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CASS-Wide Webinar XVIII: AI Techniques in IC Image and Netlist Analysis for Hardware Assurance

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Nanyang Technological University

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AI Techniques in IC Image and Netlist Analysis for Hardware Assurance

The major challenges with the conventional manual IC circuit analysis and extraction approach are the large number of IC microphotographs and huge size of the netlist, which contain millions of interconnections and gates. The time and effort required for the engineer to systematically recognize and extract the circuit structure can be prohibitive for the huge circuits. This talk will present our latest research on analysing microscopic IC images with deep learning, which includes a Generative Adversarial Network-based model for identifying defective IC images and a Convolutional Neural Network-based framework for retrieving circuit information. I will also present our Graph Neural Networks based methods in solving two fundamental problems involved in netlist analysis, netlist partition and netlist identification, as well as the advantages of using GNN when compared to using the conventional methods.


This talk will take place on 27 March 2024 at 9:00 AM EDT (-4:00 UTC) and features a talk by Prof. Bah-Hwee Gwee, titled "AI Techniques in IC Image and Netlist Analysis for Hardware Assurance".

Registration for this series is entirely free and will be limited to the first 1,000 registrants per event. If you cannot register, you can also attend the webinar via LinkedIn Live. Following the webinar, the recording will be available on the CASS Resource Center and as a lesson in the CASS Microlearning (CASS MiLe) e-learning platform. In CASS MiLe, interested practitioners can learn through short didactic units (micro-lessons) with practical questions, and upon lesson completion, learners receive digital badges/certificates.

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Bah-Hwee Gwee has been an Associate Professor in School of EEE, NTU, Singapore since 2005 where he is currently also the Deputy Director of National Integrated Centre for Evaluation. He has worked on projects with research grants >US$10M.    He was the PI/Co-PI of the research projects funded NRF, MoE, A*STAR, AUNP, DSO, CSA and DARPA.   He has published more than 160 papers, granted 6 US patents and founded 2 Start-ups in 2005 and 2020.

He was the Chairman of Singapore CAS Chapter in 2005, 2006, 2013 and 2016 and the Chairman of CASS DSPTC in 2018-2020. He was/is the General Chair of DSP 2018, SOCC 2019, ISICAS 2021 and ISCAS 2024. He has served as AEs of CAS Magazine (2020-2023), TCAS-II (2010-2011, 2018-2019 and 2020-2021), TCAS-I (2012-2013) and CSSP (2007-2012). He was an IEEE DL for CASS in 2009-2010 and in 2017-2018. He was awarded the Defence Technology Prize (R&D) in 2016.