High Input Impedance Low-Noise CMOS Analog Frontend IC for Wearable Electrocardiogram Monitoring

Chenggao Zhang; Jingyu Wang; Ling Wang; Lianxi Liu; Yani Li; Zhangming Zhu

An 11-bit 100-MS/s Pipelined-SAR ADC Reusing PVT-Stabilized Dynamic Comparator in 65-nm CMOS

Jin Zhang; Xiaoqian Ren; Shubin Liu; Chi-Hang Chan; Zhangming Zhu

A 0.25-V Rail-to-Rail Three-Stage OTA With an Enhanced DC Gain

Ki-Chan Woo; Byung-Do Yang

A 0.5 V 10-bit 3 MS/s SAR ADC With Adaptive-Reset Switching Scheme and Near-Threshold Voltage-Optimized Design Technique

Jaegeun Song; Jaehun Jun; Chulwoo Kim

Realization of Extremely High and Low Impedance Transforming Ratios Using Cross-Shaped Impedance Transformer

Hong-Xu Zhu; Pedro Cheong; Sut-Kam Ho; Kam-Weng Tam; Wai-Wa Choi

Tunable SIW Bandpass Filters With Improved Upper Stopband Performance

Amjad Iqbal; Arbab Waheed Ahmad; Amor Smida; Nazih Khaddaj Mallat

Topographical Field Map Analysis Tool for Designing Linear LC DCOs

Shakeeb Abdullah ; John W. M. Rogers

A 8.2-pW 2.4-pA Current Reference Operating at 0.5 V With No Amplifiers or Resistors

Haoyu Zhuang; Jinfeng Guo; Can Tong; Xizhu Peng; He Tang

A Multi-Channel Low-Noise Analog Front End Circuit for Linear LADAR

Peiyao Wang; Mao Ye; Xianzhao Xia; Xiaoxiao Zheng; Yao Li; Yiqiang Zhao

Generalized Method for Extraction of Offset, Gain, and Timing Skew Errors in Time-Interleaved ADCs

Sarkis Azizian; Mehdi Ehsanian

A Reconfigurable Wilkinson Power Divider With Flexible Tuning Range Configuration

Bin Wu; Zizhuo Sun; Xiaolong Wang; Zhewang Ma; Chun-Ping Chen

A 32-dB SNR Readout IC With 20-Vpp Tx Using On-Chip DM-TISM in HV BCD Process for Mutual-Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor

Eunho Choi; Seongmun Kim; Kyoungmin Park; Sanghyun Heo; Hyunggun Ma; Gyeongho Namgoong; Haksun Kim; Franklin Bien

A Harmonic Rejection Strategy for 25% Duty-Cycle IQ-Mixers Using Digital-to-Time Converters

Andreas Gebhard; Silvester Sadjina; Stefan Tertinek; Krzysztof Dufrêne; Harald Pretl; Mario Huemer

A Low-Power and Small Chip-Area Multi-Rate Human Body Communication DPFSK Transceiver for Wearable Devices

Horng-Yuan Shih; Yu-Chuan Chang; Cheng-Wei Yang; Chieh-Chih Chen

DRAPS: A Design Rule Aware Path Search Algorithm for Detailed Routing

Stèphano M. M. Gonçalves; Leomar S. Rosa; Felipe S. Marques

Set Stabilization of Boolean Control Networks With Impulsive Effects: An Event-Triggered Approach

Lin Lin; Jinde Cao; Guoping Lu; Mohamed Abdel-Aty

Finite-Time Fault-Tolerant Control for Nonlinear Systems With Input Quantization and Its Application

Wenhui Liu; Xiaojing Qi; Junwei Lu; Xianglei Jia; Ping Li

Security Analysis of a Distributed Networked System Under Eavesdropping Attacks

Wen Yang; Ziqian Zheng; Guanrong Chen; Yang Tang; Xiaofan Wang

Global Stabilization of Uncertain SISO Dynamical Systems Using a Multiple Delayed Partial State Feedback Sliding Mode Control

Sandeep Soni; Shyam Kamal; Xinghuo Yu; Sandip Ghosh

Distributed Consensus of Heterogeneous Linear Time-Varying Systems on UAVs–USVs Coordination

Huiyan Li; Xiang Li

Current Ripple Characterization in DCM Interleaved Power Converters Under Inductance Mismatch

Paula Cervellini; Pablo Antoszczuk; Rogelio García Retegui; Marcos Funes

Robustness of Coherence in Noisy Scale-Free Networks and Applications to Identification of Influential Spreaders

Weigang Sun; Mingtong Sun; Junbiao Guan; Qiang Jia

Fixed-Time Consensus for a Class of Heterogeneous Nonlinear Multiagent Systems

Wencheng Zou; Kewei Qian; Zhengrong Xiang

A Multiport Power Electronic Transformer Based on Modular Multilevel Converter and Mixed-Frequency Modulation

Dajun Ma; Wu Chen; Liangcai Shu; Xiaohui Qu; Xin Zhan; Zhong Liu

A Performance-Region-Based Approach to the H∞ Stochastic Consensus Problem

Jingyao Wang; Zhisheng Duan; Jianping Zeng

A New Switched Capacitor 7L Inverter With Triple Voltage Gain and Low Voltage Stress

Marif Daula Siddique; Saad Mekhilef; Noraisyah Mohamed Shah; Jagabar Sathik Mohamed Ali; Frede Blaabjerg

A Low Conduction Loss Modular Multilevel Converter Topology With DC Fault Blocking Capability and Reduced Capacitance

Cheng Peng; Rui Li

A High-Performance Charge Pump Topology for Very-Low-Voltage Applications

A. Ballo; A. D. Grasso; G. Palumbo

Velocity Observer-Based Nonlinear Self-Tuning Position Stabilizer for Ball-Beam System Applications

Chae Rin Lee; Jae Kyung Park; Seok-Kyoon Kim; Choon Ki Ahn

Novel Hybrid CMOS/Memristor Implementation of the AES Algorithm Robust Against Differential Power Analysis Attack

Massoud Masoumi

A Low-Latency and Low-Cost Montgomery Modular Multiplier Based on NLP Multiplication

Jinnan Ding; Shuguo Li

7 TOPS/W Cellular Neural Network Processor Core for Intelligent Internet-of-Things

Martin Villemur; Pedro Julian; Tomas Figliolia; Andreas G. Andreou

A Novel Comparison-Free 1-D Median Filter

Ing-Chao Lin; Wei-Ting Chen; Yu-Cheng Chou; Pei-Yin Chen

A Simple Floating Mutator for Emulating Memristor, Memcapacitor, and Meminductor

Dongsheng Yu; Xuanqi Zhao; Tingting Sun; Herbert H. C. Iu; Tyrone Fernando

An Improved Variable Kernel Width for Maximum Correntropy Criterion Algorithm

Long Shi; Haiquan Zhao; Yuriy Zakharov

The Nearest-Instance-Centroid-Estimation Kernel Recursive Least Squares Algorithms

Haonan Zhang; Lin Wang; Tao Zhang; Shiyuan Wang

Adaptive 2-D Scheduling-Based Nonbinary Majority-Logic Decoding for NAND Flash Memory

Cheng Wang; Jun Li; Lingjun Kong; Feng Shu; Francis C. M. Lau

Stochastic Analysis of Diffusion Dual Sign Algorithm for Cyclostationary White Gaussian Inputs and Nonstationary System

Wei Gao; Yi Xu; Jie Chen

DCD-Based Recursive Adaptive Algorithms Robust Against Impulsive Noise

Yi Yu; Lu Lu; Zongsheng Zheng; Wenyuan Wang; Yuriy Zakharov; Rodrigo C. de Lamare

Analysis of Least Stochastic Entropy Adaptive Filters for Noncircular Gaussian Signals

Xing Zhang; Bruno Scalzo Dees; Chunguo Li; Yili Xia; Luxi Yang; Danilo P. Mandic