A 13.56 MHz Current-Mode Wireless Power Receiver With Energy-Investment Capability

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A Two-Stage Switched-Capacitor Integrator for High Gain Inverter-Like Architectures

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A 60 nV/ √ Hz <0.01%-THD ±200 mV-DC-Rejection Bio-Sensing Chopper Amplifier With Noise-Nonlinearity-Cancelling Loop

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A 10.4-Gb/s 1-Tap Decision Feedback Equalizer With Different Pull-Up and Pull-Down Tap Weights for Asymmetric Memory Interfaces

Joo-Hyung Chae; Minchang Kim; Sungphil Choi; Suhwan Kim

Analysis of Class-F Power Amplifiers With a Second-Harmonic Input Voltage Manipulation

Chang Liu

A Folded Voltage-Combiners Biased Amplifier for Low Voltage and High Energy-Efficiency Applications

Ricardo Póvoa; Nuno Lourenço; Ricardo Martins; António Canelas; Nuno Horta; João Goes

A Wide Dynamic Range Multi-Mode Band-Pass Continuous-Time Delta–Sigma Modulator Employing Single-Opamp Resonator With Positive Resistor-Feedback

Susie Kim; Cyuyeol Rhee; Suhwan Kim

An Adaptive Impedance Matching Transmitter for a Wireless Intraoral Tongue-Controlled Assistive Technology

Fanpeng Kong; Maysam Ghovanloo; Gregory D. Durgin

0.3-V RC -to-Digital Converter Using a Negative Charge-Pump Switch

Ki-Chan Woo; Byung-Do Yang

A Power-Delay and Area Efficient Voltage Level Shifter Based on a Reflected-Output Wilson Current Mirror Level Shifter

Saeideh Kabirpour; Mohsen Jalali

A CMOS-Imager-Pixel-Based Temperature Sensor for Dark Current Compensation

Shuang Xie; Accel Abarca Prouza; Albert Theuwissen

Dual-Band Millimeter-Wave Quadrature LO Generation With a Common-Centroid Floorplan

Milad Frounchi; John D. Cressler

Design and Fabrication of an Ultra-Wide Stopband Compact Bandpass Filter

Akram Sheikhi; Abbas Alipour; Ali Mir

Dual-Band 3-Way Doherty Power Amplifier With Extended Back-Off Power and Bandwidth

Mingming Liu; Xiaohu Fang; Hai Huang; Slim Boumaiza

Hexa-Band Branch Line Coupler and Wilkinson Power Divider for LTE 0.7 GHz, LTE 1.7 GHz, LTE 2.6 GHz, 3.9 GHz, Public Safety Band 4.9 GHz, and WLAN 5.8 GHz Frequencies

Aijaz M. Zaidi; Mirza Tariq Beg; Binod K. Kanaujia; Karumudi Rambabu

Fiber-Fed Distributed Antenna System in an FPGA Software Defined Radio for 5G Demonstration

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Dual-Band Half Mode Substrate Integrated Waveguide Filter With Independently Tunable Bands

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Topology Identification of Multiplex Delayed Networks

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Higher Order Sliding Mode Control-Based Finite-Time Constrained Stabilization

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Voltage Stability Margin in DC Grids With CPLs: A Recursive Newton–Raphson Approximation

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A Further Study on Output Feedback H∞ Control for Discrete-Time Systems

Xiao-Heng Chang; Rong-Rong Liu; Ju H. Park

Moving Target Circular Formation Control of Multiple Non-Holonomic Vehicles Without Global Position Measurements

Xiuhui Peng; Kexin Guo; Zhiyong Geng

Cooperative Formation of Self-Propelled Vehicles With Directed Communications

Pengchun Rao; Xiang Li

A Novel Approach to Overcome the Limitations of Reliability Centered Maintenance Implementation on the Smart Grid Distance Protection System

Mehdi Rafiei; Mohammad-Hassan Khooban; Mosayeb Afshari Igder; Jalil Boudjadar

Global Nested PID Control of Strict-Feedback Nonlinear Systems With Prescribed Output and Virtual Tracking Performance

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Controller Designed via an Adaptive Reaching Law for DSMC Systems

Shuyi Lin; Weidong Zhang; Hao Wang

Event-Triggered Fault Detection and Isolation of Discrete-Time Systems Based on Geometric Technique

Hongjing Liang; Zhenxing Zhang; Choon Ki Ahn

Robust Output Regulation in Discrete-Time Singular Systems With Actuator Saturation and Uncertainties

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Frequency Limited Model Reduction Techniques for Discrete-Time Systems

Hamid Imtiaz Toor; Muhammad Imran; Abdul Ghafoor; Deepak Kumar; Victor Sreeram; Abdul Rauf

A High-Performance Energy Management System Based on Evolving Graph

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Over-Voltage Suppression Methods for the MMC-VSC-HVDC Wind Farm Integration System

Yingbiao Li; Jianbo Guo; Xi Zhang; Shanshan Wang; Shicong Ma; Bing Zhao; Guanglu Wu; Tiezhu Wang

A 2.4-GHz Mid-Field CMOS Wireless Power Receiver Achieving 46% Maximum PCE and 163-mW Output Power

Xiaofei Li; Yan Lu; Mo Huang; Rui P. Martins

Consensus in Fractional-Order Multi-Agent Systems With Intermittence Sampled Data Over Directed Networks

Yanyan Ye; Housheng Su; Jinhe Chen; Yaxin Peng

A Resource-Efficient Multiplierless Systolic Array Architecture for Convolutions in Deep Networks

Yashrajsinh Parmar; K. Sridharan

A 60 Gb/s-Level Coarse-Grained Reconfigurable Cryptographic Processor With Less Than 1-W Power

Chenchen Deng; Bo Wang; Leibo Liu; Min Zhu; Youyu Wu; Hui Li; Shouyi Yin; Shaojun Wei

AW-SOM, an Algorithm for High-Speed Learning in Hardware Self-Organizing Maps

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Energy and Error Analysis Framework for Approximate Computing in Mobile Applications

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A Simple Quasi-Static Compact Model of Bipolar ReRAM Memristive Devices

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Implementing Poincaré Sections for a Chaotic Relaxation Oscillator

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Sparse Estimator With ℓ0 -Norm Constraint Kernel Maximum-Correntropy-Criterion

Fei-Yun Wu; Kunde Yang; Yang Hu