Guest Editorial Special Issue on the 2020 ISICAS: A CAS Journal Track Symposium

Yajun Ha; Edoardo Bonizzoni

A −40 °C to 120 °C, 169 ppm/°C Nano-Ampere CMOS Current Reference

Qiwei Huang; Chenchang Zhan; Lidan Wang; Zhiqun Li; Quan Pan

A 15-Gb/s 0.0037-mm² 0.019-pJ/Bit Full-Rate Programmable Multi-Pattern Pseudo-Random Binary Sequence Generator

Junfeng Hu; Zhao Zhang; Quan Pan

A Dynamic-Biased Resistor-Based CMOS Temperature Sensor With a Duty-Cycle-Modulated Output

Zhong Tang; Yun Fang; Xiao-Peng Yu; Zheng Shi; Ling Lin; Nick Nianxiong Tan

A Digital Capacitive MEMS Microphone for Speech Recognition With Fast Wake-Up Feature Using a Sound Activity Detector

Youngtae Yang; Byunggyu Lee; Jun Soo Cho; Suhwan Kim; Hyunjoong Lee

A 2 nW 0.25 V 140 dB-FOM Inverter-Based First Order ΔΣ Modulator

Alessandro Catania; Lorenzo Benvenuti; Andrea Ria; Giuseppe Manfredini; Massimo Piotto; Paolo Bruschi

A 10-MHz BW 77.3-dB SNDR 640-MS/s GRO-Based CT MASH ΔΣ Modulator

Mohammad Honarparvar; José M. de la Rosa; Mohamad Sawan

A 90-nm 640 MHz 2 × VDD Output Buffer With 41.5% Slew Rate Improvement Using PVT Compensation

Jian-An Wang; Yuan-Yao Zhao; Zheng-Ping Zhang

A Generic Nano-Watt Power Fully Tunable 1-D Gaussian Kernel Circuit for Artificial Neural Network

Ahmed Reda Mohamed; Liang Qi; Yongfu Li; Guoxing Wang

A ReRAM-Based Computing-in-Memory Convolutional-Macro With Customized 2T2R Bit-Cell for AIoT Chip IP Applications

Fei Tan; Yiming Wang; Yiming Yang; Liran Li; Tian Wang; Feng Zhang; Xinghua Wang; Jianfeng Gao; Yongpan Liu

A CMRR Enhancement Circuit Employing Gₘ-Controllable Output Stages for Capacitively Coupled Instrumentation Amplifiers

Hyuntak Jeon; Jun-Suk Bang; Minkyu Je

A Picosecond-Resolution Digitally-Controlled Timing Generator With One-Clock-Latency at Arbitrary Instantaneous Input

Jaehan Park; Cheolmin Ahn; Jaehyeong Hong; Jae-Yoon Sim

A 490-pW SAR Temperature Sensor With a Leakage-Based Bandgap-Vth Reference

Bumjin Park; Youngwoo Ji; Jae-Yoon Sim

Hand Gesture Recognition Using Three-Dimensional Electrical Impedance Tomography

Dai Jiang; Yu Wu; Andreas Demosthenous

A 1.5-to-3.0GHz Tunable RF Sigma-Delta ADC With a Fixed Set of Coefficients and a Programmable Loop Delay

Alhassan Sayed; Tamer Badran; Marie-Minerve Louërat; Hassan Aboushady

A 50μW Fully Differential Interface Amplifier With a Current Steering Class AB Output Stage for PPG and NIRS Recordings

Shuang Song; Qiuyang Lin; Chris van Hoof; Nick van Helleputte

A 48 Gb/s PAM-4 Transmitter With 3-Tap FFE Based on Double-Shielded Coplanar Waveguide in 65-nm CMOS

Hyungrok Do; Jeongho Hwang; Hong-Seok Choi; Deog-Kyoon Jeong

A U-Band PLL Using Implicit Distributed Resonators for Sub-THz Wireless Transceivers in 40 nm CMOS

Zipeng Chen; Wei Deng; Haikun Jia; Yibo Liu; Jianxi Wu; Pingda Guan; Jinyu Zhu; Luhong Mao; Zhihua Wang; Baoyong Chi

Fully Integrated Digital GaN-Based LSK Demodulator for High-Temperature Applications

Ahmad Hassan; Mostafa Amer; Yvon Savaria; Mohamad Sawan

A Package Aware QLMVF Receiver Front End

Sesha Sairam Regulagadda; S. Nagaveni; Ashudeb Dutta

A 9Gb/s Wide Output Range Transmitter With 2D Binary-Segmented Driver and Dual-Loop Calibration for Intra-Panel Interfaces

Yong-Un Jeong; Jihwan Park; Mino Kim; Joo-Hyung Chae; Jaekwang Yun; Hyunjoong Lee; Suhwan Kim

A 1.15 TOPS/W Energy-Efficient Capsule Network Accelerator for Real-Time 3D Point Cloud Segmentation in Mobile Environment

Gwangtae Park; Dongseok Im; Donghyeon Han; Hoi-Jun Yoo

Efficient Implementation of a Threshold Modified Min-Sum Algorithm for LDPC Decoders

Yanfang Liu; Wei Tang; David G. M. Mitchell

Unified Hardware for High-Throughput AES-Based Authenticated Encryptions

Shotaro Sawataishi; Rei Ueno; Naofumi Homma

A Reconfigurable Random Number Generator Based on the Transient Effects of Ring Oscillators

Burak Acar; Salih Ergun

An Energy-Efficient Dual-Field Elliptic Curve Cryptography Processor for Internet of Things Applications

Ling-Yu Yeh; Po-Jen Chen; Chen-Chun Pai; Tsung-Te Liu

A Robust Hardened Latch Featuring Tolerance to Double-Node-Upset in 28nm CMOS for Spaceborne Application

Yan Li; Xu Cheng; Chiyu Tan; Jun Han; Yuanfu Zhao; Liang Wang; Tongde Li; Mehdi B. Tahoori; Xiaoyang Zeng

A Wireless Multi-Channel Capacitive Sensor System for Efficient Glove-Based Gesture Recognition With AI at the Edge

Jieming Pan; Yuxuan Luo; Yida Li; Chen-Khong Tham; Chun-Huat Heng; Aaron Voon-Yew Thean

A Multi-Class Objects Detection Coprocessor With Dual Feature Space and Weighted Softmax

Zhihua Xiao; Peng Xu; Xianglong Wang; Lei Chen; Fengwei An

IC Random Number Generator Exploiting Two Simultaneous Metastable Events of Tetrahedral Oscillators

Recep Günay; Salih Ergün

Silicon Evaluation of Multimode Dual Mode Logic for PVT-Aware Datapaths

Inbal Stanger; Netanel Shavit; Ramiro Taco; Marco Lanuzza; Alexander Fish

Efficient FPGA Implementation of K-Nearest-Neighbor Search Algorithm for 3D LIDAR Localization and Mapping in Smart Vehicles

Hao Sun; Xinzhe Liu; Qi Deng; Weixiong Jiang; Shaobo Luo; Yajun Ha

A Fully Integrated Step-Down Switched-Capacitor DC–DC Converter With Dual Output Regulation Mechanisms

Po-Han Chen; Hao-Chung Cheng; Po-Hung Chen

83.9% Efficiency 100-mV Self-Startup Boost Converter for Thermoelectric Energy Harvester in IoT Applications

Zhongxia Shang; Yang Zhao; Wei Gou; Li Geng; Yong Lian

Inductorless DC/DC Converter for Aerospace Applications With Insulation Features

G. Ciarpi; S. Saponara

A 100 MHz, 0.8-to-1.1 V, 170 mA Digital LDO With 8-Cycles Mean Settling Time and 9-Bit Regulating Resolution in 180-nm CMOS

Zheyi Yuan; Shiquan Fan; Chenxi Yuan; Li Geng

A SAR-ADC-Assisted DC-DC Buck Converter With Fast Transient Recovery

Wen-Liang Zeng; Edoardo Bonizzoni; Chi-Wa U; Chi-Seng Lam; Sai-Weng Sin; U.-Fat Chio; Franco Maloberti; Rui Paulo Martins