Incoming Editorial

Yajun Ha


A 1V 3.5 μW Bio-AFE With Chopper-Capacitor-Chopper Integrator-Based DSL and Low Power GM-C Filter

Tengfei Zhang; Yani Li; Chenglong Su; Xiao Zhang; Yintang Yang


A Pattern Extraction Based Background Calibration Technique for SAR ADCs

Xiang Ding; Liang Zhang; Wenfeng Liu; Dongbai Yi; Yingjiang Ma; Klaus Hofmann


A Low-Power Logarithmic CMOS Digital-to-Analog Converter for Neural Signal Recording

Maryam Gharaei Jomehei; Samad Sheikhaei; Ehsan Hadizadeh Hafshejani; Shahriar Mirabbasi


Circuit Applications of Schwarz-Pick Lemma

Timur Düzenli


Low-Phase-Error Small-Area 4-Phase DLL With a Single-Ended-Differential-Single-Ended Voltage-Controlled Delay Line

Xingyuan Tong; Jinwu Wu; Dong Chen


Delay Modulation in Separately Driven Delay Cells Utilized for the Generation of High-Performance Multiphase Signals Using ROs

Neeraj Mishra; Lalit M. Dani; S. Chakraborty; Rajiv V. Joshi; Anand Bulusu


Low Phase Noise Oscillator Design Using Degenerate Band Edge Ladder Architectures

Mohammad Radfar; Dmitry Oshmarin; Mohamed A. K. Othman; Michael M. Green; Filippo Capolino


A 54–68 GHz Power Amplifier With Improved Linearity and Efficiency in 40 nm CMOS

Hamed Mosalam; Wenbo Xiao; Xiaoyan Gui; Dan Li; Quan Pan


Design of Dual-Channel Filter Based on Dual-Mode Dielectric Resonators

Lin Xu; Wei Yu; Wei Qin; Jian-Xin Chen


Impact of Forward Body-Biasing on Ultra-Low Voltage Switched-Capacitor RF Power Amplifier in 28 nm FD-SOI

Guillaume Tochou; Andreia Cathelin; Antoine Frappé; Andreas Kaiser; Jan Rabaey


A Scalable 20V Charge-Pump-Based Driver in 65nm CMOS Technology

Mostafa Toubar; Yousr Ismail; Sameh Ibrahim; Chih-Kong Ken Yang


A Wide-Range FD for Referenceless Baud-Rate CDR Circuits

Yun-Sheng Yao; Chang-Cheng Huang; Shen-Iuan Liu


Compact Dual-Band Wilkinson Power Divider Design Using Via-Free D-CRLH Resonators for Beidou Navigation Satellite System

Taotao Huang; Linping Feng; Li Geng; Haiwen Liu; Shao Yong Zheng; Sheng Ye; Lina Zhang; Hao Xu


A Miniaturized Bandpass Filtering Power Divider Using Quasi-Lumped Elements

Ting Feng; Kaixue Ma; Yongqiang Wang


Analysis and Design of a Tetrahedral Oscillator

Richelle L. Smith; Thomas H. Lee


Analysis and Implementation of OVSF Address Decoders

Jack Ou; Brendon Palmer; Laurence Hou; Pietro M. Ferreira


Efficient Sub-Codeword Key Equation Solver for Generalized Integrated Interleaved BCH Decoder

Zhenshan Xie; Xinmiao Zhang


Compact Balanced Bandpass Filter Based on Equilateral Triangular Patch Resonator

Zhuowei Zhang; Gang Zhang; Zhengkang Liu; Wanchun Tang; Jiquan Yang


Multi-Band Transmission Using Reconfigurable Complex Multi-Band Delta Sigma Polar Modulator

Nishant Kumar; Karun Rawat; Fadhel M. Ghannouchi


Discrete-Time Implementation of Super-Twisting Control With Semi-Implicit Euler Method

Xiaogang Xiong; Guangzeng Chen; Yunjiang Lou; Ruining Huang; Shyam Kamal


Preserving State and Control Privacies in Networked Systems With Tokenized Polytopic Transforms

Zhongrui Hu; Peng Shi; Ligang Wu


A Model-Free Approach for Online Optimization of Nonlinear Systems

Ameer Hamza Khan; Xinwei Cao; Bin Xu; Shuai Li


Robust Formation Coordination of Robot Swarms With Nonlinear Dynamics and Unknown Disturbances: Design and Experiments

Junyan Hu; Ali Emre Turgut; Barry Lennox; Farshad Arvin


Event-Triggered Cooperative Tracking for Lipschitz-Type Multi-Agent Systems: An ARE-Based Approach

Chengxin Xian; Yu Zhao; Xiwang Dong; Guanghui Wen; Hai-Tao Zhang


Stabilization of Impulsive BNs With Stochastic Disturbances: An Aperiodic/Periodic Scheme

Liyun Tong; Jinling Liang


Stability Analysis of the Grid-Tied VSC Considering the Influence of Short Circuit Ratio and X/R

Rui Yin; Yuanyuan Sun; Shanshan Wang; Lu Zhang


Driving Mode Advice for Eco-Driving Assistance System With Driver Reaction Delay Compensation

Yutao Chen; Mircea Lazar


A Switched Vertices Approach to Stability Analysis of Delayed Markov Jump Systems With Time-Varying Transition Rates

Yufeng Tian; Zhanshan Wang


Resilient Predictive Control for Cyber–Physical Systems Under Denial-of-Service Attacks

Longjie Zhang; Yong Chen; Meng Li


False Data Injection Attacks Against Partial Sensor Measurements of Networked Control Systems

Zhong-Hua Pang; Lan-Zhi Fan; Zhe Dong; Qing-Long Han; Guo-Ping Liu


Data-Driven Model-Free Adaptive Fault-Tolerant Control for a Class of Discrete-Time Systems

Yuan Wang; Zhanshan Wang


SMC for Semi-Markov Jump Cyber-Physical Systems Subject to Randomly Occurring Deception Attacks

Wenhai Qi; Caiyu Lv; Ju H. Park; Guangdeng Zong; Jun Cheng; Kaibo Shi


Finite-Time Output Feedback Stabilization for a Class of Output-Constrained Planar Switched Systems

Xiangze Lin; Chih-Chiang Chen; Shihua Li


A Three-Phase Semi-Single Stage PV Inverter With Voltage Boosting and Leakage Current Minimization

Sumon Dhara; V. T. Somasekhar 


Adaptive Asymptotic Control of Stochastic Systems With State Delay and Unknown Control Directions

Jian Wu; Yongbo Sun; Qianjin Zhao


Heterogeneous Evolution of Power System Vulnerability in Cascading Failure Graphs

Shenhao Yang; Weirong Chen; Xuexia Zhang


Mean-Square Consensus of Heterogeneous Multi-Agent Systems With Time-Varying Communication Delays and Intermittent Observations

Shuyang Luo; Juanjuan Xu; Xiao Liang


Adaptive Nonsingular Predefined-Time Control for Attitude Stabilization of Rigid Spacecrafts

Shuzong Xie; Qiang Chen


A Dynamic Model of Impedance for Online Thevenin’s Equivalent Estimation

Arpan Malkhandi; Nilanjan Senroy; Sukumar Mishra


Area Optimisation of Two Stage Miller Compensated Op-Amp in 65 nm Using Hybrid PSO

Ria Rashid; Nandakumar Nambath


Probability-Driven Evaluation of Lower-Part Approximation Adders

Tanfer Alan; Jörg Henkel


A High-Throughput VLSI Architecture Design of Canonical Huffman Encoder

Zhenyu Shao; Zhixiong Di; Quanyuan Feng; Qiang Wu; Yibo Fan; Xulin Yu; Wenqiang Wang


Theory of Heterogeneous Circuits With Stochastic Memristive Devices

Valeriy A. Slipko; Yuriy V. Pershin


Designing Multi-Task Convolutional Variational Autoencoder for Radio Tomographic Imaging

Hongzhuang Wu; Xiaoli Ma; Songyong Liu


LightSleepNet: Design of a Personalized Portable Sleep Staging System Based on Single-Channel EEG

Yiqiao Liao; Chao Zhang; Milin Zhang; Zhihua Wang; Xiang Xie


Joint Transceiver Design for Radar-Communication Spectral Sharing Systems by Minimizing Effective Interference Power

Junhui Qian; Mengchen Lu; Fengchun Tian


Robust Proportionate Normalized Least Mean M-Estimate Algorithm for Block-Sparse System Identification

Shaohui Lv; Haiquan Zhao; Lijun Zhou


Robust and Sparse Aware Diffusion Adaptive Algorithms for Distributed Estimation

Mayank Nautiyal; Sankha Subhra Bhattacharjee; Nithin V. George


MHLCNN: Multi-Harmonic Linkage CNN Model for SSVEP and SSMVEP Signal Classification

Weidong Dang; Mengyu Li; Dongmei Lv; Xinlin Sun; Zhongke Gao


Improved Spike Detection Algorithm Based on Multi-Template Matching and Feature Extraction

Tiejia Jiang; Duanpo Wu; Feng Gao; Jiuwen Cao; Shenyi Dai; Junbiao Liu; Yan Li