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Designing and micro/nano-fabricating portable impedance-based point-of-care biosensors


Jie Chen

University of Alberta

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Companion diagnostics are central to the success of personalized medicine. The portable glucose sensor is indeed the most successful example of a companion diagnostic device. They are used by millions of diabetics worldwide to monitor their health and help make decisions about their medication usage. Building from this example, the applicant will present the power of metabolomics to develop a collection of multiplexed companion diagnostic systems on a unified platform that can be used to diagnose, monitor, or predict multiple diseases. Metabolomics is an emerging field of “omics” science. Metabolites are very sensitive to gene-environments or gene-pathogen interactions. In this talk, he will discuss their impedance-based biosensor design to measure not just one metabolite, but dozens or even hundreds at a time. He has secured over $5M in total from IC-IMPACTS Centers of Excellence of Canada, Genome Canada, and Alberta Government to support the biosensor development.