IEEE CASS Seasonal School on Wireless Sensor Networks


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The Seasonal School on “Wireless Sensor Networks – Wise School 2016” was held in Thessaloniki on 15-18 December 2016 and was organized by Prof. Stylianos Siskos and Prof. Alkis Hatzopoulos, from the Electronics Labs of the Departments of Physics and of Electrical and Computer Eng., respectively. The presentations covered topics like sensors, biosensors, signal conditioning circuits, IoT applications, analog/RF front-end circuits for wireless transceivers, WSN protocols, secure data transmission issues, energy harvesting, microgenerators, and power management systems and Laboratory work on measurements using the LABVIEW software. The lectures were offered by experts in the specific fields from Academia and Industry from Greece and abroad. A special session about IEEE CAS Society and IEEE CAS-SSC joint Chapter activities in Greece was also organized.