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IEEE Journal on Exploratory Solid-State Computational Devices and Circuits (JXCDC) is an "Open Access" journal that focuses on multi-disciplinary research in solid-state circuits using exploratory materials and devices for novel energy efficient computation beyond standard CMOS (complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) technology. Focus is on the exploration of materials, devices and computation circuits to enable Moore’s Law to continue for computation beyond a 10 to 15 year horizon (beyond end of the roadmap for CMOS technologies) with the associated density scaling and improvement in energy efficiency.  Examples of appropriate topics are research milestones in the integration of materials, devices and computation circuits based upon any of the following: Quantum electronic devices (e.g. tunneling), Spintronics and nanomagnetics, Straintronics (piezo-electric devices), Plasmonics, Functional materials,  High fan-in, fan-out logic circuits, Reconfigurable and non-volatile computational circuits, Computational circuits comprehending the on-chip communication means.


This publication considers original works that enhance the existing body of knowledge. Results described in the article should not have been submitted or published elsewhere. Expanded versions of conference publications may be submitted. Articles must be intelligible and must be written in standard English.

  • Peer Review: Peer review is vital to the quality of published research. Each article submitted to IEEE is evaluated by at least two independent reviewers selected by a member of the publication's editorial board. Learn more about the IEEE peer review process.
  • Publication Fees: This publication is supported by open access Article Processing Charges (APCs). An APC of $1,350 is required to publish in this publication.
  • Errors in Published Articles: Authors who have detected an error in their published article should contact the Editor-in-Chief shown above to request the publication of a correction. Note that no change may be made to the original article after it is published in IEEE Xplore.

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