Guest Editorial Special Issue on the 2020 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems

Yajun Ha; Edoardo Bonizzoni

A 0.2-1.3 ns Range Delay-Control Scheme for a 25 Gb/s Data-Receiver Using a Replica Delay-Line-Based Delay-Locked-Loop in 45-nm CMOS

Sami Ur Rehman; Mohammad Mahdi Khafaji; Ali Ferschischi; Corrado Carta; Frank Ellinger

Fourier Analysis of Signal Waveforms in An Ideal Concurrent Dual-Band Class-D Power Amplifier

Subhanwit Roy; Nathan M. Neihart

CRAM: Collocated SRAM and DRAM With In-Memory Computing-Based Denoising and Filling for Neuromorphic Vision Sensors in 65 nm CMOS

Xueyong Zhang; Vivek Mohan; Arindam Basu

Mitigation of “Horn Spurs” in a MASH-Based Fractional-N CP-PLL

Valerio Mazzaro; Michael Peter Kennedy

Efficient Calibration of Feedback DAC in Delta Sigma Modulators

Jyotindra R. Shakya; Gabor C. Temes

A Fully-Integrated 64-Channel Wireless Neural Interfacing SoC Achieving 110 dB AFE PSRR and Supporting 54 Mb/s Symbol Rate, Meter-Range Wireless Data Transmission

Liangjian Lyu; Dawei Ye; Rongjin Xu; Geng Mu; Heng Zhao; Yingfei Xiang; Yuting Tu; Yiyun Zhang; C.-J. Richard Shi

6WR: A Hardware Friendly 3D-HEVC DMM-1 Algorithm and its Energy-Aware and High-Throughput Design

Murilo Perleberg; Vinicius Borges; Vladimir Afonso; Daniel Palomino; Luciano Agostini; Marcelo Porto

Stochastic Wave-Pipelined On-Chip Interconnect

Amir Najafi; Ardalan Najafi; Alberto Garcia-Ortiz

A 0.22–0.89 mW Low-Power and Highly-Secure Always-On Face Recognition Processor With Adversarial Attack Prevention

Youngwoo Kim; Donghyeon Han; Changhyeon Kim; Hoi-Jun Yoo

Error-Aware Design Procedure to Implement Hardware-Efficient Logarithmic Circuits

Merin Loukrakpam; Madhuchhanda Choudhury

Analog Memristive CAMs for Area- and Energy-Efficient Reconfigurable Computing

João Paulo Cardoso de Lima; Rafael Fão de Moura; Luigi Carro

Design of Power Efficient Posit Multiplier

Hao Zhang; Seok-Bum Ko

Energy Efficient Peripheral and System Buses for Low-Area and Low-Power SoC Applications

Juan Romero; Nestor Cuevas; Elkim Roa

CMix-NN: Mixed Low-Precision CNN Library for Memory-Constrained Edge Devices

Alessandro Capotondi; Manuele Rusci; Marco Fariselli; Luca Benini

Double-High-Pass-Filter-Based Electrical-Recording Front-Ends and Fluorescence-Recording Front-Ends for Monitoring Multimodal Neural Activity

Taeju Lee; Minkyu Je

A Photoacoustic-Surface-Acoustic-Wave Sensor for Ring-Stage Malaria Parasite Detection

Shaomeng Wang; Chuanshi Yang; Peter Preiser; Yuanjin Zheng

An Efficient and Parallel R-LWE Cryptoprocessor

Yuqing Zhang; Chenghua Wang; Dur E. Shahwar Kundi; Ayesha Khalid; Máire O’Neill; Weiqiang Liu

High-Bandwidth Spatial Equalization for mmWave Massive MU-MIMO With Processing-in-Memory

Oscar Castañeda; Sven Jacobsson; Giuseppe Durisi; Tom Goldstein; Christoph Studer

Fine-Grained Bit-Flipping Decoding for LDPC Codes

Yuxing Chen; Hangxuan Cui; Jun Lin; Zhongfeng Wang

Enhanced Belief Propagation Decoder for 5G Polar Codes With Bit-Flipping

Yifei Shen; Wenqing Song; Yuqing Ren; Houren Ji; Xiaohu You; Chuan Zhang

A 130 GHz Fully-Integrated Fundamental-Frequency D-Band Transmitter Module With > 4 dBm Single-Ended Output Power

Erick Aguilar; Vadim Issakov; Robert Weigel

Self-Optimizing Wireless Networks on Structures

Sameer M. Shaik; Xinyao Tang; Soumyajit Mandal

An Energy-Efficient 3Gb/s PAM4 Full-Duplex Transmitter With 2-Tap Feed Forward Equalizer

Shraman Mukherjee; Ashish Das; Sumantra Seth; Saurabh Saxena

Zero-Shot Object Detection With Attributes-Based Category Similarity

Qiaomei Mao; Chong Wang; Shenghao Yu; Ye Zheng; Yuqi Li

Discrete Programming Entailing Circulant Quadratic Forms: Refinement of a Heuristic Approach Based on ΔΣ Modulation

Sergio Callegari; Federico Bizzarri; Enrico Malaguti

A Memristor-Based Spiking Neural Network With High Scalability and Learning Efficiency

Zhenyu Zhao; Lianhua Qu; Lei Wang; Quan Deng; Nan Li; Ziyang Kang; Shasha Guo; Weixia Xu

Numerical Approach to Compute the Power Flow Solution of Hybrid Generation, Transmission and Distribution Systems

Federico Bizzarri; Davide del Giudice; Daniele Linaro; Angelo Brambilla

Class-E2 DC-DC Converter With Basic Class-E Inverter and Class-E ZCS Rectifier for Capacitive Power Transfer

Hayato Ueda; Hirotaka Koizumi

Histogram of Oriented Gradients Feature Extraction From Raw Bayer Pattern Images

Wei Zhou; Shengyu Gao; Ling Zhang; Xin Lou

First Steps Toward Concealing the Traces Left by Reversible Image Data Hiding

Li Dong; Jiantao Zhou; Weiwei Sun; Diqun Yan; Rangding Wang

A Behavioral Model of Digital Resistive Switching for Systems Level DNN Acceleration

Jason K. Eshraghian; Qi Lin; Xiaoyuan Wang; Herbert H. C. Iu; Qing Hu; Hao Tong

Design and Fabrication of Flow-Based Edge Detection Memristor Crossbar Circuits1

Jodh Singh Pannu; Sunny Raj; Steven Lawrence Fernandes; Dwaipayan Chakraborty; Sarah Rafiq; Nathaniel Cady; Sumit Kumar Jha