2024 President's Letter

2024 CASS President’s Message

As the new 2024-2025 President of IEEE CASS, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to our dedicated members, diligent volunteers, and visionary past Presidents. This year marks an important milestone: the 75th Anniversary of CASS, a journey that began in 1949 with the Circuit Theory Group of the Institute of Radio Engineers (IRE). Our transition to IEEE in 1963 is a testament to our enduring legacy and one that our members should celebrate with justifiable pride.

Milestones and Innovations: Reflecting on Our Journey 
Our Society has achieved remarkable growth over the past 75 years. Today, we have over 13,744 members as of December, publish seven top-tier journals, and host nine major conferences annually. We proudly provide over 20 financial sponsorships (FS) and over 25 technical co-sponsorships (TCS) to various conferences. To celebrate our 75th Anniversary, we are preparing special events and gifts for ISCAS and regional conference attendees. Additionally, we are enhancing our training resources, including training videos and updates to “A Short History of Circuits and Systems.”

Embrace New Technologies: Expanding Our Horizons
CASS is continuously adapting to rapid advances in technology. Recent initiatives include launching new international conferences such as ISICAS (2018) and AICAS (2019), now the CASS Premier Flagship Conferences, starting in 2022. We are also pioneering new workshops such as FoodCAS, BrainCAS, NeuroCAS, and AutoCAS. This expansion coincides with significant improvements in journal and conference quality, reflected in rising Journal Impact Factors (JIFs) across our publications.

Industry Engagement Committee (IEC): Connecting Academia and Industry
We are introducing the VP-Industry role to further strengthen our links with the industry. This position will focus on recruiting more industry members, establishing CASS’ industry leadership, and reinforcing academia-industry synergies. The CAS Emerging and Selected Topics for Industry Forums (CASIF) plays a vital role in this effort.

Initiating AI Research Innovations: IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Artificial Intelligence (TCASAI)
In response to the demands of our members, we are pleased to announce the upcoming IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for AI (TCASAI) in 2024. This publication will provide an essential platform for research in AI circuits and systems, a rapidly growing and influential field within IEEE.

UNIC-CASS: Empowering Next-Generation IC Designers
The UNIC-CASS program, a comprehensive IC design-to-test experiential learning initiative, received notable participation worldwide, including 68 submissions from 16 countries. Through a strategic partnership with SSCS, the program emphasizes training, mentorship, and practical application.

CASS Goes to University
Our plan aims to increase student participation in CASS, encourage student membership, and maintain engagement after graduation. This outreach program will provide college students with valuable resources and insight into CASS.

Strengthening Global Standards: IEEE CASS Standards Activities Subdivision (SASD) Initiative
We have worked with IEEE SA to establish the IEEE CASS Standards Activities Subdivision (SASD). This significant initiative began with the “First IEEE Standards Workshop on AI in Healthcare,” held in conjunction with BioCAS2023. SASD is designed to engage and integrate diverse stakeholders in the standardization process actively. Our primary goals are to facilitate the widespread adoption of IEEE standards, foster the development of innovative products leveraging these standards within the CASS domain, and create a solid ecosystem to support these efforts.

Enhanced Digital Presence: Expand Reach with Innovative Communications
CASS is focusing its efforts on strengthening its global engagement and influence. We are leveraging Loomly, a dynamic digital communications platform, to expand our digital presence across LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, strengthening our position as a valuable professional resource by sharing insightful content. Additionally, we have launched a comprehensive resource center with easy access to a wide range of training videos and conference recordings to enrich the learning experience for our members and the wider community.

Empowering Tomorrow: IEEE CASS’s Commitment to Inclusivity and Global Outreach
CASS is committed to empowering the next generation of professionals and promoting diversity and inclusion. By seamlessly integrating Women in Circuits and Systems (WiCAS) and Young Professionals (YP) into the broader Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) framework, we strengthen our commitment to creating a more inclusive environment. CASS Ambassadors play a pivotal role in this journey, fostering the growth and diversification of our membership, which now proudly encompasses individuals from diverse regions, including India, China, Latin America, and Eastern Europe. This global expansion underscores our commitment to reaching and nurturing talent in even the most remote regions, ensuring CASS’s global reach.

CASS: Celebrating Excellence in Education through the EAB Award
Award for our unwavering commitment to providing comprehensive, inclusive, and personalized educational experiences. This honor highlights our commitment to enriching the knowledge and skills of our members, the broader engineering and science communities, and the public, strengthening CASS’s role as a beacon of educational excellence in the field.

I look forward to serving all CASS members and working with members, volunteers, committees, and all chapter members. Your ideas and suggestions will spark the Society’s advancement. With your support, we can take CASS to the next level. I hope the new year 2024 will be a happy, healthy, and prosperous year for you and your family.

Yours sincerely,
Myung Hoon Sunwoo,
2024-2025 CASS President