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Announcing a New Microlearning Lesson from the IEEE CASS Microlearning Initiative: 2-Minute Paper: Series II

2-Minute Paper: Series II
1 month 2 weeks ago
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The CASS Microlearning (CASS MiLe) program is an initiative by the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society (CASS) Education Committee to promote personalized competency-based microlearning education. It is all about engineering ideas - covering foundational to groundbreaking topics in science & technology, industry, and professionalism. In microlearning education, microlessons deliver targeted lessons so learners can easily gain new concepts, one at a time. Microlearning allows us to immediately apply these new concepts to solve our problems.

IEEE Members can sign into CASS MiLe with their IEEE account username and password, through Google SSO by clicking on the Google button on the Login/Register Page.

The CASS MiLe team is launching a new Microlearning Lesson titled '2-Minute Paper: Series II'. The 2-Minute Paper Initiative wants to stimulate young learners in a more deep understanding of the recent and hot topics in the IEEE Circuits and System Society (CASS). For this reason, short (named "2-Minutes") videos provide an overview of selected and recently published papers in the framework of the CASS. These videos would represent a teaser for a deeper understanding of the topic through carefully reading the respective papers.

Dr. Darjn Esposito
Approximate Multipliers Based on New Approximate Compressors

Prof. Paulo de Aguirre
A 170.7-dB FoM-DR 0.45/0.6-V Inverter-Based Continuous-Time Sigma–Delta Modulator

Dr. Luigi Fassio
A 0.6-to-1.8V CMOS Current Reference With Near-100% Power Utilization

Prof. Li Du
A Reconfigurable Streaming Deep Convolutional Neural Network Accelerator for Internet of Things

View the 2-Minute Paper: Series II Teaser Video Here

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