Outreach Initiatives


The IEEE CAS Society encourages the promotion of new initiatives that encompass the CASS values and help to expand the dissemination of events and technical knowledge related to the areas of interest within the field of circuits and systems.

Who is eligible to submit a proposal to the CASS Outreach Initiatives?

  • CASS Chapters (Endorsement by Chapter Chair is required)
  • CASS Technical Committees (Endorsement by TC Chair is required) 
  • CASS Special Interest Groups (Endorsement by SIG Chair is required) 
  • CASS DEI Committee (Endorsement by DEI Chair is required)
  • CASS ExCom & BoG Members 

*Student Branch Chapters are ineligible - separate funding is available for Student Branch Chapter activities Also, the parent CASS Chapter can submit a proposal involving Student Branch Chapters

All approved/funded initiatives proposals must be completed by 31 December 2024.

Please direct any questions regarding the CASS Outreach Initiative proposal process to the CASS Operations Office ((Click to show email)) or review the IEEE CASS Outreach Initiative Proposal Guidelines linked below.

IEEE CASS Outreach Initiative Proposal Guidelines