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The RFIC Virtual Journal (RFIC-VJ) is the world's leading tutorial resource on radio-frequency integrated circuits. The RFIC-VJ provides the most relevant references and curated content pertaining to RFIC technology, paired with value-added editorial commentary from technology experts. It is an advanced on-line reference catering specifically to the needs of IEEE members interested in the design of RF/microwave integrated circuits, RFIC technology, and RF systems on a chip. Each issue features a rich editorial guide to the development of specific RFIC technologies. It highlights advances of the highest technical significance from the IEEE's extensive archives, drawing primarily from the Transactions on Circuits and Systems, Journal of Solid State Circuits, and Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques. Whether you are an experienced RFIC designer looking for a high-quality reference, or a junior engineer looking to design your first RF circuit, the RFIC virtual journal is the place to go for a concise overview of RFIC technologies.


This paper presents an overview of the fundamentals of millimeter-wave oscillators. First, a review of oscillators and the dynamic study of oscillation phenomenon is provided and the oscillation conditions for two widely used oscillator topologies, cross-coupled pair and Colpitts oscillators will be derived. This is followed by an analysis of phase noise using linear-time invariant and linear time-varying models. Next, we will revisit a number of oscillator topologiesamenable to mm-wave frequency range — such as transformer-feedback LC oscillators, double-stacked cross-coupled pair topology, and modified Clapp oscillators — will be reviewed. Finally, we will briefly discuss the fundamentals of multi-port oscillators and their performance advantage over single-port counterparts.