DateEventSection/ChapterEvent Location
3 November 2020Perception and Control for Autonomous Flying RobotsPhiladelphia SectionPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania
4 November 2020Early Career Women in STEM Paper & Grant Writing WorkshopSydney SectionSydney, New South Wales
10 November 202010th IEEE CASS Rio Grande do Sul WorkshopRio Grande do Sul SectionVirtual
10 November 2020State-of-the-Art Automotive Radar System Architectures - and What Else We Can Do with ThemNorth Jersey SectionVirtual
17 November 2020Towards 100GBPS Fully Integrated Wireless Communication TransceiversOrange County SectionVirtual
17 November 2020WebEx: Processing in Memory (PIM) – Power and Thermal Challenges and Opportunities
Quebec SectionVirtual
17 November 2020World’s first portable dual-energy X-ray detector for the screening and monitoring of COVID-19 pulmonary diseaseNorth Jersey SectionVirtual
18 November 2020Nanotechnology and Internet of Things (IoT)Romania Section ChapterVirtual
18 November 2020Attack-Resistant Energy-Efficient SoC for Smart & Secure IoTSpain SectionVirtual
19 November 2020Highly Efficient and Miniaturized Power Management Designs for Autonomous Sensing ApplicationsWuhan SectionVirtual
19 November 2020Publishing a Good Scientific Paper in IEEENew South Wales SectionVirtual
19 November 2020Radar for Europa Assessment and Sounding: Ocean to Near-surfaceRichland Section ChapterVirtual
20 November 2020PhD Poster CompetitionSpain SectionVirtual
20 November 2020Ultrasensitive detection enabled by nonlinear magnetization of nanomagnetic labelsChicago SectionVirtual

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