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The first Advanced CMOS Technology School (ACTS) – Summer 2017 was held from 23 July to 4 August 2017. ACTS was a joint activity supported by the IEEE Circuit and System Society (CASS) and the IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society (SSCS). ACTS summer 2017 was sponsored by Synopsys China, Beijing IC Park, and CASS summer school project. The summer school invited leading academic researchers and industry experts, who presented lectures on topics covering process technology, EDA skill, and design skills. These activities were great examples of high-level continuous education for junior engineers, academic teachers, and students. ACTS also illustrated the collaboration between societies, the local chapter leaders, and industry leaders. This summer school was first suggested by Dr. Zhihua Wang, and then supported by volunteers from both SSCS and CASS. The local industry companies, Synopsys China and Beijing IC Park, provided financial support. This two-week-long summer school was hosted and organized by the CASS Beijing Chapter, SSCS Beijing Chapter, and SSCS Tsinghua Student Chapter. The co-chairs of ACTS were Dr. Milin Zhang, Dr. Hanjun Jiang, and Dr. Liyuan Liu. The student chapter members took care of the itinerary planning for the speaker, preparation of tutorial handouts, and overall organization of the attendees. A summary of each day’s events was posted on WeChat and the organizers created a discussion group for the attendees, so they could keep in touch after the conclusion of the summer school. ACTS has received good publicity and has been reported in various media outlets, including Xinhua News, one of the most popular news channels in China.