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3D Video Processing for Immersive AR/VR Contents Generation


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With the emerging market of AR/VR imaging products, 3D video has become an active area of research and development in recent years. 3D video is the key to provide more realistic and immersive perceptual experiences than the existing 2D counterpart. There are many applications of 3D video, such as 3D movie and 3DTV, which are considered the main drive of the next-generation technical revolution. Stereoscopic display is the current mainstream technology for 3DTV, while auto-stereoscopic display is a more promising solution that requires more research endeavors to resolve the associated technical difficulties. In this lecture, we are going to cover the current state-of-the-art technologies of 3D video capturing and processing for AR/ VR applications. After defining the basic requirements for 3D realistic multimedia services, we cover various multi-modal immersive media processing techniques for immersive 360 degree video applications.