; Blaise Ravelo; Nour Mohammad Murad; Wenceslas Rahajandraibe

Design of Compact Coupled-Line Complex Impedance Transformers With the Series Susceptance Component

Shaojun Fang; Xiao Jia; Hongmei Liu; Zhongbao Wang

Analysis, Simulation, and Implementation of Dual-Band Filtering Power Divider Based on Terminated Coupled Lines

Ali Sajadi; Akram Sheikhi; Abdolali Abdipour

High Data Rate Discrete-Cosine-Spreading Aided M-Ary Differential Chaos Shift Keying Scheme With Low PAPR

Zuwei Chen; Lin Zhang; Zhiqiang Wu

Dual-Band Branch-Line Couplers With Short/Open-Ended Stubs

Wenjie Feng; Xiwen Duan; Yongrong Shi; Xin Yu Zhou; Wenquan Che

High-Throughput Parallel SRAM-Based Hash Join Architecture on FPGA

Wen-Qi Wu; Mei-Ting Xue; Tian-Qi Zhu; Zhen-Guo Ma; Feng Yu

Model Order Reduction Based on Dynamic Relative Gain Array for MIMO Systems

Weimeng Liang; Hai-Bao Chen; Guanghui He; Jie Chen

Optimization of Combined Power and Modeling Attacks on VR PUFs With Lagrange Multipliers

Weize Yu

Sparse Undetectable Sensor Attacks Against Cyber-Physical Systems: A Subspace Approach

Zhengen Zhao; Yuzhe Li; Ying Yang; Linlin Li; Yunsong Xu; Jing Zhou

Experimental Investigation of Recurrent Neural Network Fractional-Order Sliding Mode Control of Active Power Filter

Juntao Fei; Huan Wang

Negative Reactance Impacts Power Flow Convergence Using Conjugate Gradient Method

Tao Ding; Ming Qu; Jiawen Bai; Fangxing Li

Terminal-Time Synchronization of Multiple Vehicles Under Discrete-Time Communication Networks With Directed Switching Topologies

Jialing Zhou; Xiongjun Wu; Yuezu Lv; Guanghui Wen

Lyapunov Functions for the Set Stability and the Synchronization of Boolean Control Networks

Bingquan Chen; Jinde Cao; Guoping Lu; Leszek Rutkowski

Further Result on Interval Observer Design for Discrete-Time Switched Systems and Application to Circuit Systems

Jun Huang; Xiang Ma; Haochi Che; Zhengzhi Han

A Robust [K,KL] Sector for Nonlinear System

Ankit Sachan; Shyam Kamal; Xinghuo Yu; Devender Singh; Xiangong Xiong

Continuous Nonsingular Terminal Sliding Mode Control of DC–DC Boost Converters Subject to Time-Varying Disturbances

Zuo Wang; Shihua Li; Qi Li

An Adaptive Partial Feedback Linearizing Control Scheme: An Application to a Single Machine Infinite Bus System

T. K. Roy; M. A. Mahmud; W. X. Shen; Amanullah M. T. Oo

Behavior Analysis of Directed Signed Networks Under Dynamic Protocols

Yuxin Wu; Deyuan Meng

High Gain Active Neutral Point Clamped Seven-Level Self-Voltage Balancing Inverter

M. Jagabar Sathik; N. Sandeep; Frede Blaabjerg

Feedback Dissipativity and Stabilization for Switched Positive Systems With a Combined Switching Law

Peng Wang; Jun Zhao

A Novel AC Current Sensorless Hysteresis Control for Grid-Tie Inverters

Roopa Viswadev; Arjun Mudlapur; Vanjari Venkata Ramana; B. Venkatesaperumal; Sukumar Mishra

Some Necessary and Sufficient Conditions on the Controllability of Star Networks

Yuqing Hao; Qingyun Wang; Zhisheng Duan

Fast DC-Bias Current Control of Dual Active Bridge Converters With Feedforward Compensation

Zhendong Ji; Qiantong Wang; Dongye Li; Yichao Sun

A Power Management System for Microbial Fuel Cells With 53.02% Peak End-to-End Efficiency

Ridvan Umaz

Matrix Inductor With DC-Bias Effect Reduction Capability for GaN-Based DC-DC Boost Converter

Anh Dung Nguyen; Cheng-Wei Chen; Jih-Sheng Lai; Yu-Chen Liu

Bipartite Consensus for Descriptor Multiagent Systems With Antagonistic Interactions

Liping Zhang; Guoshan Zhang

Implicit-Euler Implementation of Super-Twisting Observer and Twisting Controller for Second-Order Systems

Xiaogang Xiong; Ryo Kikuuwe; Shyam Kamal; Shanhai Jin

A Robust Shipboard DC-DC Power Converter Control: Concept Analysis and Experimental Results

Mahdi Mosayebi; Mohammad Hassan Khooban

Over-Current Protection for Power Packet Dispatching System

C. M. F. S. Reza; Dylan Lu

Quantized Fuzzy Finite-Time Control for Nonlinear Semi-Markov Switching Systems

Wenhai Qi; Meng Gao; Choon Ki Ahn; Jinde Cao; Jun Cheng; Lihua Zhang

The Infimum on Laplacian Eigenvalues of a Connected Extended Graph: An Edge-Grafting Perspective

Xiaoling Wang; Housheng Su; Xiaofan Wang

Finite-Time Consensus for Power Regulation of Parallel PV Grid-Connected Inverters

Peng Zhang; Guorong Zhang; Haibo Du

Sequential Parallel Switching for Drain-Source Synchronous Rectification Efficiency Boost in Parallel Switch Rectifiers

Oscar Yu; Cheng-Wei Chen; Chih-Shen Yeh; Jih-Sheng Lai

Hierarchical Average-Tracking Algorithm for Multiagent Systems With Unmatched Constant References Signals

Cheng-Lin Liu; Liang Shan; Ya Zhang; Yang-Yang Chen; Jun Li

Non-Fragile Fault Alarm-Based Hybrid Control for the Attitude Quadrotor Model With Actuator Saturation

S. Harshavarthini; S. Selvi; R. Sakthivel; Dhafer J. Almakhles

Hyperbolic CORDIC-Based Architecture for Computing Logarithm and Its Implementation

Hui Chen; Kaifeng Cheng; Zhonghai Lu; Yuxiang Fu; Li Li

Non-Intrusive Online Distributed Pulse Shrinking-Based Interconnect Testing in 2.5D IC

Tianming Ni; Hao Chang; Tai Song; Qi Xu; Zhengfeng Huang; Huaguo Liang; Aibin Yan; Xiaoqing Wen

Modular Pipeline Architecture for Accelerating Join Operation in RDBMS

Weijie Chen; Weijun Li; Feng Yu

Hardware Implementation of an Improved Stochastic Computing Based Deep Neural Network Using Short Sequence Length

Haifei Xiong; Muhammad Abu bakar; Guanghui He

A 6.84 Gbps/lane MIPI C-PHY Transceiver Bridge Chip With Level-Dependent Equalization

Pil-Ho Lee; Young-Chan Jang

A Cost-Aware Framework for Lifetime Reliability of TSV-Based 3D-IC Design

Raviteja P. Reddy; Amit Acharyya; Saqib Khursheed

ASIC Design and Power Characterization of Standard and Low Power Multi-Radix Trivium

J. M. Mora-Gutiérrez; C. J. Jiménez-Fernández; M. Valencia-Barrero

An Energy Efficient Level Shifter Capable of Logic Conversion From Sub-15 mV to 1.2 V

Even Låte; Trond Ytterdal; Snorre Aunet

Optimizing Hardware Accelerated General Matrix-Matrix Multiplication for CNNs on FPGAs

Afzal Ahmad; Muhammad Adeel Pasha

Low-Energy and Fast Spiking Neural Network For Context-Dependent Learning on FPGA

Hajar Asgari; Babak Mazloom-Nezhad Maybodi; Melika Payvand; Mostafa Rahimi Azghadi

SIBAM—Sign Inclusive Broken Array Multiplier Design for Error Tolerant Applications

Avishek Sinha Roy; Anindya Sundar Dhar

A Slew Rate Enhanced 2 x VDD I/O Buffer With Precharge Timing Technique

Tzung-Je Lee; Ssu-Wei Huang; Chua-Chin Wang

Tropical Reservoir Computing Hardware

Fabio Galán-Prado; J. Font-Rosselló; Josep L. Rosselló

Open DNN Box by Power Side-Channel Attack

Yun Xiang; Zhuangzhi Chen; Zuohui Chen; Zebin Fang; Haiyang Hao; Jinyin Chen; Yi Liu; Zhefu Wu; Qi Xuan; Xiaoniu Yang

Schottky Diode Large-Signal Equivalent-Circuit Parameters Extraction for High-Efficiency Microwave Rectifying Circuit Design

Qiang Chen; Xing Chen; Haotian Cai; Fangyuan Chen

Design Method for RF Energy Harvesting Rectifiers

Salatiel García-Moreno; Marco A. Gurrola-Navarro; Carlos A. Bonilla-Barragán; Israel Mejía

Dismantling and Vertex Cover of Network Through Message Passing

Dawei Zhao; Shumian Yang; Xiaohui Han; Shuhui Zhang; Zhen Wang

Modeling and Understanding Ethereum Transaction Records via a Complex Network Approach

Dan Lin; Jiajing Wu; Qi Yuan; Zibin Zheng

Global Asymptotic Stability of 2-D Digital Filters With a Saturation Operator on the State-Space

V. Krishna Rao Kandanvli; Haranath Kar

Projection Recurrent Neural Network Model: A New Strategy to Solve Maximum Flow Problem

Mohammad Eshaghnezhad; Sohrab Effati; Freydoon Rahbarnia

Nonlinear Analysis of PLL Damping Characteristics in Weak-Grid-Tied Inverters

Jiantao Zhao; Meng Huang; Xiaoming Zha

Design of Nonlinear Filters Using Affine Projection Algorithm Based Exact and Approximate Adaptive Exponential Functional Link Networks

Trisrota Deb; Dwaipayan Ray; Nithin V. George

Intermediate-Variable-Based Estimation for FDI Attacks in Cyber-Physical Systems

Jing Zhou; Bo Chen; Li Yu

RF and Microwave Fractional Differentiator Based on Photonics

Mengxi Tan; Xingyuan Xu; Bill Corcoran; Jiayang Wu; Andreas Boes; Thach G. Nguyen; Sai T. Chu; Brent E. Little; Roberto Morandotti; Arnan Mitchell; David J. Moss

Recursive Minimum Kernel Mixture Mean p-Power Error Algorithm Based on the Nyström Method

Tao Zhang; Fuliang He; Zhi Zheng; Shiyuan Wang

Oversampled DFT-Modulated Biorthogonal Filter Banks: Perfect Reconstruction Designs and Multiplierless Approximations

Wallace A. Martins; Mysore R. Bhavani Shankar; Björn Ottersten

Variable Step-Size Affine Projection Maximum Correntropy Criterion Adaptive Filter With Correntropy Induced Metric for Sparse System Identification

Haiquan Zhao; Bing Liu; Pucha Song

A New Parametric Adaptive Source Domain Method for Sound Field Synthesis

Y. J. Chu; S. C. Chan; Y. Zhou; M. Wu

A Parallel Kernelized Data-Reusing Maximum Correntropy Algorithm

Qishuai Wu; Yingsong Li; Wei Xue

A Separable Maximum Correntropy Adaptive Algorithm

Wanlu Shi; Yingsong Li; Badong Chen

Reliable Domain Adaptation With Classifiers Competition for Image Classification

Jingru Fu; Lei Zhang