International Conference on recent trends in Microelectrics, Automation, Computing and Communications Systems

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The International Conference on recent trends in Microelectronics, Automation, Computing, and Communications Systems (ICMACC-22) is focused on research and emphasizes the latest technological advancements. The conference aims to provide outstanding opportunities for both academic and industrial communities to address new trends and challenges and emerging technologies on the topics relevant to today’s fast-moving areas in the fields of Microelectronics, Automation, Computing and Communications Systems, and the allied areas. The conference comprises keynote addresses, invited talks, referred paper and poster presentations, pre-conference tutorials, product exhibitions, and panel discussions. The vision of the ICMACC-22 is to promote brainstorming and collaboration so that critical issues pertaining to individual research activities can be addressed and ideas can be exchanged through extensive discussions. The conference focuses on specific engineering streams, allowing the speakers to drill deep into the issues and ensure actionable information that can be put into use the very next day.