VLSID 2023

2023 36th International Conference on VLSI Design

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Hyderabad, India
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International VLSI Design & Embedded Systems conference is a Premier Global conference with legacy of over three and half decades. This Global Annual technical conference that focusses on latest advancements in VLSI and Embedded Systems, is attended by over 2000 engineers, students & faculty, industry, academia, researchers, bureaucrats and government bodies.

Semiconductors are the intangible backbone of every industry across the globe. Silicon took the lion’s share over the past decades and remained the primary enabler for digitization of the world. With scaling reaching its fundamental limits, it is time to look at addressing technological challenges at higher levels of abstraction in CMOS based design and at the same time, look beyond Silicon for further performance enhancement.

VLSID 2023 – the first physical conference post pandemic, acts a platform for industry and academia alike to discuss, deliberate and explore into the frontiers of semiconductor eco-system that could eventually enable disruptive technologies for global digitalization

VLSID 2023 will be hosted in the best stand-alone convention center, HICC Hyderabad. The city is home to some of the best universities, top global companies in research and manufacturing, strong defense sector and thriving start-ups. Hyderabad has a rich culture with numerous historic places to visit and world famous Hyderabad Biryani to cherish. We look forward to hosting and giving you the best experience at the conference. We encourage your participation to the conference and call you to be part of the exciting know-how’s of the industry and spend quality time exploring Hyderabad.