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The Special Issue of CAS Magazine is now available!

Read the special issue on the IEEE CASS 75th Anniversary today!
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IEEE Circuits and Systems (CAS) Magazine publishes original review articles and other articles that are of broad interest to the Circuits and Systems Society community. Interested authors are invited to send a three to four-page White Paper first to the Editor-in-Chief, Prof. Keshab K. Parhi, by email at (Click to show email). If invited, they can submit a Full Paper at the Author Portal at the link below. CAS Magazine will continue to publish articles related to CAS Society Outreach. In addition, starting in 2024, CAS Magazine will also publish articles related to education (such as tricks in solving problems and short lecture notes), conference highlights, chapter highlights, applications, and standards. Please feel free to submit articles that are of broad interest to the members of the CAS Society. For more information about the Magazine, please visit:

Authors should submit papers to the Magazine through the IEEE Author Portal:

Table of Contents

Editorial: Special Issue for the 75th Anniversary of the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society [Editorial]
Keshab K. Parhi; Hai Li; Krishnan Kailas; Harish Krishnaswamy; Massimo Alioto; Maciej Ogorzalek

From Newsletter to Magazine: The Millennium Transition [Special Issue on the 75th Anniversary of the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society]
Guanrong Chen

Past, Present, and Future of CASS Educational Programs and Initiatives [Feature]
Fakhrul Zaman Rokhani; Xinmiao Zhang; Rajiv V. Joshi; Ricardo Reis; Victor Grimblatt; Kea-Tiong Tang; Yongfu Li; Amara Amara; Manuel Delgado-Restituto

Superconductive Electronics: A 25-Year Review [Feature]
Rassul Bairamkulov; Giovanni De Micheli

Cryogenic CMOS Design for Qubit Control: Present Status, Challenges, and Future Directions [Feature]
Sudipto Chakraborty; Rajiv V. Joshi

PCI-Express: Evolution of a Ubiquitous Load-Store Interconnect Over Two Decades and the Path Forward for the Next Two Decades
Debendra Das Sharma

Fast Settling Phase-Locked Loops: A Comprehensive Survey of Applications and Techniques [Feature]
Zeeshan Ali; Pallavi Paliwal; Meraj Ahmad; Hadi Heidari; Shalabh Gupta

A Different View of Sigma-Delta Modulators Under the Lens of Pulse Frequency Modulation [Feature]
Victor Medina; Pieter Rombouts; Luis Hernandez-Corporales

The Impact of Circuits and Systems on the Etna Valley Site [CAS Regional Report]
Luigi Fortuna; Arturo Buscarino

Georg Simon Ohm [CAS Education]
Wolfgang Mathis