How to become a reviewer for one of our journals:

The quality of review and selection of our papers depends on the effort of our expert technical reviewers. This is a voluntary service.

So, you want to become a reviewer? Well, if you have authored a paper for one of our journals, you are already included in the corresponding reviewers’ database. All that you need to do is to keep your ScholarOne profile current with your email address and by selecting the most appropriate EDICS (the available keywords specifying the technical areas that you are expert on) and to carefully read here. If your published work has been noticed and you’ve previously impressed the Editors with the quality of your reviews, then be patient, you’ll soon be contacted for a review.

If you have authored technical papers in highly respected peer-reviewed journals of analogous technical scope, then you might not be in the database. The best thing you can do is to submit a manuscript and to get published. You will then be included in the reviewers’ database. Or you could create or manage your research profile in the Web of Science database in this page here (click on the yellow highlighted link at the top of the page). 

As a last option, please email the Associate Editor (AE) with technical expertise closest to yours and ask her/him to consider you as a volunteer when the right opportunity comes, making sure that you prove that you have the right credentials for the job (though do not overwhelm the AE with lengthy messages and resume; we are all quite busy). The names and contact information of the AEs can be found in the journal’s own webpage, a full list of our journals can be found here. Thanks for your support, we couldn’t do it without the best volunteers.

Gabriele Manganaro
Vice President of Publications
IEEE Circuits and Systems Society