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Nowadays, Integrated Circuit (IC) designs are technology and device driven. Circuit-device-technology integration becomes a key to IC designs. This is why more than 20% of your CASS colleagues are already members of SSCS. Discover how SSCS membership gives them a professional edge.

  • They're staying technically current: Access to the consistently top-downloaded journal in IEEE Xplore, the IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits (JSSC) allows members the opportunity to stay knowledgeable on the latest research, developments, and applications in the field. Learn more about other publications included in an SSCS membership.
  • They're networking to expand their professional circle: Whether participating in their local Chapter or attending the IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC), SSCS members constantly network and share their knowledge with others worldwide. Learn more about SSCS conferences and local Chapters.
  • They're collaborating for the future: The nearly 10,000 SSCS members worldwide have even more opportunities to work together on research or exchange of information and solutions through special events, such as exclusive topic-specific and career-oriented webinars, on-demand tutorials, online communities and social networking groups (FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn).

Enrich and energize your professional life. SSCS provides you with opportunities to network and collaborate with the IC technology and device experts who are working today to make history tomorrow.

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