Adaptive Power Control Using Current Adjustment for Watt-Level Power Amplifiers in CMOS SOI
Soroush Moallemi; Payam Mehr; Kevin Grout; Trevor J. Thornton, Jennifer Kitchen

A 40-nm CMOS 7-b 32-GS/s SAR ADC With Background Channel Mismatch Calibration
Dong-Shin Jo; Ba-Ro-Saim Sung; Min-Jae Seo; Woo-Cheol Kim; Seung-Tak Ryu

A Reconfigurable Passive Voltage Multiplier for Wireless Mobile IoT Applications
Ulkuhan Guler; Yaoyao Jia; Maysam Ghovanloo

Voltage Divider for Self-Limited Analog State Programming of Memristors
Jorge Gomez; Ioannis Vourkas; Angel Abusleme; Georgios Ch. Sirakoulis;Antonio Rubio

Closed-Form Analysis of Metastability Voltage in 28-nm UTBB FD-SOI CMOS Technology
Fabián Olivera; Antonio Petraglia

UaL Decomposition, an Alternative to the LU Factorization of MNA Matrices
Reza Hashemian

Bandwidth and Slew Rate Enhanced OTA With Sustainable Dynamic Bias
Cheuk Ho Hung; Yanqi Zheng; Jianping Guo; Ka Nang Leung

On Actively Compensated Amplifiers Using Negative Impedance Converters
P.V. Ananda Mohan

A 3-mW 12b 160-MS/s 2-Way Time-Interleaved Subrange SAR ADC in 65-nm CMOS
Yung-Hui Chung; Wei-Shu Rih

A Dual-Supply Two-Stage CMOS Op-amp for High-Speed Pipeline ADCs Application
Maliang Liu; Dengquan Li; Zhangming Zhu

A Complexity Reduction Method for Successive Cancellation List Decoding
Onur Dizdar

Transmission Line Tunable Resonators With Intersecting Resonance Regions
Alexander Zakharov; Sergii Litvintsev; Mykhailo Ilchenko

A 7-Bit Reverse-Saturated SiGe HBT Discrete Gain Step Attenuator
Murat Davulcu; Abdurrahman Burak; Yasar Gurbuz

High-Throughput Low-Latency Encoder and Decoder for a Class of Generalized Reed–Solomon Codes for Short-Reach Optical Communications
Bo Zheng; Carlo Condo; Warren J. Gross; Odile Liboiron-Ladouceur

Isolation Improvement of MIMO Antenna Using a Novel Flower Shaped Metamaterial Absorber at 5.5
Priyanka Garg; Priyanka Jain

A Stabilizing Centralized Controller for On-Chip Power Delivery Networks
Joseph Riad; Peng Li; Edgar Sánchez-Sinencio

Consensus of Hybrid Multi-Agent Systems With Malicious Nodes
Yilun Shang

Accurate Privacy Preserving Average Consensus
Tianjiao Yin; Yuezu Lv; Wenwu Yu

Finite-Time Stability of Probabilistic Logical Networks: A Topological Sorting Approach
Shiyong Zhu; Jianquan Lu; Daniel W. C. Ho

Fixed-Time Synchronization of Complex Networks With a Simpler Nonchattering Controller
Yuhua Xu; Xiaoqun Wu; Na Li; Li Liu; Chengrong Xie; Chunbiao Li

A Robust Adaptive Cancellation of Unknown Sinusoidal Disturbance
Zhaobi Chu; Wusong Zhang; Min Zhu; Xueping Dong; Bo Chen

A Simple Nonlinear Observer for State and Unknown Input Estimation: DC Motor Applications
Citlaly Martínez-García; Carlos Astorga-Zaragoza; Vicenç Puig; Juan Reyes-Reyes; Francisco López-Estrada

Design of a Double-Sided LC Compensated Capacitive Power Transfer System With Capacitor Voltage Stress Optimization
Jing Lian; Xiaohui Qu

Design of a Single Chip PWM Driver Circuit for Inverter Welding Power Source
Jayasheela Deepa Jabavathi; Habeebullah Sait

A Fully Integrated LDO With 50-mV Dropout for Power Efficiency Optimization
Xiaofei Ma; Yan Lu; Qiang Li

A Modular Multilevel Converter With Novel Double Reverse Blocking Sub-Modules for DC Fault Current Blocking Capability
Yunchang Yao; Yaoyao Zhang; Xiaohui Qu; Wu Chen

Robust Design Strategy of Quantized Feedback Control
Xiao-Heng Chang; Rui Huang; Huanqing Wang; Liang Liu

Non-Uniform Reducing the Involved Differentiators’ Orders and Lyapunov Stability Preservation Problem in Dynamic Systems
Vahid Badri; Mohammad Saleh Tavazoei

Consensus of One-Sided Lipschitz Multi-Agents Under Input Saturation
Muhammad Rehan; Choon Ki Ahn; Mohammed Chadli

A Modified Inexact Arithmetic Median Filter for Removing Salt-and-Pepper Noise From Gray-Level Images
M. Monajati; E. Kabir

FPGA-Based Implementation of a Real-Time Object Recognition System Using Convolutional Neural Network
Ali Azarmi Gilan; Mohammad Emad; Bijan Alizadeh

A Reconfigurable 64-Dimension K-Means Clustering Accelerator With Adaptive Overflow Control
Li Du; Yuan Du; Mau-Chung Frank Chang

Effective Low Leakage 6T and 8T FinFET SRAMs: Using Cells With Reverse-Biased FinFETs, Near-Threshold Operation, and Power Gating
Michael A. Turi; José G. Delgado-Frias

Harmonic-Recycling Rectifier for High-Efficiency Far-Field Wireless Power Transfer
Tung Ngo; Yong-Xin Guo

Tangent Function and Chebyshev-Like Rational Maps Over Finite Fields
Juliano B. Lima; Ricardo M. Campello de Souza

Optimal Filtering and a Smoothing Algorithm for a Singular System With a Complex Stochastic Uncertain Parameter Matrix
Xingkai Yu; Jianxun Li

A Multiple-Measurement Vectors Reconstruction Method for Low SNR Scenarios
Leiou Wang; Donghui Wang; Chengpeng Hao

On the Design of Biorthogonal Halfband Filterbanks With Almost Tight Rational Coefficients
M.B. Nagare; B. D. Patil; R. S. Holambe

Power-Balanced Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access Based on Virtual Channel Optimization
Wenlong Xia; Yuanping Zhou; Guide Yang; Ray T. Chen

A Robust Total Least Mean M-Estimate Adaptive Algorithm for Impulsive Noise Suppression
Lei Li; Haiquan Zhao