July 2018, Volume 28, Issue 7

Subjective and Objective Quality Assessment of Compressed 4K UHD Videos for Immersive Experience
Manri Cheon; Jong-Seok Lee

Readability Enhancement of Displayed Images Under Ambient Light
Haonan Su; Cheolkon Jung; Shuyao Wang; Yuanjia Du

Identification of Motion-Compensated Frame Rate Up-Conversion Based on Residual Signals
Xiangling Ding; Gaobo Yang; Ran Li; Lebing Zhang; Yue Li; Xingming Sun

Real-Time Adaptive Histogram Min-Max Bucket (HMMB) Model for Background Subtraction
Sujoy Madhab Roy; Ashish Ghosh

Ensemble Subspace Segmentation Under Blockwise Constraints
Handong Zhao; Zhengming Ding; Yun Fu

An Adaptive Patch-Based Reconstruction Scheme for View Synthesis by Disparity Estimation Using Optical Flow
Hoda Rezaee Kaviani; Shahram Shirani

RWBD: Learning Robust Weighted Binary Descriptor for Image Matching
Zhoudi Huang; Zhenzhong Wei; Guangjun Zhang

LETRIST: Locally Encoded Transform Feature Histogram for Rotation-Invariant Texture Classification
Tiecheng Song; Hongliang Li; Fanman Meng; Qingbo Wu; Jianfei Cai

An Unsupervised Method to Extract Video Object via Complexity Awareness and Object Local Parts
Bing Luo; Hongliang Li; Fanman Meng; Qingbo Wu; King N. Ngan

Variant SemiBoost for Improving Human Detection in Application Scenes
Si Wu; Hau-San Wong; Shufeng Wang

Robust Target Tracking by Online Random Forests and Superpixels
Wei Wang; Chunping Wang; Si Liu; Tianzhu Zhang; Xiaochun Cao

Adaptive Resolution Optimization and Tracklet Reliability Assessment for Efficient Multi-Object Tracking
Ruixing Yu; Irene Cheng; Bing Zhu; Sweta Bedmutha; Anup Basu

A Practical Hybrid Digital-Analog Scheme for Wireless Video Transmission
Cuiling Lan; Chong Luo; Wenjun Zeng; Feng Wu

Delay-Power-Rate-Distortion Optimization of Video Representations for Dynamic Adaptive Streaming
Chenglin Li; Laura Toni; Junni Zou; Hongkai Xiong; Pascal Frossard

Toward Wi-Fi AP-Assisted Content Prefetching for an On-Demand TV Series: A Learning-Based Approach
Wen Hu; Yichao Jin; Yonggang Wen; Zhi Wang; Lifeng Sun