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A Square Wave-Based Digital Foreground Calibration Algorithm of a Pipeline ADC Using Approximate Harmonic Sampling

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A Widely Reconfigurable Piecewise-Linear ADC for Information-Aware Quantization

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EMI Effect in Voltage-to-Time Converters

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Fully Differential Ultra-Wideband Amplifier With 46 −dB Gain and Positive Feedback for Increased Bandwidth

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A 24.4 ppm/°C Voltage Mode Bandgap Reference With a 1.05V Supply

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A 2.5 ppm/°C Voltage Reference Combining Traditional BGR and ZTC MOSFET High-Order Curvature Compensation

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Comparative Study and Design of Current Starved Ring Oscillators in 16 nm Technology

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Analysis and Design Considerations for Achieving the Fundamental Limits of Phase Noise in mmWave Oscillators With On-Chip MEMS Resonator

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A Low-Ripple Charge Pump With Novel Compensator for Transient-Response Improvement in CMOS Image Sensors

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A Low-Cost Bioimpedance Phase Angle Monitor for Portable Electrical Surface Stimulation Burn Prevention

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Ultra-Low-Loss Millimeter-Wave LTCC Bandpass Filters Based on Flexible Design of Lumped and Distributed Circuits

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AIDX: Adaptive Inference Scheme to Mitigate State-Drift in Memristive VMM Accelerators

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Analog Self-Timed Programming Circuits for Aging Memristors

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An Accuracy-Improved and Internal Regulator-Free Temperature Sensor With a Non-Linear Current Mode Feedback Pseudo-PLL

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Accurate Isolation Networks in Quadrature Couplers and Power Dividers

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A 30-to-41 GHz SiGe Power Amplifier With Optimized Cascode Transistors Achieving 22.8 dBm Output Power and 27% PAE

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A 24–30 GHz 31.7% Fractional Bandwidth Power Amplifier With an Adaptive Capacitance Linearizer

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Design and Loss Reduction of Multiple-Zeros Dual-Band Bandpass Filter Using SISL

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Effects of AC Response Imperfections in True-Time-Delay Lines

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An 800 MHz-to-3.3 GHz 20-MHz Channel Bandwidth WPD CMOS Power Amplifier For Multiband Uplink Radio Transceivers

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Power Efficiency Model for MIMO Transmitters Including Memory Polynomial Digital Predistortion

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Partial-LUT Designs for Low-Complexity Realization of DA-Based BLMS Adaptive Filter

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Odd-Mode Instability Analysis of fT-Doubler Hybrid Power Amplifiers Based on GaN-HEMT

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Area-Efficient and Scalable Data-Fusion Based Cooperative Spectrum Sensor for Cognitive Radio

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Quantum Multiparty Privacy Set Intersection Cardinality

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Phase Shifting Properties of High-Pass and Low-Pass Mixed-Element Two-Ports

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An Efficient NB-LDPC Decoder Architecture for Space Telecommand Links

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Synthesis of Wideband Filtering Couplers for Arbitrary High Power-Division Ratios Based on Three Different Types of Coupled-Line Sections

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Triple-Mode Substrate Integrated Coaxial Resonator Based Bandpass Filter Featuring Flexible Transmission Zeros and Adjustable Bandwidth

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A Differentially Fed Dual-Polarized Filtering Patch Antenna With Good Stopband Suppression

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Spars: A Full Flow Quantum-Dot Cellular Automata Circuit Design Tool

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Discrete-Time Super-Twisting Fractional-Order Differentiator With Implicit Euler Method

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Transformer Secondary Voltage Based Resonant Frequency Tracking for LLC Converter

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Efficient Power Transfers in Piezoelectric Energy-Harvesting Switched-Inductor Chargers

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Distance- and Velocity-Based Collision Avoidance for Time-Varying Formation Control of Second-Order Multi-Agent Systems

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Finite-Time Distributed Optimal Tracking for Multiple Heterogeneous Linear Systems

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Criteria for Observability and Reconstructibility of Boolean Control Networks via Set Controllability

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Design of Discrete-Time Sliding Mode Control With Disturbance Compensator-Based Switching Function

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Observer-Based Finite-Time Attitude Containment Control of Multiple Spacecraft Systems

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Second-Order Sliding Mode Control Design Subject to an Asymmetric Output Constraint

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Ramp-Tracking Generalized Predictive Control System-Based on Second-Order Difference

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Discrete-Time Super-Twisting Observer With Implicit Euler Method

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Evolutionary Game Dynamics Based on Local Intervention in Multi-Agent Systems

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Input Delay Estimation for Input-Affine Dynamical Systems Based on Taylor Expansion

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Time-Varying Formation Control of General Linear Multi-Agent Systems Under Markovian Switching Topologies and Communication Noises

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Variable-Performance Positioning Law for Hybrid-Type Stepper Motors via Active Damping Injection and Disturbance Observer

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GNSS Vector Tracking Method Using Graph Optimization

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Online Learning-Based Voltage and Power Regulator for AC Microgrids

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Time-Varying Formation Tracking for Multiple Dynamic Targets: Finite- and Fixed-Time Convergence

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A Generalized Interpretation of Three Types of Disturbance-Based Controllers for Perturbed Integral Systems in Frequency Domain

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A Robust Method for Controlling Grid-Connected Inverters in Weak Grids

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Cluster Synchronization of Two-Layer Networks via Aperiodically Intermittent Pinning Control

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A Novel Diagnostic Method for Multiple Open-Circuit Faults of Voltage-Source Inverters Based on Output Line Voltage Residuals Analysis

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Optimal DoS Attack Against LQR Control Channels

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A Wide Voltage Gain Bidirectional DC–DC Converter Based on Quasi Z-Source and Switched Capacitor Network

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Compact Seven-Level Boost Type Inverter Topology

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Open Circuit Fault Detection and Switch Identification for LS-PWM H-Bridge Inverter

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Realization of a Compact and High-Performance Power Divider Using Parallel RC Isolation Network

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Memory Efficient Architecture for Lifting-Based Discrete Wavelet Packet Transform

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Power-Efficient Noise-Induced Reduction of ReRAM Cell’s Temporal Variability Effects

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Resonant Energy Recycling SRAM Architecture

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Efficient Incorporation of the RNS Datapath in Reverse Converter

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A Robust, High-Speed and Energy-Efficient Ultralow-Voltage Level Shifter

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A Low-Cost High-Throughput Digital Design of Biorealistic Spiking Neuron

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Fault Detection Architectures for Inverted Binary Ring-LWE Construction Benchmarked on FPGA

Ausmita Sarker; Mehran Mozaffari Kermani; Reza Azarderakhsh

A 65nm Thermometer-Encoded Time/Charge-Based Compute-in-Memory Neural Network Accelerator at 0.735pJ/MAC and 0.41pJ/Update

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A Novel, Efficient Implementation of a Local Binary Convolutional Neural Network

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Evaluation of Mixed-Radix Digit Computation Techniques for the Three Moduli RNS {2n−1, 2n, 2n+1−1}

P. V. Ananda Mohan; P. S. Phalguna

A Novel Pipelined Algorithm and Modular Architecture for Non-Square Matrix Transposition

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A Parallel Hardware Implementation for 2-D Hierarchical Clustering Based on Fuzzy Logic

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A 6.9-μm2 3.26-ns 31.25-fj Robust Level Shifter With Wide Voltage and Frequency Ranges

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Decoding Algorithm for Quadruple-Error-Correcting Reed-Solomon Codes and Its Derived Architectures

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Electronically Controllable Memcapacitor Circuit With Experimental Results

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Spanning-Tree-Based Synchronization Conditions for Second-Order Kuramoto Networks

Liang Wu; Haoyong Chen

2-D Piecewise-Linear Neuron Model

Han Bao; Chengjie Chen; Yihua Hu; Mo Chen; Bocheng Bao

An Impedance Matching Strategy for Micro-Scale RF Energy Harvesting Systems

Arun Mohan; Saroj Mondal

A Switched-Capacitor Memristive Emulator

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The Egan Problem on the Pull-in Range of Type 2 PLLs

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Chaos-Based Space-Time Trellis Codes With Deep Learning Decoding

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Vulnerability Assessment of Power Grids Against Cost-Constrained Hybrid Attacks

Xiaolin Gao; Cunlai Pu; Lunbo Li

Attention Based Bidirectional Convolutional LSTM for High-Resolution Radio Tomographic Imaging

Hongzhuang Wu; Xiaoli Ma; Chao-Han Huck Yang; Songyong Liu

A High Data Rate Solution for Differential Chaos Shift Keying Based on Carrier Index Modulation

Hua Yang; Si-Yuan Xu; Guo-Ping Jiang

2-D Learned Proximal Gradient Algorithm for Fast Sparse Matrix Recovery

Chengzhu Yang; Yuantao Gu; Badong Chen; Hongbing Ma; Hing Cheung So

Sparse FIR Filter Design With k-Max Sparsity and Peak Error Constraints

Xiangming Xi; Yunjiang Lou

Circuit Synthesis of 3-D Rotation Orthonormalization

Jin Wu; Yi Jiang; Chong Li; Ran Sun; Chengxi Zhang; Yang Yu; Yilong Zhu; Ming Liu

Constrained Least Mean M-Estimation Adaptive Filtering Algorithm

Zhuonan Wang; Haiquan Zhao; Xiangping Zeng

A New Fast Convergent Blind Timing Skew Error Correction Structure for TIADC

Ali Khakpour; Ghader Karimian

Robust Randomized Autoencoder and Correntropy Criterion-Based One-Class Classification

Xiaonan Cui; Jiuwen Cao; Tianlei Wang; Xiaoping Lai

Fast Direction-of-Arrival Estimation via Coarray Interpolation Based on Truncated Nuclear Norm Regularization

Shekhar Kumar Yadav; Nithin V. George

Optimal FIR Filter for Discrete-Time LTV Systems and Fast Iterative Algorithm

Shunyi Zhao; Yuriy S. Shmaliy; Fei Liu

A Novel Conformal Design for Multi-Sensor System Synthesis

Junhui Qian; Fengchun Tian; Shuya Zhang; Ran Liu

Information Weighted Consensus With Interacting Multiple Model Over Distributed Networks

De Hu; Zhe Chen; Fuliang Yin

Epileptic State Classification by Fusing Hand-Crafted and Deep Learning EEG Features

Dinghan Hu; Jiuwen Cao; Xiaoping Lai; Yaomin Wang; Shuang Wang; Yao Ding

Steady State Mean Square Analysis of Standard Maximum Versoria Criterion Based Adaptive Algorithm

S. Radhika; F. Albu; A. Chandrasekar

A Robust Generalized Proportionate Diffusion LMS Algorithm for Distributed Estimation

Hadi Zayyani; Amirhossein Javaheri

A Stop Condition for Compressed Recovery of Random Modulated Signal

Xinyu Dao; Min Gao; Zhuangzhi Han