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Machine Learning for Analytics Architecture: AI to Design AI


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This seminar will focus on innovative digital health ecosystem and analytics system which fosters extension of telemedicine through the transfer of comprehensive medical expertise and experiences via Artificial Intelligence (AI) from tertiary medical centers to remote care facilities in making healthcare more accessible! Cancer is among the most important issues of healthcare worldwide. However, under current medical systems, diagnosis of these severe diseases is commonly delayed, especially in remote locations with limited medical resources. Hence it is necessary to facilitate early screening at these distant care units using Computer-AidedDiagnostic (CAD) tools possessing tertiary centers’ experiences accumulated through AI. In attempts to reform and advance the digital health environment, using skin care as example, this seminar introduces an ecosystem, by which integration of remote care facilities in Eastern Taiwan is substantiated, with Hualien Tzuchi Medical Center as the center, through utilization of high efficiency of AI as extension of telemedicine! Being an exemplary, this AI medical networking model is readily extensible to global medical and biotech communities! This seminar will also introduce the speaker’s skin analytics system for the detection of BCC with 97% accuracy using only 2,000 images whereas Stanford Medical Center reported on the diagnosis of skin cancer with 72% accuracy using ~130,000 images and Heidelberg University having 95% accuracy on melanoma detection using ~100,000 images.