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Congratulations to the 2023 CAS Society Class of IEEE Fellows!

1 year 5 months ago
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Congratulations to the 2023 CAS Society Class of IEEE Fellows! Thank you for your many contributions to IEEE Circuits and Systems Society.

2023 Fellows Elevated by the CAS Society:

Muhammad M. Khellah    
for contributions to design technology co-optimization (DTCO) of on-die dense memory and fine-grain power-management circuits

Chang-Su Kim    
for contributions to video communications and visual processing

Zhengguo Li    
for contributions to video encoding and streaming optimization and edge-preserving filters

Linda Milor    
for contributions to testing of analog circuits and bridging the design-manufacturing gap for integrated circuits

Pavlos Sotiriadis    
for contributions to advanced frequency synthesis and high-speed data buses

Dmitri Strukov    
for contributions to neuromorphic and alternative computing systems based on emerging memory devices

Xiaoyu Wang    
for contributions to video analysis technologies for embedded systems

Yao Zhao    
for contributions to image/video analysis and multimedia content protection

2023 Fellows Elevated by other IEEE Entities:

Jia Li    
for leadership in large-scale AI

Rajit Manohar    
for contributions to the design and implementation of asynchronous circuits and systems

Tetsuo Endoh    
for contributions to nonvolatile memory and spintronic logic

Abu Sebastian    
for contributions to in-memory computing for scientific applications

Hua Wang    
for contributions to high-efficiency microwave and millimeter-wave power amplifiers

Woogeun Rhee    
for contributions to phase-locked circuits and systems

Marian Verhelst    
for contributions to energy-efficient near-sensor processing and embedded Machine Learning Processors

Fung Yu Young    
for contributions to electronic design automation in VLSI physical design

Paul C.-P. Chao    
for contributions to optical bio-imaging and sensing technologies

Roberto Gomez-Garcia
for contributions to planar multi-function microwave filters