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    "Our mission is to foster CASS members across disciplines to address humanity’s grand challenges by conceiving and pioneering solutions to fundamental and applied problems in circuits and systems."
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    "The IEEE Circuits and Systems Society (CASS) believe that the Grand Engineering Challenges of the 21st century can only be addressed in an inter-disciplinary and cross-disciplinary manner. The Society's unique and profound expertise in Circuits, Systems, Signals, Modeling, Analysis, and Design can have a decisive impact on important issues such as Sustainable Energy, Bio-Health, Green Information Technology, Nano-Technology, and Scalable Information Technology Systems."
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  • 2015 Message from the CAS President

    the ieee president
    Welcome to 2015. I wish you all a good and successful year. This is my second year as IEEE CAS President. Thus, I would like to update you on our progress and anticipate your questions, such as: what have we done for you lately?.... More »

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