August 2019, Volume 66, Issue 8

Design and Implementation of Dual-Mode Inductors for Dual-Band Wireless Power Transfer Systems
Adel Barakat; Kuniaki Yoshitomi; Ramesh K. Pokharel
An Accurate Analysis of Phase Noise in CMOS Ring Oscillators
Federico Pepe; Pietro Andreani
A 6 μW ±50 ppm/◦C ±1500 ppm/V 1.5 MHz RC Oscillator Using Self-Regulation
Tianyu Wang; Danielle Griffith; Mostafa G. Ahmed;  Junheng Zhu; Da Wei; Ahmed Elkholy; Ahmed Elmallah; Pavan Kumar Hanumolu
Reconfigurable System for Electromagnetic Energy Harvesting With Inherent Activity Sensing Capabilities for Wearable Technology
Alfredo Costilla-Reyes; Amr Abuellil; Johan J. Estrada-López; Salvador Carreon-Bautista; Edgar Sánchez-Sinencio
A 0.7-mW LC Voltage-Controlled Oscillator Leveraging Switched Biasing Technique for Low Phase Noise
Jian-Yu Hsieh; Kuei-Yu Lin
Maximum Likelihood Estimation-Based SAR ADC
Akshay Jayaraj; Sanjeev Tannirkulam Chandrasekaran; Archana Ganesh; Imon Banerjee; Arindam Sanyal
Compact High-Efficiency Broadband Rectifier With Multi-Stage-Transmission-Line Matching
Pengde Wu; Shao Ying Huang; Wenshen Zhou; Wenwei Yu; Zhenlong Liu; Xiaojie Chen; Changjun Liu
An Ultra-Compact Low Power Self-Capacitive Touch Screen Readout IC Embedding Reconfigurable Noise Immunity and Current-Driven Capacitance Compensation
Seung Hoon Ko; Byung Duk Yang
Estimating Thermal Noise in ADCs Composed of Switched Capacitor Integrators
Bradford L. Hunter; Dan R. Poole
Analysis of Mixed-Element Structures Formed With Shunt Capacitors Separated by Transmission Lines
Metin Şengül; Gökhan Çakmak
Strong Injection Locking and Pulling in LC Multiphase Oscillators With Multiple Injection Signals
Aidin Tofangdarzade; Armin Tofangdarzade; Namdar Saniei
A DPA Attack on IOA Data-Dependent Delay Countermeasure Based on an Inherent Tempo-Spatial Data Dependency
S. Kaedi; M. A. Doostari; M. B. Ghaznavi-Ghoushchi
Stochastic Sliding Mode Control for Parametric Uncertain Systems Using Functional Observer
Satnesh Singh; S. Janardhanan
Pole-Controlled Wideband 120 GHz CMOS Power Amplifier for Wireless Chip-to-Chip Communication in 40-nm CMOS Process
Hyuk Su Son; Tae Hwan Jang; Seung Hun Kim; Kyung Pil Jung; Joon Hyung Kim; Chul Soon Park
Improved Approach for Finite-Time Stability of Nonlinear Fractional-Order Systems With Interval Time-Varying Delay
Nguyen T. Thanh; Vu N. Phat
A Fully-On-Chip Analog Low-Dropout Regulator With Negative Charge Pump for Low-Voltage Applications
Yi Tan; Chenchang Zhan; Guanhua Wang
Robust Switching Control of the Direct-Drive Servo Control Systems Based on Disturbance Observer for Switching Gain Reduction
Lei Yu; Jun Huang; Shumin Fei
High-Efficiency Power Amplifier Employing Minimum-Power Harmonic Active Load Modulator
Chuan Li; Fei You; Songbai He; Xiaobin Tang; Weimin Shi; Jinchen Wang
A Transient Enhancement DC–DC Buck Converter With Dual Operating Modes Control Technique
Yi-Chieh Hsu; Chung-Yi Ting; Li-Sheng Hsu; Jing-Yuan Lin; Charlie Chung-Ping Chen
Memristor FPGA IP Core Implementation for Analog and Digital Applications
Mohammed F. Tolba; Mohammed E. Fouda; Haneen G. Hezayyin; Ahmed H. Madian; Ahmed G. Radwan
Area-Efficient Bidirectional Shift-Register Using Bidirectional Pulsed-Latches
Ki-Chan Woo; Hyeong-Ju Kang; Byung-Do Yang
Design of Low-Power Non-Binary LDPC Decoder Exploiting DRAM Refresh Rate Over-Scaling
Wenjie Huang; Weiguo Tang; Junlin Chen; Lei Wang
A 7T Security Oriented SRAM Bitcell
Robert Giterman; Osnat Keren; Alexander Fish
A Division-Free Toom–Cook Multiplication-Based Montgomery Modular Multiplication
Zhen Gu; Shuguo Li 
Admissible Leader-Following Consensus of Fractional-Order Singular Multiagent System via Observer-Based Protocol
Huan Pan; Xinghuo Yu; Ling Guo
Hopf Bifurcation and Its Control in the One-Cycle Controlled Cuk Converter
Wei Ma; Lei Wang; Rui Zhang; Jiahong Li; Zhiming Dong; Yihui Zhang; Min Hu; Shuxi Liu
Low-Complexity Architecture for Cyber-Physical Systems Model Identification
Charan Kumar Vala; Mark French; Amit Acharyya; Bashir M. Al-Hashimi
Packet-Based State Feedback Control Under DoS Attacks in Cyber-Physical Systems
Shaoyu Lai; Bo Chen; Tongxiang Li; Li Yu
Performance Analysis of Distributed Short-Path Set Based Routing in Complex Networks
Guang Chen; Guanghui Wen; Xinghuo Yu
Fully Distributed Consensus Tracking of Multiagent Systems With a High-Dimensional Leader and Directed Communication Topology
Peijun Wang; Guanghui Wen; Xinghuo Yu; Wenwu Yu; Wenjie Zhang
Leader–Follower Bipartite Consensus of Linear Multiagent Systems Over a Signed Directed Graph
Sourav Bhowmick; Surajit Panja
Bipartite Consensus on Matrix-Valued Weighted Networks
Lulu Pan; Haibin Shao; Mehran Mesbahi; Yugeng Xi; Dewei Li
Two Phase (Reconfigurable) Inverting Switched Capacitor Converter for Micro Power Applications and Its Accurate Equivalent Resistance Calculation
Vivekanandan Subburaj; Yerzhan Mustafa; Ainur Zhaikhan; Debashisha Jena; Parthiban Perumal; Alex Ruderman
A Multilevel Code Shifted Differential Chaos Shift Keying System With M-ary Modulation
Xiangming Cai; Weikai Xu; Rongfang Zhang; Lin Wang
A Class of Piecewise Linear Systems Without Equilibria With 3-D Grid Multiscroll Chaotic Attractors
R. J. Escalante-González; E. Campos-Cantón
Optimal Design of IIR Filters via the Partial Fraction Decomposition Method
He Qi; Zhi Guo Feng; Ka Fai Cedric Yiu; Sven Nordholm
An Adaptive Low-Complexity Abnormality Detection Scheme for Wearable Ultrasonography
Arvind Srivastav; Keerthana Bhogi; Soumyajit Mandal; Mrigank Sharad
Sub-Nyquist Sampling of BPSK Signals via Feedback Structure
Ning Fu; Guoxing Huang; Jie Cao; Libao Deng; Liyan Qiao
Mixture Complex Correntropy for Adaptive Filter
Guobing Qian; Xiaohan Ning; Shiyuan Wang
A Differential Approach for Obtaining Diagonal Volterra Kernels
Rafael Bayma; Raphael Teixeira; Dilson Lopes, Jr.; Carlos Tavares, Jr.