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Artificial Intelligence for 5G and Beyond 5G: Implementations, Algorithms, and Optimizations


Chuan Zhang

Southeast University

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Due to its undoubted significance, research combining “AI” and “5G and B5G” has drawn lots of attentions from both academia and industry. Although some initiatives related to “AI for 5G and B5G” have been named, their design, implementation, and optimization are unfortunately not complete and of course in infancy. Having lots of potential for AI’s new innovations, advances are required in network architectures, signal processing solutions, semiconductor technologies as well as in its optimization regarding the overall wireless system design. Much of the research has scattered on the design, implementation, and optimization of the corresponding circuits and systems. This lecture would like to emphasize its uniqueness on “AI for 5G and B5G” related VLSI/IC designs and help readers to know the cutting-edge progresses from the perspective of circuits and systems. With a focus on bridging the gaps between theory and practical implementations, the goal of this lecture is to demonstrate the latest research progress on circuits and systems design for efficiently realizing machine learning in wireless communications. The lecture will bring together academic and industrial aspects to identify technical challenges and recent results related to this area.