SSCAS 2023

2023 IEEE CASS Seasonal School on Devices and Wearables using Smart Actuator


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The seasonal school workshop on circuit and system will introduce latest devices and wearables using smart material. Shape memory alloy is a type of smart material that has huge potential to replace conventional actuator due to its high force-to-weight ratio. Additionally, shape memory alloy can act as both sensor and actuator thus can be used to develop self-sensing system. This reduces the system's cost and weight, as well as increases its reliability. The focus of the workshop will be on the fundamental theory of shape memory alloy material, the design of the shape memory alloy actuator for different applications with consideration of force or stroke requirements and control techniques for actuation. Highlights on current devices and wearables using shape memory alloy and other potential applications will be presented. The workshop will also provide a demonstration and hands-on design of the shape memory alloy actuation system using temperature feedback, strain feedback and self-sensing system.