An AC–DC Rectifier With Active and Non-Overlapping Control for Piezoelectric Vibration Energy Harvesting

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A 0.42–3.45 Gb/s Referenceless Clock and Data Recovery Circuit With Counter-Based Unrestricted Frequency Acquisition

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A Power-Efficient Digital Technique for Gain and Offset Correction in Slope ADCs

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A 10 Bit 5 MS/s Column SAR ADC With Digital Error Correction for CMOS Image Sensors

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A Highly Linear 8-Bit M–2M Digital-to-Analog Converter for Neurostimulators

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Analysis and Design of an All-Digital ∆Σ TDC via Time-Mode Signal Processing

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Conditions on Polynomials Involved in Admittance Functions Passively Realizable by Using RLC and Two Fractional Elements

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ΔΣ Fractional-N PLL With Hybrid IIR Noise Filtering

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A 100-W Doherty Power Amplifier With Super-Octave Bandwidth

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Reconfigurable RF Dispersive Delay Circuits by Stepped Impedance Shunt Stubs

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Reconfigurable Chireix Outphasing Power Amplifier Over Multiple Frequency Bands

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Nonlinear H∞ Filtering Based on Tensor Product Model Transformation

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Dynamic Event-Triggered Sliding Mode Control: Dealing With Slow Sampling Singularly Perturbed Systems

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A New Population-Based Optimization Method for Online Minimization of Voltage Harmonics in Islanded Microgrids

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System Identification Under Relay and PI Control

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Triangular Matrix Formulation for Power Flow Analysis in Radial DC Resistive Grids With CPLs

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An Intelligent and Fast Controller for DC/DC Converter Feeding CPL in a DC Microgrid

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An Analysis of DCM-Based True Random Number Generator

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Transition Detector-Based Radiation-Hardened Latch for Both Single- and Multiple-Node Upsets

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On the Existence of Security Enhancing Converter Designs for Multi-Level Memories

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Embeddable Circuit for Orientation Independent Processing in Ultra Low-Power Tri-Axial Inertial Sensors

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An Extremely Simple Chaotic System With Infinitely Many Coexisting Attractors

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Complex Network Analysis of Wire-Mesh Sensor Measurements for Characterizing Vertical Gas–Liquid Two-Phase Flows

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Trajectory-Based Community Detection

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Data-Driven Enhanced Nonlinear Gaussian Filter

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Robust Variable Step-Size Reweighted Zero-Attracting Least Mean M-Estimate Algorithm for Sparse System Identification

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Steady-State Performance Analysis of Nonlinear Spline Adaptive Filter Under Maximum Correntropy Criterion

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Robust Multikernel Maximum Correntropy Filters

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Geometric Algebra Correntropy: Definition and Application to Robust Adaptive Filtering

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