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Engineering of Nanobiotechnological Systems


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Nanotechnology is a newly developed engineering field, aiming to create nanomaterials ranging 10nm to 100nm in size. Nanotechnology has presented numerous new and exciting applications across many frontiers of innovation. In particular, there are rapidly emerging new innovations in the field of biotechnology and health technology. Innovations in microfluidics, nanoparticles and DNA machinery have frequently being reported. Applications of these technologies are being adapted and applied in uses, which improve upon existing medical technologies (such as more affordable and portable diagnostic testing tools, as well as enhanced medical imaging). Furthermore, applications of these technologies are also being used to create completely new medical technologies (such as nanoparticles for cancer treatments and personalized medicine). The core of this tutorial, nanobiotechnology, is very multidisciplinary in nature unifying a variety of topics, presented in a cohesive way that can be introduced and understood by electrical engineers. These varied topics include electromagnetics, fluid flow, thermodynamics and microfabrication. Although there are certainly textbooks which cover these topics in great detail, there are none, which integrate these diverse topics together, relate them to relevant topics in nanobiotechnology, or that give a specifically engineering-oriented view on these topics