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Binaural Hearing Aid and Artificial Intelligence in Fitting and Signal Processing


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Nowadays, the hearing aid technology is facing a new horizon based on advanced digital signal processing, wireless communication and artificial intelligence. In this lecture, new methodology with a systematic solution covering both the auditory periphery and the cognitive system is given. The up to date and rapidly evolves technologies for the binaural hearing aid system are well addressed. The multi-channel wide dynamic range compression, active noise reduction, self-adaptable directivity, acoustic scene analysis, and the wireless linking with other audio or communication systems are presented. The key technologies including the ultra-low power chip design, the advanced digital signal processing (DSP), and the wireless system integration and connectivity are discussed. The micromechanics and high-performance electro-acoustics, the miniaturized antenna, the user interface, and the fitting system development are also the important aspects for the hearing aid technologies are shown in this lecture. A smart binaural hearing aid technology, which simultaneously processes the acoustic signals from the four 2020-2021 CASS Distinguished Lecturer Roster microphones in both ears are indicated which utilizing the computing power from the smart phone to finish the advanced binaural DSP algorithms.