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IEEE Circuits and Systems Society Newsletter Volume 18, Issue 3, June 2024

7 months ago
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CASS Newsletter Volume 18, Issue 3 Contents


  • Society News
    • IEEE CASS 2024 Award Winners
    • 2024 Student Design Competition Winners
    • Industrial Distinguished Lecturer Program (iDLP)
    • IEEE CASS 2023 Best Associate Editors and Best Reviewers
  • Chapter News
    • IEEE Circuits and Systems Society Tour de France 2024: Celebrating 75 Years of Innovation — Francois Rivet, Patricia Desgreys, Nathalie Deltimple, Antoine Frappé, Sylvain Bourdel, and Laurent Latorre
    • International Workshop on Integrated Circuits and Systems 2023 (ICAS 2023) by IEEE CASS Vietnam Chapter — Duy-Hieu Bui and Xuan-Tu Tran
    • "Electro-Quest", "Circuit Junxtion" and "Introduction to HDL" by IEEE CASS Madras Chapter — Vishal Sakthi, A. Swetha, and M. Bhavadharene
  • Publication News
    • Our Editors-in-Chief’s Top Picks
    • IEEE CAS Magazine Latest Feature Articles: Special Issue on the 75th Anniversary of the IEEE CAS Society
    • Latest Tables of Contents of CAS Sponsored Journals
  • Call for Papers & Invitations
    • IEEE ISCAS 2025, London (May 2025)
    • MWSCAS 2024, Springfield, MA, USA (August 2024)
    • ISOCC 2024, Sapporo, Japan (August 2024)
    • SBCCI 2024, João Pessoa, Brazil (September 2024)
    • BioCAS 2024, Xi’an, China (October 2024)
    • APCCAS 2024, Taipei, Taiwan (November 2024)
    • ICECS 2024, Nancy, France (November 2024)
    • LASCAS 2025, Bento Gonçalves, Brazil  (February 2025)

Schedule & Submission
This newsletter is published bimonthly and the tentative publication dates are in the middle of February, April, June, August, October, and December. Except for the inaugural issue which had experienced some delay, all issues are scheduled to appear on the 15th of the month of publication. However, a few days of delay or advancement is possible due to various administrative or logistical problems.

Your contributions are welcome. Any suitable contribution will appear in the next issue. The tentative cut-off date for submission of contributions is the 10th of the month of publication. For example, if you wish to publish an article for the June issue, you should send it to the Editor-in-Chief or any Associate Editor before 10 June. All contributions will go through a very brief suitability screening

Chi K. (Michael) Tse
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