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Variation-Tolerant & Error-Resilient Many-Core SoCs with Fine-Grain Power Management


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Many-core system-on-chip (SoC) architecture & design challenges & opportunities spanning edge devices to cloud computing systems in scaled CMOS process are presented. Key techniques for robust and variation-tolerant logic, embedded memory arrays and on-die interconnect fabrics are discussed. Fine-grain multi-voltage design and power management techniques, featuring integrated voltage regulators for wide dynamic voltage-frequency operating range and flexible platform power control across multi-threaded high-throughput nearthreshold voltage (NTV) to single-threaded burst performance modes, are elucidated. Smart variation-aware workload mapping, runtime self-adaptation and error detection & recovery schemes to mitigate impacts of process-voltage-temperature (PVT) variations & aging, and achieve maximum performance under stringent thermal and energy constraints, are presented. Latest advances in design and process/package for realization of monolithic & heterogeneous 2D/3D-integrated compact, efficient, low supply noise, fine-grain, high-bandwidth & fastresponse power converters & voltage regulators, essential for implementing intelligent system- 2020-2022 CASS Distinguished Lecturer Roster level power management and adaptation schemes across hardware and software, are also highlighted. Real SoC examples are used to demonstrate leading-edge practical systems.