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CASS-Wide Webinar XV: Incremental Analog-to-Digital Data Converters


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Incremental Analog-to-Digital Data Converters

Incremental analog-to-digital converters (IADCs) are similar to delta-sigma ADCs, but they are transformed into memoryless (Nyquist-rate) converters by periodically resetting all their memory elements. The resulting ADC has a simpler digital filter and lower latency than delta-sigma ADCs, and are much easier to multiplex among dozens or even hundreds of channels. These properties make IADCs the best choice in many applications where a multiplicity of sensors need analog front ends, such as in imagers or neural signal recorders. They are also preferred in feedback control systems such as used in robotics, where low ADC latency is needed for stability.

In this seminar, the theory and design of IADCs will be discussed, and several IADCs implemented at OSU and other places will be described.


This talk will take place on 20 December 2023 at 1:00 PM EST (-5:00 UTC) and features a talk by Prof. Gabor TemesThe talk is titled "Incremental Analog-to-Digital Data Converters".

Registration for this series is entirely free and will be limited to the first 1,000 registrants per event. If you cannot register, you can also attend the webinar via LinkedIn Live. Following the webinar, the recording will be available on the CASS Resource Center and as a lesson in the CASS Microlearning (CASS MiLe) e-learning platform. In CASS MiLe, interested practitioners can learn through short didactic units (micro-lessons) with practical questions, and upon lesson completion, learners receive digital badges/certificates.

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Gabor Temes is a Distinguished Professor Emeritus of UCLA, and an active Professor at Oregon State University. He is a member of the USA National Academy of Engineering and a Fellow of the USA National Academy of Inventors. He won the Semiconductor Industry Association - Semiconductor Research Corp. University  Researcher Award, and many IEEE awards.