CASS Goes to University


CASS Goes to University is a new initiative of the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society (CASS). It supports outreach events in which professors present a technical CAS-related talk of their choice, information about CASS, and the benefits and resources that CASS can bring to the students in their own universities (a slide deck about CASS will be provided). The goal is to raise awareness of CASS among the students interested in circuit and system design and inform them about the opportunities that CASS offers for their professional development: educational material, networking activities, conference participation, travel scholarships, and much more. Minority students, including women, African American, Hispanic, and others, are particularly encouraged to participate.

This initiative will provide the following for each event:

  • A one-year IEEE and IEEE CASS Membership for the professor who makes the presentation to the students in his/her own university.
  • Up to 10 IEEE and IEEE CASS Student Memberships for one year for participating students.
    • These student memberships may be given as lottery prizes for the event to encourage student participation
  • Snack food, such as pizza and soda, for the event through reimbursement.

*For individuals who haven't renewed yet, free memberships will start in 2024 for the 2024 membership year. However, anyone who has already renewed their memberships for the 2024 membership year will be added to a promotion for the 2025 membership year (starting 16 August 2024).

This call considers proposals from Region 1 (Northeastern US)Region 2 (Eastern US)Region 3 (Southern US), Region 4 (Central US), Region 5 (Southwestern US), Region 6 (Western US), and Region 7 (Canada).

Submit a Proposal

The presenting professor should have been in a faculty position for at least three consecutive years before the event. Non-tenure-track professors are also eligible. The students eligible for participating in the event are i) undergraduate students close to graduation; ii) graduated students pursuing their MS or Ph.D. degree. 

Proposals from other IEEE regions will be considered through the following calls as tentatively scheduled below:

Regions 1-7                                               1st half 2024 (Active)
Region 8 (Western Europe)                        2nd half 2024
Region 8 (Others) and Region 9                1st half 2025
Region 10 (Northern countries)                 2nd half 2025
Region 10 (Southern countries)                 1st half 2026

*Proposals will be evaluated on a first-come, first-served basis and approved until the budget is exhausted. Each proposal must be submitted 5 days prior to the event to ensure sufficient time for evaluation.

To ensure multiple events do not occur at the same university, please view the list of approved CASS Goes to University events here

Xinmiao Zhang
IEEE Circuits and Systems Society

Manuel Delgado-Restituto
Past-President, IEEE Circuits and Systems Society