A New High Drive Class-AB FVF-Based Second Generation Voltage Conveyor

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Exploring the Advantages of Single-Ended-Input CMOS Self-Biased Amplifiers

Fabian L. Cabrera

Time-Domain Operational Amplifier With Voltage-Controlled Oscillator and Its Application to Active-RC Analog Filter

Kyungmin Kim; Changsik Yoo

A 1.2-V Current-Mode RMS-to-DC Converter Based on a Novel Two-Quadrant Electronically Simulated MOS Translinear Loop

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Electronically Tunable Reflection Type Phase Shifters

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A Low-Power 40-Gb/s Pre-Emphasis PAM-4 Transmitter With Toggling Serializers

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Calibrating Amplifiers Nonlinearity Using Comparator-Based ADCs

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A Robust Bio-IA With Digitally Controlled DC-Servo Loop and Improved Pseudo-Resistor

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A 9.6 nW, 8-Bit, 100 S/s Envelope-to-Digital Converter for Respiratory Monitoring

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A Low Phase Noise, High Phase Accuracy Quadrature LC-VCO With Dual-Tail Current Biasing to Insert Reconfigurable Phase Delay

Na Xi; Fujiang Lin; Tianchun Ye

A Low Phase Noise Open Loop Fractional-N Frequency Synthesizer With Injection Locking Digital Phase Modulator

Chenggang Yan; Jianhui Wu; Jie Sun; Jin Jin; Chen Hu

Slotline-Based Balanced Filter With Ultra-Wide Stopband and High Selectivity

Xiaojun Bi; Xing Zeng; Qinfen Xu

Multiuser PSK-Chirp-BOK Communication System Under Co-Channel Interference

Arijit Roy; Harshal B. Nemade; Ratnajit Bhattacharjee

A 120-mW 0.16-ms-Latency Connectivity-Scalable Multiuser Detector for Interleave Division Multiple Access

Byeong Yong Kong; In-Cheol Park

Octo-Band Bandpass Filter Based on Unequal-Width Cruciform Connected Resonator With Sharp Skirt

Luhua Wang; Xiaojun Bi; Qinfen Xu

Active Dual-Band Power Divider and Active Quad-Plexer Based on Traveling Wave Amplification and D-CRLH Transmission Line

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Analysis and Implementation of a Dual-Band Coupled-Line Trans-Directional Coupler

Hongmei Liu; Shaojun Fang; Zhongbao Wang; Shiqiang Fu

A Sub-2 dB NF, 0.3–3 GHz Packaged Bandwidth Extended Wideband Receiver Front-End

Nisha Gupta; Narendra Nath Ghosh; Divya Kumar; Ashudeb Dutta

Synergistic Effects in Networked Epidemic Spreading Dynamics

Masaki Ogura; Wenjie Mei; Kenji Sugimoto

Observer-Based Monitoring of the Cardiovascular System

Carlos-Manuel Astorga-Zaragoza

Event-Based Adaptive Power Control in Vehicular Networked Systems With State-Dependent Bursty Fading Channels

Bin Hu

Designing Observer-Type Controller for Containment of Discrete-Time Linear MASs Over Signed Graph

Xiao Fang; Guanghui Wen; Zheng-Guang Wu; Mahdi Jalili; Hong-Xiang Hu

Vibration Control of a Riser-Vessel System Subject to Input Backlash and Extraneous Disturbances

Zhijia Zhao; Shimin Lin; Dachang Zhu; Guilin Wen

Auto-Tuning Proportional-Type Synchronization Algorithm for DC Motor Speed Control Applications

Chae Rin Lee; Seok-Kyoon Kim; Choon Ki Ahn

A Method of Creating the High-Voltage Circuit Model of Metal–Oxide Varistor for the Simulation of Square Pulse Forming

Yancheng Cui; Qilin Wu; Hanwu Yang; Jingming Gao; Song Li; Chengyu Shi

A Quasi-V2 Hysteretic Buck Converter With Adaptive COT Control for Fast DVS and Load-Transient Response in RF Applications

Chung-Yi Ting; Jing-Yuan Lin; Charlie Chung-Ping Chen

A Condition of Equivalence Between Bus Injection and Branch Flow Models in Radial Networks

Tao Ding; Runzhao Lu; Yongheng Yang; Frede Blaabjerg

High-Accuracy and Fault Tolerant Stochastic Inner Product Design

Werner Haselmayr; Daniel Wiesinger; Michael Lunglmayr

A Scan Obfuscation Guided Design-for-Security Approach for Sequential Circuits

Rajit Karmakar; Santanu Chattopadhyay; Rohit Kapur

Dynamic Read Current Sensing With Amplified Bit-Line Voltage for STT-MRAMs

Mustafa F. Ali; Robert Andrawis; Kaushik Roy

RLWE-Oriented High-Speed Polynomial Multiplier Utilizing Multi-Lane Stockham NTT Algorithm

Xiang Feng; Shuguo Li; Sufen Xu

A Novel 0.5 V MCML D-Flip-Flop Topology Exploiting Forward Body Bias Threshold Lowering

Giuseppe Scotti; Alessandro Trifiletti; Gaetano Palumbo

N -Dimensional Approximation of Euclidean Distance

Gian Carlo Cardarilli; Luca Di Nunzio; Rocco Fazzolari; Alberto Nannarelli; Marco Re; Sergio Spanò

FPGA-Based True Random Number Generation Using Programmable Delays in Oscillator-Rings

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TPWL Simulation of Large Nonlinear Circuits Using Subspace Angle-Based Adaptive Sampling

Shifali Kalra; M. Nabi

A Stochastic Computing Architecture for Iterative Estimation

Michael Lunglmayr; Daniel Wiesinger; Werner Haselmayr

Correlation-Based Calibration for Nonlinearity Mismatches in Dual-Channel TIADCs

Xiangyu Liu; Hui Xu; Håkan Johansson; Yinan Wang; Nan Li

A Novel Thresholding Methodology Using WSI EMD and Adaptive Homomorphic Filter

P. Venkatappareddy; Brejesh Lall

An Improved Local Stability Criterion for Digital Filters With Interference and Overflow Nonlinearity

Priyanka Kokil; Srinivasulu Jogi; Choon Ki Ahn; Haranath Kar

A Novel Dynamic Detection for Flash Memory

Amr Ismail; Magnus Sandell