September 2019, Volume 66, Issue 9

An 80.2 dB DR 23.25 mW/Channel 8-Channel Ultrasound Receiver With a Beamforming Embedded SAR ADC
Taehoon Kim; Sangmin Shin; Suhwan Kim
A 4.6-ppm/°C High-Order Curvature Compensated Bandgap Reference for BMIC
Guangqian Zhu; Yintang Yang; Qidong Zhang
Single-/Dual-BPF Using Coupled-Line Stepped Impedance Resonators (CLSIR)
Aqeela Saghir; Abdul Quddious; Salman Arain; Photos Vryonides; Symeon Nikolaou
Hybrid Description and the Spectrum of Linear Multiports
András Recski
Ultra-Low Noise Amplifier for X-Band SiGe BiCMOS Phased Array Applications
Can Çalışkan; Ilker Kalyoncu; Melik Yazıcı; Mehmet Kaynak; Yasar Gurbuz
Energy-Efficient Time-Domain Vector-by-Matrix Multiplier for Neurocomputing and Beyond
Mohammad Bavandpour; Mohammad Reza Mahmoodi; Dmitri B. Strukov
Analysis and Design of a 0.1–23 GHz LNA MMIC Using Frequency-Dependent Feedback
Jianquan Hu; Kaixue Ma; Shouxian Mou; Fanyi Meng
Designing Anti-Jamming Receivers for NR-DCSK Systems Utilizing ICA, WPD, and VMD Methods
Binh Van Nguyen; Minh Tuan Nguyen; Hyoyoung Jung; Kiseon Kim
Modeling and Evaluating the Gate Length Dependence of BTI
Victor M. van Santen; Hussam Amrouch; Jörg Henkel
Dissipativity of Singularly Perturbed Lur’e Systems
Yan-Wu Wang; Wu Yang; Xiao-Kang Liu; Wu-Hua Chen
Reliable Resilient Finite-Time Control for Stabilization of Hyperchaotic Fractional-Order Systems
L. Susana Ramya; R. Sakthivel; Choon Ki Ahn; Yong Ren
Undershoot-Less Open-Loop Soft-Start Strategy for Digital-Controlled Power Converters Based on an Error-ADC and Initial Duty Ratio Estimator
Yuan-Chih Lin; Ching-Jan Chen
Fixed-Time Synchronization Control for a Class of Master–Slave Systems Based on Homogeneous Method
Di Wu; Haibo Du; Guanghui Wen; Jinhu Lü
Stochastic Event-Triggered Cubature Kalman Filter for Power System Dynamic State Estimation
Sen Li; You Hu; Lini Zheng; Zhen Li; Xi Chen; Tyrone Fernando; Herbert H. C. Iu; Qinglin Wang; Xiangdong Liu 
A Zero Voltage Switching Topology for Non-Inverting Buck–Boost Converter
Xu-Feng Cheng; Yong Zhang; Chengliang Yin
A Robust Adaptive Identification of Sinusoidal Signal With Unknown Frequency
Zhaobi Chu; Can Sheng; Min Zhu; Bo Chen; Hua Li
State and Disturbance Observer-Based Integral Sliding Mode Controlled Boost DC–DC Converters
Sanjeev Kumar Pandey; S. L. Patil; U. M. Chaskar; S. B. Phadke
State Estimation for Systems With Packet Dropping and State Equality Constraints
Ling Li; Xinmin Song
An Ultra-Dense 2FeFET TCAM Design Based on a Multi-Domain FeFET Model
Xunzhao Yin; Kai Ni; Dayane Reis; Suman Datta; Michael Niemier; Xiaobo Sharon Hu
A Low-Cost High-Speed Neuromorphic Hardware Based on Spiking Neural Network
Edris Zaman Farsa; Arash Ahmadi; Mohammad Ali Maleki; Morteza Gholami; Hima Nikafshan Rad
Fixed-Time Consensus of Nonlinear Multi-Agent Systems With General Directed Topologies
He Wang; Wenwu Yu; Guanghui Wen; Guanrong Chen
Adaptive Diffusion Processes of Time-Varying Local Information on Networks
Ruiwu Niu; Xiaoqun Wu; Jun-An Lu; Jinhu Lü
Design of Power Efficient Variable Bandwidth Non-Maximally Decimated FRM Filters for Wideband Channelizer
Sudhi Sudharman; T. S. Bindiya
Enhancing Security of Double Random Phase Encryption Schemes Based on Discrete Fractional Fourier Transforms
Wen-Liang Hsue