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NEWCAS 2026 - Call for Bids

Submission Deadline Extended: 15 June 2024
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Dear Region 7 CAS Society Member,

The IEEE Circuits and Systems Society (CASS) is soliciting proposals for hosting the 2026 edition of the IEEE Interregional NEWCAS Conference (NEWCAS). NEWCAS is open to any location in all IEEE Regions, prioritizing regions 7 and 8. The conference must be held in Quebec (or Canada) once every two years. NEWCAS-2026 will take place in Region 7. Therefore, proposals need to be submitted from this region.
The IEEE Interregional NEWCAS Conference (NEWCAS) is an annual financially sponsored Flagship Conference of the IEEE CAS Society (CASS). It is organized in the month of June. Its technical sessions last for three days, and they are preceded by a day devoted to tutorials. Social events for all attendees include a welcome reception and a banquet. It is recommended that lunch be provided to attendees during the days of technical sessions and be included in the registration fee. Flagship conferences are preferably organized in locations that are close to city centers and offer opportunities for the participants to come in contact with and experience the local history and culture.

Proposals should be submitted electronically to the NEWCAS 2026 Bid Submission form, linked below:

NEWCAS 2026 Bid Submission Form

Please direct any questions to the NEWCAS Coordinator (currently Prof. Patricia Desgreys) at (Click to show email) and the IEEE CASS Conference Portfolio Manager, at (Click to show email).

Submission Deadline: 15 June 2024 by 11:59 PM EDT (UTC -4:00)

The proposal should contain all the items listed below.

Proposers will receive notification from Patricia Desgreys if their Expression of Interest is accepted. The selected proposers will then be invited to present the final bid at the annual steering committee meeting in June 2024.
Patricia Desgreys
NEWCAS Steering Committee Coordinator

Guidelines for CASS Flagship/Premier Call for Proposals:

A proposal should contain the following mandatory items:

  1. A letter of commitment from the General Chair to present the proposal in person to the steering committee in June 2024, in case the bid is successful, to present updates on preparation on all prior sessions of the event they bid for. The General Chair should also commit to the financial closing of NEWCAS within six months from its organization. In the same letter, the General Chair should acknowledge full understanding of and commitment to follow these guidelines, which are mandatory for the organization of a flagship conference.
  2. The names of the General Chair, Technical Program Chair, and all Key Committee members, with their qualifications and current or past involvement in CASS leadership and CASS conferences.
  3. Any IEEE Organizational Units, other than CASS, and any other entities involved in the organization.
  4. Proposed conference dates.
  5. The proposed destination and venue. Based on recent paper submissions, the venue should be able to accommodate:
    • Up to 250 participants in plenary sessions;
    • Up to 250 persons for banquets;
    • About 2-3 parallel technical lecture sessions (each room seating at least 60 participants);
    • Morning and afternoon breaks, in a common area, exhibition booths, and about 50 poster presentations (double-sided display boards);  
    • Speaker preparation room;
    • Operations room;
    • Meeting room for the Steering Committee.
  6. Estimated budget. The budget should have details about all aspects of the organization. Use the IEEE Budget Template. If you have any questions in preparing the budget, please direct them to the CASS Conference Portfolio Manager at (Click to show email). Some details:
    • The budget should have a discounted registration fee for CASS members, i.e. at least $25 USD less than the fee for IEEE members, and a further reduction in the registration fee for students;
    • The registration fees (including student registration) should give access to all technical sessions as well as admission to the conference lunches and banquet;
    • The budget must be based on local currency and registration fees must be in local currency but should also state the equivalent US$ amounts;
    • Additional (small) fees may be charged for tutorials;
    • The budget should show a surplus of 20 percent and comply with the general IEEE requirements.

And the following items are recommended for the proposal and mandatory for the presentation:

  1. List of IEEE Technical Conferences previously held at the same Venue.
  2. Potential Financial Support from Government and Industry.
  3. Provision in the budget for one Best Paper and one Best Student Paper Awards of $500 USD.
  4. Professional Conference Organizer (PCO) credentials, if any PCO is involved
  5. International Air Access & Local Transportation:
    • List of international air carriers that service nearby airports
    • Examples of round-trip airfares from representative international destinations, such as London, Frankfurt, Paris, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Beijing, Taipei, Tokyo, Seoul, etc.
  6. Visa requirements.
  7. Local security for participants.
  8. Paper review system.
  9. Support from Local Volunteers.
  10. Local industrial interests in the field of Circuits and Systems. Indicate which of these companies are potential exhibitors at the Conference.
  11. Provide an analysis of the impact of holding the conference in the proposed location on the country and region.
  12. Accommodation options for Professionals and Students. Estimated hotel expenses:
    • Provide a list of hotels, the number of rooms for each, and their distance and accessibility from the conference venue and from restaurants and shopping districts;
    • Provide details regarding transportation modes and schedules between the conference venue and recommended hotels;
    • Verify that the hotels listed can provide high-speed Wi-Fi service in guest rooms;
    • Summarize local public transportation facilities and schedules.
  13. Expected Weather Conditions